Quilt Finish: Two for the Foster Fundraiser

Before I get into the blog post I really want to do a HUGE shout out to the Cresco Ladies. They are such prolific quilters and have hearts of gold. I seriously believe that several of them work at making quilt tops and finishing quilts like most people work a full-time job. They made both of tops I am sharing with you today.

When the ladies brought a batch of quilt tops for me to distribute a couple of months ago, I saw these two and pulled them out thinking I would finish them for the upcoming fundraiser for HEART Animal Rescue, the group I volunteer with. They have a fundraiser every year at around Thanksgiving time. It helps cover the costs of vet bills, dog food, collars and leashes, grooming, and the many other needs we have to care for animals while they are with us and waiting to find their furever homes. They don’t do many other fundraisers so we always have to make sure this one is over the top good.

I typically donate a quilt or two…Thanks to the Cresco Ladies, I have two ready to go. Both of these are dog-themed!! One is a husky and the other is a German Shepherd.

I finished the German Shepherd first.

I did a simple meander. Sometimes simple is good.

I had purchased the purple stripe fabric at the thrift store for only a couple of dollars. I thought this would be a great way to use it. The think that had me troubled was finding a good binding color. I didn’t have anything that matched the outer purple border. I ended up finding a batik that worked. It matches more of the inner purple colors.

Here is the Husky quilt.

For this one, I used a ribbon motif. Olivia at Pumpkin Hollow Quilts on YouTube often says that’s her go-to motif so I thought to give it a try. I like it but will readily admit, I need more practice.

I used another thrift store backing for this. I think this was only 50 cents!! For the binding I found a brown polka dot that a blog reader had sent my way.

I’m so happy to have these two finished and ready to go.

Yahoo for being ahead of schedule and not rushing up to the very last minute!! I’m so glad to have these done and ready to be picked up.

I finished another charity quilt top and I’ll tell you more about that one soon.

It feels so good to be finishing some things.

6 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Two for the Foster Fundraiser”

  1. These will be a great addition to the fundraiser and should make lots of money for the rescue. They’re perfect for it! I really like the ribbon motif on the husky quilt!

  2. Love both quilts for the fundraiser. I am sure they will help they will greatly benefit the rescue.
    Your porch flowers are beautiful. Such colorful, abundant blossoms.

  3. Jo beautiful quilt finish and ready to go for the fundraiser. yahoo! Now on to the next task. They are never finished but any finish is a win. I’m working on quilting a quilt for a wedding in October. Hope I get t done

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