Quilt Finish: The Red Bow Tie Quilt

In my whirlwind weekend at the longarm, one of the quilts I finished was my Red Bow Tie quilt.

Pieces for this top were originally given to me by a blog reader. I got an AMAZING box of goodies from her in July or so. I’ve been working on projects from the box for some time now. Every project in the box was something that I was excited to finish. I can’t thank that blog reader enough. You can read about the package HERE.

It’s funny…that package has guided so much of what I’ve sewn ever since I got it. I’ve made the hourglass quilt. I’ve made a quilt that used the scrappy 2 1/2″ brightly colored blocks. MANY thanks to the person who sent the goodies. I also want to thank…

a blog reader who had some of the red fabric that was used for the alternate blocks. The blog reader had some matching fabric. My original plan was to take what I had apart and use varying reds. I ended up being able to make the entire quilt the fabric she sent including the binding. I think I have a small 6 1/2″ x 10″ piece left. It was perfect!!

Everything at the longarm went off without a hitch on this quilt. It was easy peasy. I only did a simple stipple for the motif. I don’t like anything too fancy on reproduction quilts.

I went outside to take pictures of the finished quilt but…it didn’t go the best! It was windy.

I know for many, reproduction fabrics are “out of style”. Not for me. They are forever my favorite. I’ll sew with them until I die whether I live to be 100 or not. I just love them. They go best with my antiques in the house…and red. Red is my favorite.

I have gotten so I like to use the background color for binding if I can. In my previous quilting life, I would have never done that. Now I do it all the time. It’s become my current binding choice if possible.

That takes another UFO off of my UFO list. That makes me happy too!

Rosie however wasn’t very happy. She happened to not come to the door when I went outside to take pictures. Can you see her through the window?

No worries. I brought her inside and let her show off the quilt with Izzy. Here they are. People have asked what’s the “box” on their collars…It’s the collar they need to wear for in-ground fencing.

I love everything in the picture…the dogs and the quilt!!

I decided to keep this top. I’ve been trying to donate most of what I’ve finished from the box that was gifted to me to charity but this one…with the red, I just can’t.

It will become the newest television watching quilt. I’m sure blanket house will be made with it from the grandkids too. It will likely be covered in beagle hair. That’s how you know it’s really loved. Nothing but love for this quilt.

Many thanks to the two blog readers who helped make this quilt come to be. I couldn’t be more happy. I put this high on the list of best gifts!!

17 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: The Red Bow Tie Quilt”

  1. Jo, I love that black polka dot inner border. It’s perfect with all that red. I have a trip around te world quilt waiting for the binding. My plan was a contrasting binding. But, once I looked at it, I realized that a binding that matched the last row was a better choice. Sometimes the quilts tell us what’s best.

  2. Jo, I read your blog religiously each day, but the last couple of days have led to some confusion. You posted a blog about 2 new rescues and when I tried to click to read the rest of the post, all I got was some scrambled message. Today when I went to your site it opened with a post frome a couple of days ago (Quilts from Karen, can’t remember the date). I was finally able to open post from today (I hope). I really enjoy your posts. Please don’t take this a criticism, as I know you have been having problems with the blog site. Just a note to make you aware of problem some of us are having with your site. I was really interested in post regarding rescue pups and if we lived closer I would be tempted to adopt. Izzy reminds me so much of our dog that crossed the rainbow bridge about a year ago.

  3. Jo-check your email. I sent you a message about trouble with your blog. The only way I could get here was by going Archives and selecting March 2023. Your posts about the fosters, Baby in a Corner and cross stitch update are not reachable from your Thursday morning posts. Even googling goes to your 3/23 post. Hitting Home in your header also the the 3/23 post. Hope you can figure it out. I ordinarily wouldn’t post this as a comment but not sure you would read an email real quick.

  4. Jo, this post was wonderful. I have told you before, that you and I have so much in common (red is my favorite too) and I have to say reproduction fabric is something I love as well. Your bow tie quilt is one of my all time favorites needless to say! By the way, I want to thank you for being the inspiration for me to start blogging again. I stopped blogging in October of 2020 and just recently started up again. One of my current projects is to finish a quilt one of my friends has that was made by her mom for her graduation in 1979! Oh my! It was all done except the binding and I love sewing binding on by hand. It’s a great TV watching activity. Anyway, I will be sharing that finish here pretty soon. Another thing I love about your blog is the way you share your everyday life unapologetically real. Who should have to apologize for how they live anyway? And last but not least, I LOVE when you go thrifting and show us your finds. I know it’s a strange comparison but having a successful thrifting or antiquing day is like how an archaeologist must feel when they find a hidden treasure. I love it and I love reading about your adventures. Thank you for being you. (Oh, also love it when you decide you can do things you wouldn’t normally do and it is just fine!)

  5. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! You did an amazing job and I am so happy that you are keeping it for yourself. You deserve it. You are an amazing woman!

  6. Lovely, lovely quilt. Thank you for the inspiration to pick up, and hopefully finish, a long time UFO, Bonnie Hunter’s Double Delight using reproduction 19th century prints. I started it 12 years ago .
    Regards from rainy England

  7. Jo, your bow tie quilt is absolutely gorgeous! I always worry about red fabric. Did you pre-treat before cutting? I quilt and cross stitch as well. Love the variety of crafts, but, as you know, there simply is never enough time! ❤️

  8. I am not a red person, but the color of that red is awesome! I also like the on point alternating setting of the bow tie blocks. I may have to copy that with a cheddar background…. Thanks for your daily postings! I get so many good ideas…

  9. I can’t imagine that quilt in any colors other than what you used. They are just perfect! You took some wonderful fabrics and made the perfect quilt with them. Bow tie quilts are favorites of mine. I have several vintage/antique bow tie quilt tops I hope to hand quilt and pass on to kids and grandchildren, since I think they have stood the test of time.

    I pray you are feeling well. Thank you for your blog and sharing what you make. Your blog and quilts are so inspiring!

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