Quilt Finish: Unity Quilt Along

Well I finished my Unity Quilt Along quilt….Here it is….I did mine different than the final reveal.  Keep reading and I’ll explain it all.

I like it now but I couldn’t always say that as it was a bit of a struggle to get it to this point.

Here’s the back story….When the quilt was revealed on Monday, I was disappointed.  Not with the quilt.  I was disappointed that the final block didn’t use dark blue half square triangles.  A blogger had sent me hers that were leftover from the mystery quilt.  They were navy and they were batiks.  Perfect for my quilt.

I counted them out and decided that I was going to make my own block and use these instead.  There were 150 of them.

Rather than make my own block I decided to replicate the last block we made the previous week so I could use those half square triangles, only this time, where the pink was, I’d put the navy blue.

I was so excited to get the final row on….

But then I laid it out…UGH.  It was now proportionately off.  It was too long for how wide it was.  
I called Kelli.  I told here that I thought I needed to make enough blocks so that I could put a row on each side.  Oh…Frustrating.  I wanted to be done with the quilt.  In all my sewing room cleaning I had moved the pieces of this quilt around for weeks.  I really just wanted it done.  I like the quilt.  I appreciate Bonnie doing to the work to design it but I wanted it done.

So I cut out more pieces.  I had to make 24 more blocks.  Then I ran out of thread and didn’t know it….all these were lying under my sewing table.  I had ran them through the machine and had not thread.

So finally I got the pieces sewn together and was going again and the top got together.  I liked it better.

So time for a backing….I had this in my stash.  I had picked it up at the thrift store for $5.  There was enough there for the quilt…but just barely.  On direction I only had 2″ total to work with.  I was confident it would be okay.  I’ve done this before.

Here I was rolling along….

I got to the end and crap.  I was off by this much.  When I loaded the quilt I put in on horizontally rather then vertically and didn’t realize it.  It should have worked with way but drat.  I was this much short on backing fabric.

So I took the leftovers, folded the batting and top back the sewed the scrap to the backing.

I ironed it and trimmed.

In the end, it looks like this…

You wouldn’t know if I didn’t point it out.

Another thing I’m pointing out that I wish I had done differently and didn’t realize.  The long border around the center is much more cream than the rest of the pieces….From a distance you don’t notice it.  In fact, I didn’t notice until I took this close up picture.

Here you can see how mine is different.  I have blocks all the way around the quilt not just top and bottom like the last reveal showed.  I also did a repeat of the previous weeks’ blocks only this time in dark blue.  I still did the navy and teal corner pieces the same. 
Here is another look at that change.
I ended up binding in white.  I never used to do that…I actually have grown to like white on a binding.

I did a simple loop for the quilting motif.  I wanted to be done with the quilt and wasn’t up to spending lots of time with custom work that wouldn’t show on this busy quilt anyway.  White thread on top and variegated thread on the back that went from pinks to greens to blues.

I think it ended up being 88″ X 96″.

I’m please with this.  I’m guessing I’ll gift it at some point.  No idea for what or when.
Rosie was not in the mood for pictures when I got done with the quilt.  Seriously, this was the best she could do.

So I thought I’d include this one…this was taken as I was trying to get the quilt loaded on the frame.  She wasn’t cooperating with that either, but at least then she was cute.

It was nice to participate in the quilt along.  It was treat to have something different to think about during quarantine and also was a huge welcome break for me when I was so busy sewing masks.

28 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Unity Quilt Along”

  1. Your quilt turned out wonderfully!!! I bet there was some foul language used when your backing was too short! Good save Jo! Rosie must be wanting this quilt done too!

  2. It turned out beautifully! I love the idea of the batik in the back – and I’ll bet no one would ever notice that one piece! It goes great with the rest!
    Love and prayers

  3. I think both pictures of Rosie are adorable. She’s so expressive! And the quilt is nice , too, lol…

  4. Another beautiful quilt1 You did a great job improvising and that is what makes it “your” quilt. I am so amazed how much you accomplish. Keep up good work.

  5. Stearns Carol

    Great job! I still have the last side of row 7 and I want to be done! I also dont want to make anymore HST. I bought a tone on tone red for a border and will add borders until I get to the size I want. Would love a queen but not sure I can get there. Great job!

  6. You have a wonderful finished quilt and if you hadn’t mentioned the back was a teeny bit short, we wouldn’t know it. It’s certainly looks to have taken a lot of work putting it together. Now that it’s all done, you can move onto something new :)

    PS Your pup is a sweetheart.

  7. Judith Fairchild

    Such a lovely quilt. The colors are great. Using the darker blue triangles give the quilt a finished look. You can’t tell where you added on to your backing. Well done.

  8. Jo, I think you changes are wonderful! I love the double boarder in pink and blue. If I ever make this quilt, I may copy your idea. My sewing room needs a deep clean also. It feels so good to have an organized space, and mine is not. Have a super day.

  9. Jo – you are getting so many quilts done that Rosie is overworked! She needs a break :>)
    The quilt looks great – love all the colors – and I never would have noticed the “cream” fabric until you pointed it out.

  10. I really like what you did with the borders! I might just copy that if it is ok with you! Beautiful quilt!

  11. The whole experience sounds too much like me… especially buying backing that was barely big enough but somehow make it all turn out and still love it in the end!

  12. Teresa Burton

    I love the way you finished this and may do the same for mine. It seems a little calmer and seems to bring the focus back to the center medallion. This is my first time making a Bonnie Hunter scrap quilt and it has certainly been challenging. I have a question for you if you don’t mind. What method did you use to make your half square triangles for those last two rounds? I have tried her suggested method using her essential triangle tool and I can’t imagine making that many half square triangles using that method. There has to be a faster way.

  13. Your quilt is beautiful, the fabric selection, the changes in the pattern. It is great! Very creative design. You have made it your own.

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  16. Love how your Unity turned out, do not worry about those part’s, they do not stand out, its one heck of an achievement that am sure would be loved by any user, or even show goer.
    week 3 was the challenging week for me.
    funny enough :-) my backing turned out too small, alas cut into 4 added more on, then the fusible batting needed a strip adding just to be sure had enough overlap, found the fusible not secure enough, am still treadle quilting mine, little and often, will be pleased when finished its been a huge learning curve but one pleased had the chance to partake in.
    Well done for getting yours finished, love your cute dog too.

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