Quilt Finish: Two Step

I have a finish and I’m so happy to be sharing it with you today.  This is Two-Step.

Here is the picture from the book.  I, of course, made mine bigger.

The quilt is in this book. You can find the book HERE on Amazon.

It was such a fun quilt to make!  I just opened my 2 1/2″ bucket and started sewing.  It’s my favorite kind of quilt to make…kind of a grab-and-go!

I braved the sub-zero temps last week to take the pictures.  It was -20 degree wind chill.  That’s how dedicated of a blogger I am…HA!

The other day, Kelli posted a picture of Georgie sleeping in her new big girl bed.  See??

This about broke my grandma-quilter heart!  Look, she has no quilt.  I immediately messaged Kelli and said that girl needs a quilt.  I told her the next time she was home, we’d pick one out and gift it to Georgie.

Kelli ended up picking this one.  It was machine quilted but wasn’t bound.

I ended up getting it bound…all scrappy.

I think it’s the perfect little girl quilt.  Can you see the snowman?  The quilt is a bit of an eye spy.

A mix of everything is in this quilt.  Check the middle of the quilt.  See the red baseball print.  Just to the right is an OLD fabric from the 80s.  SO fun.  See the frog and the hearts and the 30s prints and polka dots and bumblebees?

I did straight-line quilting on this one.  I think it was a good fit for it.  Sometimes simple is good.  I used white thread.

90% of the fabric came from my scrap bucket.  Occasionally I pulled a couple of fat quarters as I didn’t have enough of one color or another….mostly whites.

Many people say they think I have a knack for scrap quilting.  I’m going to give you the secret to this one…Pick a color palette and stick with it.  For this one, it’s rainbow colors.  No brown.  No gray.  No black.

For the binding, I pulled strips from the 2 1/2″ bucket.  I’m trying so hard to use up things in my scrap bin.

I have a polka dot for the backing.  I love polka dots and Georgie knows that so it’s even more fun that she’s getting this quilt.

I just eyeball the quilting.  It’s not perfect…but it passes.

My plan was to make three stitching lines down every strip.

I’m so glad to have this one finished and will be thrilled when Kelli sends me a picture of Georgie with it on her bed.  It will make my Grandma heart happy.

It’s great to have some quilt finishes this quickly into the new year!!

31 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Two Step”

  1. Love it. On your recommendation I ordered that book and just waiting until I’m caught up a bit to pull it back out and make one. I would love to live across the street from you and have that quilt show going on on a regular basis!!

  2. Teresa in Port Coquitlam, BC

    That is what I’d call a happy quilt. I really like it and I’m sure your grand-daughter will too. Thank you for the tip to use rainbow colours, no black grey or brown. I never thought about it that way but it makes so much sense. I think I need this book. It looks very interesting and great scrap buster.

  3. I have the book and that quilt is book marked to be made with lots of my scraps, I need more whites, ha Yours is really cute with all those hidden items and Georgia is going to love having it on her big girl bed. I like the straight-line quilting that you did, I shall borrow that idea to finish mine.

  4. What a beautiful quilt finish! It is perfect for Georgie with all of the rainbow colors and I-spy feature. It must be awesome to be able to make a beautiful quilt like that from your scrap bins, and another finish for January! You are on a roll.

  5. I love this quilt, and thank you for the color suggestion. I hope to make this quilt sometime this year. I will definitely be cutting fat quarters to get what I need or cut up my strip bin which is overflowing.

  6. Can’t wait to see that photo! I only have domestic machines so the only quilting I can do is corner to corner in straight lines, or up and down in straight lines lol. But I like simple so it’s all good. Blessings

  7. Ahhh your quilt turned out beautiful . I have one started , I hope I finish it , and it looks half as good as yours .

  8. What a gorgeous quilt!! It looks quite thin – what kind of batting did you use? I’ve only made one quilt in my life, but I’m about to start a beautiful one for our bed, and I’m not sure what batting to use. My husband likes to be cool at night, and I like to be cozy. I usually use a 2nd blanket on top of the quilt so he can be comfie. Any advice? I just started following you and am in awe at how much you get done, especially considering your current medical situation. Praying for continued progress and total healing for you!!

  9. I couldn’t make a scrap if anything depended on it. My brain just can’t allow it. I’m alwYs gobsmacked by your (& others), talent. I send all scraps & most leftovers to best friend (47 yrs), in Florida , she has amazing ability with scraos. She had a long arm delevered & set up last Wednesday. Today she sent pic of a scrap on the frame, 1/2 quilted. She said she has 12 more to go. All are generous full or queen. She makes scrapes for charity mostly. Love most of your scraps, a bit envious of your brain ability. Keep resting & fit in something you love doing when you are up for it. You look very good in pic, so your on the way to putting this time behind you. Prayers for you & family.

  10. Georgie is going to be 1 lucky and happy little girl!! I love it!! The scrappy quilts -well I think I’m definitely in the “old fashioned” category– and Two Step I think fits -because of all the different fabrics in it.
    I hope that Eli and Emmett are both feeling better–tried to say something yesterday about the twins-and things were goofy. My whole day was like that!! Also– hated to hear about your not being able to taste anything. Really is the pits–and sure hope the sore mouth will be fading away -very soon–with you feeling better and able to enjoy eating again.

  11. Judith Fairchild

    Jo, I like your scrappy quilt. Georgie will be so happy with it. It’s big enough that she won’t outgrow it. I didn’t get a quilt from my grandma till I got married I loved it but my husband grabbed it out of the laundry and used it to tear his engine apart and rebuild it I tried my best to get all the grease and stuff out it was a no go. He became an ex a few years later. So glad georgie gets to enjoy her quilt.

  12. What a great quilt for Georgie. I’ve never done a scrappy binding. Do you join the pieces at an angle or straight across?

  13. Susan from Michigan

    Gorgeous quilt. I will make one someday, once I buy some low volume fabrics. I have the book. Georgia is going to love her quilt. Thank you for the inspiration.

    I hope you are feeling better each day, Jo.

  14. Jo – you always inspire me with all you do. You make scraps look like a million bucks!!! Thanks for sharing your blog with us! HUGS… and stitches

  15. Do hope your Georgie quilt has a label !!!! Grandmothers are special. You can make the label and hand sew it on if necessary.

  16. Love it! Bought the book. Is it my imagination or did you orient your blocks vertically instead of horizontally? Might be just the way the quilt was displayed. I don’t think it is an optical illusion. Can’t wait until I get this last bunch of community quilts done so I can work on this. Thanks Jo.

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