Quilt Finish: Tribute to Judie

I finally got it finished. Here it is…my Tribute to Judie quilt.

This quilt was a LONG time in the process. I’m pretty sure it was my oldest UFO. I looked on the blog and found this picture. It was from a February 12, 2010 blog post. WHEW….almost 14 years ago. That’s a little embarrassing. I had made my first 9 blocks. There are 180 in the quilt.

About that time Temecula Quilt Company was featured in Country Sampler. I remember seeing this picture…Oh, my word. I had to make that quilt. I just LOVED it. I had a trip planned to San Diego California. I hope that Temecula was close. I wanted to go to that quilt shop.

The trip was a training for teaching continuing education to childcare providers. Kramer came with me for the first part and then went home. I stayed on. While we were he was a good sport and we visited a few quilt shops. I didn’t get to Temecula though.

When I got home, I ended up ordering the pattern…and a month later, I started the quilt. But then is sat for YEARS. We moved from the farmhouse to the house here in town. Kramer passed away. We had 10 grandkids. I’m no longer teaching the classes…but the quilt UFO remained until today when it’s finally finished!!

Many thanks to Ila my friend and blog reader. Once I had the blocks finished I was debating on fabric for finishing. Ila ended up sending me a big bunch. I had plenty to choose from and more!! THANKS, Ila.

The star blocks are all sorts of different colors. I love quilts like this because they are almost a chronicle of the fabrics I had at the time.

Choosing border fabric was a pain for me. I am terrible at decisions and here I needed to make four choices!! There are three borders and the binding too.

I didn’t do anything special for the quilting motif or thread. I wanted something that wasn’t noticeable. The stipple design and matching thread met my goal.

I had this piece of thrift store fabric and used it up. It was exactly the size I needed. In real life, it is not pink. It’s more the color of the alternate block fabric.

So the last thing we need is a picture with the quilt and the dogs… Then I can call it finished.

If you notice, Izzy my Aussidoodle is ALWAYS on the left…Rosie the beagle on the right. They always do this…always. When I give them food or anytime they are at attention near me. I think it’s so unusual.

So now…I should probably go pick my next oldest UFO and tackle it. That quilt too has been percolating for a long time. At least this one is done!!

39 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Tribute to Judie”

  1. It might have been a long time coming, but it’s well worth the wait! The quilt is stunning and the borders are just perfect for it.

  2. Beautiful quilt! Absolutely stunning! Great fabric choices! Congratulations on the finish! My daughter lives about an hour from Temecula but between kids school schedules and traffic I’ve never been. Hopefully some day.

    1. Temecula is still interesting but has lost some of its charm in recent years. Sort of one of those oh let’s move to this charming place BUT bring our other city demands with us and voila its traffic etc is just no fun anymore. Typical California.

  3. Wow! This quilt is spectacular! Sometimes a beautiful project takes awhile. What a wonderful tribute to Judie.

  4. Judith Fairchild

    What a lovely quilt. Thank you for the nudge about finishing quilts I have one that’s been sitting around almost finished for 30+ years. It’s crazy how time slides by and we procrastinate.

  5. Congratulations on making a most beautiful, spectacular quilt. I think I could just look at this all day long. It truly is beautiful.

  6. I just finished a Temecula design last winter – and it was not quite this aged, but close. And it also had a zillion tiny blocks. Your quilt is stunning!

  7. Wow, Jo, it is truly lovely, you will have to keep this for yourself. The setting squares and borders are wonderful with your blocks.

  8. How pretty! I can understand, tho, why it was a long UFO. It would have been for me too just based on the diagonal setting and those three borders! HA!
    I gotta sew some Christmas gifts today, so my UFOs will have to keep waiting.

  9. With the dogs on it, I can appreciate the small size of all those blocks. Congratulations on finishing the quilt and how beautiful it finished up.

  10. Jo, I have a question about Ila, the generous blog reader who has sent you so many nice things.
    I’ve read another blogger who also mentions Ila, and what nice threads and other things that I’ll sends her. (Barbara at catpatches)
    Surely this must be the same Ila? In my mind I imagine she must love reading your blogs and seeing all your beautiful quilts…and the gift giving is her way of showing appreciation. Maybe she just loves shopping for nice quilts items and wants to spread the joy and love.

    It would be fun to know more about her…is she a quilter? I’d love to see her quilts, or her sewing room. Have you met her in person?
    What inspires her big heart and giving nature?
    I just want to say “Thank You” to her for creating such a fun surprise gifting habit to you special bloggers.

    PS…this Tribute to Judy quilt is gorgeous. Your color choices are perfect!


    1. I am betting it is the same Ila. She is wonderful. Yes. I’ve met her in person. She lives outside of Chicago. She has the biggest most generous heart and her husband Tom is a wonderful person as well. You couldn’t meet two more kind and giving people.

  11. Your quilt is beautiful and I’ve saved a picture to remember I want to do this too. So many quilts I want to make. I recently retired and picked up 3 quilts from my long arm yesterday so I’ll be doing bindings. Like you, these three were pieced together many years ago. It is a good feeling to have a finish, but then I’m always starting a new project or two. Right now red and green pineapple blocks. They are pretty but take time. Again, your quilt is wonderful and I’m hoping to start making little stars soon.

  12. What a beautiful finish in honor of Judie! Why do quilters have so many UFO’s? I am working on Bonnie Hunter’s mystery trying to keep up.

  13. The quilt is absolutely beautiful. Your ability to blend colors is what always appeals to me, I’m a lover of civil war era color schemes. You would have loved the Temecula quilt shop, it was full of inspiration for traditional quilting and mini quilts. The storefront is now closed but the owner maintains an online store and has published a few books.

  14. Oh. My. God. It’s spectacular! I’m a sucker for all things Judie anyway so this was right up my alley to begin with. I LOVE the fabric you used for your alternate blocks! Who am I kidding? I love, love, love the whole thing! And PS: don’t feel bad about it being 14 years in the making. Over the summer, I finished up 2 UFOs from the 1990s!

  15. The picture of Kramer & you is just wonderful. So young. Both so very hapoy together. Thanks for that glimpse of your happiness.

  16. This quilt is just stunning! The borders you chose are perfect. They make it look so classy. What a wonderful memorial quilt to remember her by. ♥️

  17. Temecula is still interesting but has lost some of its charm in recent years. Sort of one of those oh let’s move to this charming place BUT bring our other city demands with us and voila its traffic etc is just no fun anymore. Typical California.

  18. Hello, Jo-first time writer here, but long-time follower. Love you and your family, and pray for you all the time. Thank you for all that you do that makes our day! I used to live in Henderson, NV, and being originally from New England, my hubby longed to see the ocean quite often. So, we would pack up the car and head for California. On the way, we would pass by the Temecula Quilt Shop, and I would lament how I would love to go in that shop, but we were always in a hurry of some sort. And one day, a few years back when I thought it was going to happen, for some reason it didn’t, and then she closed her brick and mortar shop, but thankfully she is still online. I follow her and just love the colors she uses, and I actually can pick them out of a crowd. Anyway, I am back in New Hampshire, so I must use the online shop. The closest I ever came was the time my hubby actually pulled into the parking lot for me. But just as I was getting out of the car, someone had a car accident and the place became very chaotic, and hubby thought we should leave before getting ‘stuck’ there. Oh my! Just not meant to be. Your quilt to honor cousin Jodi is absolutely perfect, and you should b very proud of yourself, No UFO is ever to old to finish….I have one from 1976, f you can believe that. The colors are now not my style, but I am sure they would be perfect for someone else. It’s a log cabin, so not too difficult! You have inspired me! Take care, and God bless.

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