Quilt Finishes: The Handprint Quilts

If you have been following along on the blog, you know that I’ve been busy making the two handprint quilts for my grandson Carver’s school gala fundraiser. I was given the things to start on the quilts on February 28th or so. I have a pretty short deadline. They needed to be done by March 17th.

I’m happy to say I have both of them finished!! It’s a good feeling to have them both finished.

This is the finished one. Carver’s name is on this one. It’s the green framed block in the lower left.

You can see in the pictures I had some little people wanting to photobomb my pictures. That’s Gannon peeking between the quilts.

I told Kalissa that is there is volunteering for Gannon’s class when he is in Kindergarten, I would really like the blocks BEFORE Christmas so there isn’t so much pressure to get the quilts done. I’m happy to help…in fact, I love helping. I just like a little more leeway.

It was windy when I was trying to take pictures so Kalissa was standing behind them and trying to control them.

Well, then Kalissa said it’s not fair if Gannon and she were in the pictures and Anders wasn’t..so here’s a picture with Anders…

Then Rosie needed her own picture…What a silly mess. I’m happy to say they are finished.

I know someone will ask so I’ll include what information I can here. THIS is a LINK to the paint we used. The names on the quilt were made using a Cricut that one of the moms in the class owns. You can find a Cricut HERE.

We started out with 12 1/2″ blocks. Here’s Carver helping me cut them. A big shout-out to Connie. A long time ago she gave me a partial bolt of fabric to use for some time charity-wise…I used it on these quilts.

Kalissa and another mom went to school and helped get the kids’ handprints. In the pictures below Kalissa is helping Carver with his handprint.

This would be such a fun quilt to make for any grandma, teacher or childcare provider.

To frame the blocks I cut
2- 1 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ colored pieces
2-12 1/2″ x 14 1/2″ colored pieces

sashing pieces were 2 1/2″ x 14 1/2″
corner stones on the 2nd quilt were 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″
Filler pieces were 8 3/4″ x 14 1/2″

I put together a Youtube Sew with Jo video telling a little more about the quilts and how I put them together. I was full of “um” so forgive me. I was in a hurry to make the quilts and probably shouldn’t have filmed…but I did and now I hate to waste the video. You can press play to watch it here or you can go to Youtube HERE, save the video and watch it later on your television or device.

I had a good time making these. It is an easy and straightforward design to sew that doesn’t take much time to put together. If you’re going to make one, I do recommend a black fabric like we picked as it wasn’t boyish or girlish.

I’m glad to have that checked off my list. I’ll share what’s been under the needle Monday in my What I’m Working On update.

Oh..One more update before I go. The benefit was held and the quilts did marvelously. Carver’s quilt went for $600 and the quilt for the other class went for $500. I was really pleased with that!!

12 thoughts on “Quilt Finishes: The Handprint Quilts”

  1. Great photos of classroom quilts and your loved ones! Where was Izzie? You’re right about the background fabric and also love the block framing. It all works beautifully together.

  2. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Both quilts turned out so great!! I’m glad they brought decent prices for the school!! I’m always concerned when I donate quilts for auction that they won’t even bring in the cost of the materials necessary to make them. Great layouts for the blocks as well!!

  3. I love your handprint quilts. The black really makes the handprints stand out. I’m retired now but I worked at an elementary school for years and I would like to tell you how we had a little different way to make classroom quilts. We had a theme for each classroom like trees or robots or flowers or owls. You can come up with any theme, self portraits is a fun one to do.
    So the students would do their art work on paper then a parent would take a classroom’s artwork and design a quilt panel on Spoonflower. (We got the yard size) They were so cute! Then I got them and the art teacher and I would go shopping for fabric. (That was always the most fun) I would draw out a simple pattern with 1-2″ for the 1st boarder and 4-6″ for the second boarder. Then I had some help putting these together and quilted. I wish I had pictures but sorry to say that I don’t. These quilts also sold for about $500 each.

  4. Judith A Gebhardt

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!! How lucky the kids, school and highest bidder are. Talk about a keepsake!

  5. Beryl in Owatonna

    What a great idea!! You have such a wonderful family!! I love to see them in the photos…2 legged and 4 legged!!

  6. These quilts are so colorful and beautiful. Your combined efforts really paid off. Eons ago one of my daughters and I made quilt for the other daughter putting her children’s handprints on it. One grandchild was only 2 or younger and what fun that was getting his handprints!!

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