Quilt Finish: Tumalo Trail

I FINISHED IT!! finally. I feel like this one took a long time to make. I don’t know if the making took so long but the quilting and binding sure seemed to.

This is Tumalo Trail. This pattern is in Scraps and Shirttails II book.

Here is what it looks like from the book.

When I made mine I wanted a little less busy look so I decided I would try to unify it a little more and make all of the big half-square triangles of a blog the same color and make them all a shade of blue.

Here is a close up picture so you can see their colors better.

I had plenty of blue fabrics to use up so thought it might be fun to showcase some of my blue fabrics. Most, if not all are reproduction fabrics. The nine patch blocks have a mix of every color in them. I was hoping to make a dent in my 1 1/2″ bucket but didn’t do much…you all know how that goes. Scraps seem to multiply even when you are actively working with too.

I am really trying to use up what I have so used the blue paisley print for the border and a dark blue binding. I had gone to the quilt store to try to find something different, but in the end, I liked what I had at home better.

A couple of people poo-pooed my choice of this fabric and that’s totally okay that they did. I ended up really liking it for the border. It really softened and muted the look of the quilt.

Sticking to my use-it-up attitude, I used a sheet on the back. There really is more cream in it than it looks in the photo.

I used a simple stipple motif for the quilting. That’s really my preference for busy scrappy quilts. I think if I had put fancy quilting on this, the quilting and the colors would have fought for attention. This way, the quilting stepped back and let the colors shine.

Of course, no quilt is really done until there’s a picture with Izzy and Rosie…here it is.

So people…if you read my blog post back in July, I said I was contemplating making every quilt in the Scraps and Shirttails II book. With the completion of this quilt, I only have two left to make and then I will have made all of the quilts in the book.

The two left to make are Goose in the Puddle…

and Old Kentucky Album.

I think I’m going to make them both. The quilts in the book were originally more focused on being made from recycled shirts. I think I will do that with Goose in the Puddle. I have plenty of shirts and making that should be doable.

The Old Kentucky Album quilt hasn’t quite “hit me” to give me an idea of a color scheme or how to make it mine. Once I figure that out, I might start it. Does anyone have some suggestions?

For now, I’m content that I got at least one more checked off the list.

If you want to see the other quilts I’ve made from the book, you can follow this link.

26 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Tumalo Trail”

  1. I prefer your version of the Tumalo quilt, and I think the paisley border looks just right on it. And of course, Izzy and Rosie are the perfect finishing touch!

    1. LOVE this quilt! The paisley works perfectly for your quilt and allows the blocks to shine more than the book’s border would. I want to make this pattern now! Beautiful job!!

  2. I would love to make all the quilts in that book! Maybe I’ll stitch along with you on one of your remaining projects.

  3. Your version of Tumalo Trail turned out beautiful! I love how you used all blues in the HST and the paisley border is perfect. Can’t wait to see what you do with Goose in the Puddle quilt. Bonnie just has so many wonderful patterns it is hard to choose what to do next.

  4. WOW! I love this quilt and the blue triangles really make the quilt. I love the more controlled scrappy look you achieved. The border is great too. I’m glad you went with your choice and didn’t listen to the negative comments. Thanks for sharing this awesome finish.

  5. I love your quilt Jo. I am making one but didn’t think to use one color for the HST. Great idea. I love the quilts in that book too. You are so industrious!

  6. I totally agree with all the positive comments!! You did it up good, Jo!! Really, really love everything about it!!!

  7. Love this quilt finish. The paisley border looks great (I like paisley prints). I always enjoy how serious Rosie and Izzy are in the quilt photos!

  8. I LOVE this! I am in Florida for the winter (without my copy of the book). But, as soon as I get home – I am going to start this! Fabulous!

  9. Judith Fairchild

    The quilt is quietly lovely. Your choice on the actual quilting does give the squares themselves a chance to shine. Great job.
    For your Kentucky album how about shades of reds and yellows with green accents.

  10. I love your color choices. The border sets it off. How big is it? I worked on a binding for the last two days for a quilt that was 94″ x 104″. I calculated it… that’s 33 feet. No wonder my hands are stiff from stitching the binding down.

  11. Beautiful quilt! Since blue is one of my favorite colors, I like your version. You do such a beautiful job quilting quilts.

  12. Beautiful work as always. The Kentucky quilt kind of reminds me of simple flowers on a trellis. I could see a forest green for the sashing and then muted (or bright?) floral colors for the panels. The borders could be tweaked/personalized to whatever you choose for the color scheme, too. There is a lot of room there for customization. I look forward to seeing what you do with it. Thanks!

  13. You have such an eye for color, and I really like the border fabric. I always look forward to seeing your version of the Bonnie Hunter quilts. I’ve got to learn to not be overwhelmed by fabric choice and start using scraps instead of just precut bundles!

  14. I love, love, love your version of this quilt! I much prefer it to the original. Doing same color HSTs was a good idea.
    As for a suggestion for the Album quilt, I’d go with reds, blues & golds (all reproduction, of course) with an unbleached muslin.
    Can’t wait to see your next show & tell! I LOVE all your quilts!

  15. I also like your version of the quilt better than the original. Blues are one of my favorite colors and even though I do like piano key borders, I believe that using one fabric for the border allows your attention to be drawn to the middle of the quilt instead of away from it. I definitely will make this quilt and I am now leaning towards assorted blues as you did.

  16. I wonder what Old Kentucky Album would look like in red, white/cream and blue. Making sure the placement of the colors is always the same within the blocks. When I look at the quilt, I see X’s and O’s. Make all the X’s blue and all the O’s red. It would be more controlled and thus have a more consistent pattern.

  17. Oh, I have this quilt book and now I need to make Tumalo Trail! Yours is stunning! How about black, red, cheddar and ivory for the Kentucky quilt?! Enjoy and have a fantastic day!

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