Quilt Market Day..the late entry…

We had such a busy weekend with graduation ceremonies and extra kids home that today’s Quilt Market deal didn’t get sent out to you over the weekend as I intended.

Recently Craftsy contacted me and offered that I could review one their videos and offer my readers a deal.

I thought that would go perfect with our Quilt Market giveaways.  Typically at quilt market, attendees can go to school house sessions where designers show off their latest projects or new techniques.

Well at Craftsy, you can learn lots of new techniques by watching instructional videos.  I watched a segment on Precision Piecing and even though I am not nor do I ever, ever, intend on being a precision piecer, I found some good information there.  They have a wealth of classes from bread making, to mastering zippers, to weaving to all sorts of quilting classes.

I only took the Precision Piecing class but the others certainly do look interesting.  I did find the format to be very easy to view and navigate.  The videos are all very professionally done too.

If you want to try out the Precision Piecing class, the people at Craftsy sent along a special link for you to try a class that includes a 50% off discount.  If you want to give it a try, here’s the link.

If you missed the giveaways over the weekend, there is still time to sign up:  Stella LampPin PalLizzie’s Legacy quilt book and Hand Made with Love Quilt book.

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