Quilt Market Giveaway..Day #2

While the quilt shop owners and vendors are all in Portland, Oregon at Quilt Market, Kelli and I thought it would be fun to host some giveaways featuring goodies that might be seen at market and offer giveaways to all of you.  Make sure to come back each day over the weekend to sign up for your chance to win goodies.

Today we are featuring The Gypsy Quilter’s useful Pin Pal.


I was so happy to get this.  As a busy quilter the more things that I have close at hand the better.  I know I love my little retractable scissor, I figured I would be sure to love this close at hand tool as well.

After trying it, I love that the pins are close at hand and always available.  It is especially nice if working with ten pins or so.  For long arm quilting it was especially nice and will be just as handy as I expected.  The magnets are really strong and the pins hold in place really well.

I learned the hard way that I need to take the pins off of it before I take it off the Pin Pal.  As I un-velcroed the Pin Pal from my wrist, the magnets snapped together and the pins popped off.  I found myself picking up pins off the floor…no biggie though.  Now that I know that can happen, I will just remove the pins before taking it off.

I was concerned that it might be uncomfortable or cumbersome but it isn’t at all.

I have two to give away.  Would you like one?  Just leave a comment here telling how many pincushions you have and we’ll pick a winner next week.  If you missed yesterday’s giveaway, here it is.

106 thoughts on “Quilt Market Giveaway..Day #2”

  1. This would be handy I have 2 cushions currently one is magnetic and goes back and forth to my sewing and paper quilling projects. Thanks Becky

  2. Oh dear. how many pincushions do I have?! Too many to count!! but my favorites are wrist pincushions — and I am so used to using them that, if I don’t have one on, I often stick my wrist with a pin — it is a wake up call!

  3. I have three pin cushions. One ancient tomato cushion, one elephant (from a third world country support sale) and one finger pin cushion. The wrist cushion seems very practical.

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