Quilt Finish: Zuckerwatte Times TWO!!

If you’re a long term blog reader you might remember that I had started two Zuckerwatte quilts and was debating about trying to do a big push and finish them in time for Christmas.  My two oldest childcare kiddos love the quilt from Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book and have been asking me for over a year to make them.  I’ve thought the request was a passing thing but time and time again the two have grabbed my quilt book off the counter and paged through the book until they found the “Cotton Candy” they wanted me to make.

I got them together last spring and then, of course, they sat.  No progress.  Then I suddenly looked a the calendar and realized if I am giving them for Christmas, it’s time to finish them!

My plan when I started these was to make two quilts at a time.  Previously in my life I’ve had good intentions of making two quilts and then petered out when it came to make the second.  This time I knew if I didn’t make them both at the same time, they wouldn’t both get done…..so without further ado, here they are!


It’s hard to photograph two quilts at the same time in the wind.  You’ll have to put up with the pictures I got.

The quilts are the same except for the backings.  One chevrons…..


one arrows.zuckerwatte-52

Here’s another view of both of them together….
These were so fun to make.


I am glad that I accepted the challenge of the scalloped border.  I’ve sewn a scalloped border before and managed but it’s not something I do all the time so I was rusty on the first one and flew through the second one.  YES, I did all of the binding by machine.  45 minutes for binding each one.


I wasn’t sure about the binding color.  I thought I wanted it to match the inner border and bought enough of that.  Then I started second guessing myself.  I asked a couple people.  All said the dark.  Then I asked my friend Carla and she said, “Go with your first gut instinct.” That was the dark color.  I’m so glad I did.

My only regret…I wish I had gone against the pattern and made a fake mitered corner on the piano key border.  I think that might have looked a smidgen better.


I used a very pale pink for the top thread….white on the back.


The girls who are going to be getting these quilts weren’t at childcare.  I got them out to show Kelli and guess what?  This little girl saw it.  Of course she wants a quilt now too!!  No, I won’t be making this quilt again.  There has to be some other quilt I can make in pink that would be equally appealing to her.

Because that picture of Ruby wasn’t the best…I decided to try another but the lighting was bad….but I couldn’t not show the picture to you…  This is Carver and Ruby.  My happy frisky dog is back and I couldn’t be happier.


She hasn’t wanted a belly rub in a long time!!

I’m in love with the quilts and so proud of myself for tackling some Christmas deadlines before the month of December even rolled around.  Oh, what a relief to have these finished.  It’s also a relief to have TWO UFOs checked off my list.  Whoot-Whoot!!


23 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Zuckerwatte Times TWO!!”

  1. I love these quilts, very pretty, I haven’t made a scallop border like that in awhile makes me think I might have one coming up in the future sometime

  2. These turned out so pink, and so charming. You can definitely do another pattern in pinks and be just as great. Such a happy picture of Carver & Ruby!

  3. Those are two lovely quilts! I’m sure the little girls will love them . I also happy Ruby is feeling better! What a relief when our fur babies are feeling better!

  4. Wow! Great job, Jo! The girls are going to love these quilts. Now you understand what knitters call “second sock syndrome.” If you don’t knit them at the same time, you frequently have just one sock of each pattern. :)

  5. “Cotton Candy” describes these quilts so well! They are just beautiful! I can imagine it in blues too. Ruby looks so happy, and Carver does too.

  6. Major congratulations to you! The quilts are both beautiful, and the girls will be thrilled to get them! Ruby is wearing the nicest doggie smile as she gets her belly rub.

  7. I love the PINK quilts and I know the girls will be thrilled! The scalloped edges are so eye-catching! Congrats on the double finish!

    Yay! Ruby is feeling better!

  8. What a wonderful gift! They are going to love them. You make me want to get my UFO out and start plugging away at them. Thank you for giving me some inspiration to get some of my UFO quilts done.

  9. Just absolutely beautiful! Love the pic of Carver and Ruby with her ears spread out on the quilt getting her belly rub! So happy she is feeling better!

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