Quilt Finish: Wild Child

Wild Child is finished!!  That means I have the 5 childcare Christmas quilts finished.  I’m so happy.  I feel a bit freed up.

I’ve made this quilt before…  The one below was done in the colors from the book.  The book I’m referring to String Fling by Bonnie Hunter.


In the book she uses a teal color for the alternate blocks and a floral print for the border.

This is what I ended up with…polka dot backing, the floral and pink borders.  I like that version but I’ll admit, I like this one even better.  I think purple is more my color.

This quilt came together quickly as I had 20 white blocks already done.  See when I made the first quilt I oriented one set of white blocks the wrong way with triangle direction not matching. I decided to set those blocks aside with the intention of pulling them out one day and making a baby quilt.
When I bought the border fabric I bought enough of if for binding too.

Back when I was a new quilter I wouldn’t have matched border and binding.  I liked a boxed off look of a different colored binding.  Nowadays, I like things easy and flowing.  I knew finding a matching binding that wasn’t the same fabric would be challenging so I bought 3/4 of a yard more of border fabric.

You can see my awesome white based neutrals.  They make me smile.

I did a simply loopy quilting motif.  I do this freehand on most kids quilts.  I figure they will be washed often.  Also, on a busy quilt like this, there’s no need to add custom quilting.

It was getting dark as I was taking pictures.  I’m so surprised they turned out.

At the time I made the first version of this quilt a couple years ago I was so frustrated I screwed up those 20 blocks…today, I’m thrilled I did.  This quilt turned out so nice…even nicer than the original I think.

The backing is teal that was in my stash.  Happily is was a 108″ backing fabric.  No need for piecing on this one!!
Isn’t it a happy quilt??

Of course a Ruby picture….

Can you believe I accidently made extra blocks?  AH…rather than put it all the mess away, I’m going to make a baby quilt.  I’ll need to make about 15 extra blocks…no biggie.  I went to the fabric shop to get more of this border fabric.  DARN.  There wasn’t any.  I got something else at the fabric shop but I’m really tempted to order this.  Hmm.  I found this on Quilted Twins.  It is close but not the exact same of coloring as the one I used above.  (Find it here)


I’m still not sure what I’m going to do…I did end up buying something else at the quilt shop so I think I’m going with that.  I’m going to get the center together and then decide which way to go.  I might just have to order this.

I would like to advise that I think it’s best if you pick the border fabric first..then the alternate block color..then the inside border color.

I really don’t mind having a little extra Kaffe fabric around.  I have been collecting Kaffe fabrics and a quilt from them is going to happen.

In the meantime…I’m celebrating the finish of this quilt and patting myself on the back for the finishes I’ve made in the last few weeks.  It’s a great feeling to have it done!!

25 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Wild Child”

  1. What a fabulous quilt. The purple really brings the quilt to life. The border fabric is exactly right and I agree that using the same fabric for the border works beautifully. Congratulations on a super finish – your gifted quilt will be well loved.

  2. From accidental beginning to creative and joyful finish, I love love everything about this quilt! Perfect border fabric too!!

  3. Jo, The quilt turned out great!! Love the colors. Congratulations on getting all those quilts finished and so quickly!! You definitely have your sewing MO JO back Hope you had a peaceful Thanksgiving!

  4. Love love love your fabric choices for border and binding. What a difference from the first one.
    I would have a hard time parting with this quilt.

  5. Jo, I love your quilt! An idea for you in making a baby quilt – instead of making more blocks, could you put sashing between what you already have? I’m just trying to save you some time so you can make more quilts! :)

  6. I love the purple based quilt! Wonderful! Great save for those blocks sewn wrong. Your day care kids are very fortunate, in many ways, to have you as their provider.

  7. Your Wild Child quilt is indeed wild! I love your colors. Purple & teal are just made for each other and that shade of purple is my favorite.

  8. That is the most beautiful quilt so do pat yourself on the back! A little daycare girl is going to enjoy this happy & colorful quilt so much! I am envious that you have five special Christmas gifts completed & think you should pat yourself on the back for that accomplishment, also! Take care & enjoy the weekend, Jo!

  9. I appreciate your thoughts on these busy quilts to choosing boarder first, alternate color and second border before you start on the fun block making process.

  10. I love your quilt finishes. Just so you know, that link you gave for the Kaffe fabric is a dead end. They must be sold out of it.

  11. Mary in Orlando, FL

    Jo, the last time you mentioned Twin Sisters I clicked on the link and got Twin Sisters in Dade City, Florida. Is it a chain store? I have ordered twice from them and I’m very pleased with the fabric and the prices.

  12. You have just convinced me to make more quilts where the binding matches the outer border… this looks great! And the flow is lovely with the binding being made from the same fabric. Love it and am going to copy you!!

  13. I love Bonnie Hunter’s quilts. This is at least the second one of her quilts that I love your colors better than hers. I tend to like bright colors. I need to remember that when shopping for quilt fabric.

  14. Susan the Farm Quilter

    The purple really makes this quilt sing!!! I totally love purple, so it’s a no-brainer for me! The border fabric really works perfectly for the quilt…the new fabric looks to be blue rather than purple to me. I love bright, happy colors, so the colors make the quilt for me. I have gotten to the point where I don’t like quilts made with fabrics of the Buggy Barn or Thimbleberry’s persuasion, just because I need more color!! Wild Child in purple certain is a happy quilt and I love it!

  15. Judith Fairchild

    I flat out love your purple and white wild child! Some little girl is going to be thrilled. I have purple loving Grand daughter and my daughter’s one sister-in-law is a purple and teal lover so now I know where to go to and get the pattern. Thank you again

  16. Wow! You did it again. I am as slow as a snail and I admire people who can make quilts so fast. Love to see Ruby. Our beagle is sick and getting tested to determine what will happen next. Have a nice weekend.

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