Quilt Finish: Texas Braid

I finally finished my Texas Braid quilt.  I am so happy to have this one checked off the list of UFOs.

I think this has been one of the longer running UFOs that I’ve had.

It got stalled out as I was too chicken to do the feathers in needed in the quilting.  Then once I finally started, I wasn’t very good at keeping at it….as I always tell Carver, “It happens”. 
The  quilt is from Bonnie Hunter’s book Scraps and Shirttails.  I’ve wanted to make the quilt for FOREVER (well at least since I bought the book). 
One thing I’d like to point out is this…My reds are not all the same shade.  I had about five different reds and wanted to use them up.  I did…they are all slightly different shades. 
The quilt is big but not as big as the pattern suggests.  The pattern makes a king sized.  Mine is 98″ or so across.  

Here is a closer picture of the quilting.  It’s far from perfect.  It’s acceptable and I’m okay with acceptable.  What’s the saying done is better than perfect?  
Carver was here when I was taking pictures.  The second I laid it out, he was all over it.  

Then Gannon came and then…..  
It was a wrestling match.  Those boys….

Note:  Carver dressed himself.

…and there has to be a Rosie picture.  I couldn’t decided if I liked this one… 
or this one better…

What do you think?

Do you have a quilt that languishing…why not pull it out and finish it up?  I sure feel better that this one is done.

33 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Texas Braid”

  1. You made a gorgeous quilt and I think the feathers look great. Not sure which picture of Rosie is best because she sure is cute in both pictures.

  2. Mary Ann Mettler

    This is a beautiful quilt and the quilting is perfect for the pattern – the boys are pretty priceless and I like both of Rosie’s pics – If the quilt were any bigger it would not fit on your frame! The reds are separated enough that the different shades work fine. So nice to get a big project done! Congratulations!

  3. What a beautiful quilt! The various reds make it sparkle. The quilting looks great and best of all it’s now ready for a bed! The pictures with the boys are adorable. I’m glad you put both pictures of Rosie in so you didn’t have to choose. I can’t!

  4. Your recent cross stitch projects have inspired me to find and restart a project that was a UFO. It is a pattern from a magazine, printed in 1995. All the threads are there and the linen is crisp and clean. I know I started it when I got the magazine, because I remember life events that were going on at the time, and I was stitching to help get through them. Also I wasn’t quilting as much back then, I was able to start and finish one quilt at a time. Looking forward to finishing it

  5. EVERYTHING about this quilt is perfect: the reds, the quilting, the boys, the dog! You are such an inspiration! Hugs to you & the family.

  6. I agree with with Janine Baker above. Congratulations on your finish. I absolutely love all of the pictures with the boys and Rosie!

  7. Love how it turned out!! It’s giving me the itches to start gathering for my own…never mind that I have so many Bonnie projects in various stages…lol. I just have to say all your “Vannas” are adorable!

  8. Frances Winger

    I love this quilt, Jo! I need to make this one as well. It wasn’t even obvious that there are different reds in the quilt.
    As for the photo bombers, priceless! My favorite Rosie pic is the bottom, but if the quit is the focus, then the top one.

  9. It’s beautiful and wow time consuming I’m sure. Sorry I’ve been working and babysitting and trying to squeeze that sewing time in isn’t an option – brother sick in hospital 5 hrs away. Then packing to move back to Tx…

  10. The Texas Braid is one of my all time favorite Bonnie Hunter quilts and yours is no exception. The quilt and the quilting are wonderful!

  11. Love the quilt Jo! I can see why you are happy to have it finished! The pictures are adorable; especially the one with Carver and the top one of Rosie!

  12. Congratulations on a great finish! Love those photo bombers! I also really like your new blog header and the photo with you and Rosie! Have a great holiday weekend!

  13. Penny Holliday

    I like the new refreshing look of your blog! Your gorgeous braid quilt is amazing! Love all the red fabrics & great quilting ~ rather a happy quilt for the 4th of July!! The Feather design is perfect choice for quilting all those braids!! Cute photos of the grands & Rosie ~ thanks for sharing! Hope you & your family enjoy the holiday weekend & have a Happy 4th of July!

  14. Judith Fairchild

    The quilt is gorgeous! The grands wrestling is better is Gannon almost as big as Carver or is it because he’s the top wrestler. Rosie is cute but I like the top picture better by a hair.
    I have an orphan piece I did years ago I took the pattern off of a quilt my husband’s grandmother made back in 1800’s. I was a tank beginner at the time. I
    Where could I search for similar patterns do you know? I would send you a picture of it if I knew how to do it.

  15. I’ve got one on my long arm that I started at least a decade ago. I finished the top about 3 years ago and got the backing. My long arm languished in my sewing room for nearly 3 years until I got the guts to start using it. I just knew I would mess up all my quilt tops. I finally started working through the tops using pantographs about eight months ago. The finished ones are not the the best but I’m getting better with each quilt. I’m 71 and have many more quilts that I want to do and finish before I leave this earth.

    I would be so happy if I could piece and free hand quilt the way you do. You have so much talent and so much heart. I’m keeping you and your health issues in my prayers. You are one strong woman!

  16. LOVE your Texas Braid quilt. Seeing yours makes me want to start one but I will hold off until I get some of my UFOs finished. The first picture of Rosie (With her head up) is my favorite. She’s so cute! Fun seeing the boys enjoy your quilt finish too!

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