Quilt Finish: Tea Party from American Jane

I finished my first UFO off of my Dirty Dozen list. This one isn’t the called-for number. That was #7 and was my star quilt with the reproduction fabrics. I still hope to make some progress on that this month.

This quilt was calling to me…and my flimsy stack is calling to me. I just can’t let the pile of finished tops get too big or I get overwhelmed. I decided to just throw this one on the longarm and get working on it. Besides, I was SUPER curious to see what would happen with this. Remember there were chocolate stains in the fabric. I wanted to know if they would wash out.

Here are the dogs posing after I rolled the quilt off the frame. Izzy is my black dog. Rosie is peeking out from under the quilt and my foster dog Sadie is the German Shepherd pup.

As soon as it came off the frame, I bound it. I ended up finding this polka-dot yellow fabric. It’s not a perfect match but very close and the best of what I had.

Now the moment of truth…tackling those stains. I think it was chocolate. This UFO came from my daughter Kayla. I didn’t know about the chocolate until my hand reached in and grabbed the last few strips in the box. I didn’t have any matching fabric so I used the stained chocolate fabric and hoped for the best.

Several of you blog readers had suggestions for getting the chocolate out. Dawn dish soap was a popular suggestion. So I tried that.

Orvus and OxiClean were also suggestions. I ended up using all three suggestions and happily…the stains were gone when I pulled it out of the washing machine. I can’t say for sure which product was the solution.

Here it is all finished…

I had this orange fabric with polka dots in my stash. I thought is was a good choice considering there was orange on the front of the quilt and polka dots on the front of the quilt. Plus…the piece of fabric was the PERFECT size. It was like it was waiting for this quilt.

I had asked Kayla if she wanted the quilt back when I was done with it. She told me “Well I don’t want to bind it”. HA!! So yes, I did bind it and yes, I will give it to her.

I’m pleased with the quilt…Pleased I have a finished UFO…Pleased a top is off my stack of to-be-quilted tops.

Finishing this was just the boost I need to tackle as many quilts as I can on my UFO list this year.

By the way, I was cleaning in the laundry room and found yet another UFO. So I guess I really didn’t make any progress on my list. I took one off and added another. So is the life of an avid quilter!!

42 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Tea Party from American Jane”

  1. Amy Sidelinger

    Way to go Jo!!! It’s beautiful. Sorry to hear another UFO surfaced. I swear they reproduce at night while we dream of the next project.

  2. Judy Prescott

    I’m glad the chocolate came out for you! I have found that Dawn on a stain and then sprinkle the oxiclean on it right before I put it in the washer takes out just about anything
    that my husband or I get into! Love that quilt! Too Cute!!

  3. Janet Corcoran

    Jo, I just love this quilt. I’ll have to add it to my to do list. So glad the chocolate stain came out. You are a wonderful mom and grandma.

  4. This might be one of my favorite quilts. I have this fabric too in a quilt top and I still haven’t quilted it. Now that I see how cute this looks I’ll look for an orange backing. I love the pattern, did you post that?

  5. Cynthia from Nebraska

    Well, you didn’t PURPOSEFULLY add something else to the list! Also, I like the colors Kayla chose for her quilt better than what’s shown on the pattern!

  6. Fels Naptha soap will remove almost anything! Wet the stain and rub it with the bar of soap . It even removes stains after items have been through the dryer.

  7. Kathy Shelton

    Congratulations on getting the quilt finished. I love it. What is the name of the pattern and how would you get the pattern if I wanted to make it.

  8. I can’t find Tea Party in any American Jane online. There’s a Pretzel Party but doesn’t look like this quilt. I LOVE it and am trying to find the pattern. Thanks for any help.

  9. Stephani in N. TX

    Polka dot binding and orangey backing is perfect for a quilt of American Jane fabrics. They will add sunshine. I may need to look for this pattern. I know I have a stack of American Jane charm packs that are high on my list to use up. Love those 30-40’s fabrics. Funny how I couldn’t wait to leave all those little-print fabrics behind in what I bought or wore as a young woman. In quilting choices they have come back around to please me. I consider them a choice among my other quilt favorites, CW, florals, patriotic, classic – Morris or French General. So good to have choices.

  10. Renea Yarolim

    Love this quilt-is the name of the pattern Tea Party?? Would really like to find the pattern-thanks for sharing the inspiration!

  11. The quilt turned out so pretty. I sure would have wanted it back.
    I know what you mean about finishing one thing and finding another ufo. I guess that’s why I haven’t finished three quilts I have started. In my defense, one is a Cathedral window that finishes 3” square and is all hand sewn in hopes 5hat it will eventually fit a queen bed.

  12. I love this quilt! The colors are so happy and I drool over anything with a concentric pattern. Thanks so much for sharing and congratulations on your first finish on the ufo list!

  13. I’m not surprised at how much you’re getting finished. But, I am still impressed and inspired. I didn’t number my ufos for the DD challenge. Instead I’m just choosing based on what I think my month will look like. I’m not doing so great even though I picked an easy project. Some people in my life keep telling me I have to “take more time for myself” or, “learn to say no”. While I agree with the first point, sort of, I can’t imagine saying “no” to someone who physically needs my help and needs it frequently. All of this is translating to my first project not getting done this month. But, I’m trying. I found a beautiful Singer 201 in its table with a ton of goodies, including an adorable sewing box, for $30! The beautiful stitch makes working on the quilt so enjoyable! Since my hope springs eternal (said while laughing somewhat hysterically) I’m planning on ordering some of those crosstitch goodies and the Good Intentions pattern.

    1. I am told those same things and I’m working on it because I’ve discovered that there is some merit to what they are telling me. I would have likely bought the machine too!!

  14. That is a gorgeous scrappy quilt so I’m sure your daughter will be delighted when she gets it back. The Dawn dish soap really does work on a lot of stubborn stains.

  15. Wonderful finish, Jo! I just love the orange back also. Of course, I would I am an orange girl! My bedroom is orange! lolo My hubby wasn’t thrilled but he did it! lolo

  16. That medium blue just sets off that quilt. It is what caught my eye and made me want to make it. I will look for the pattern. Thanks so much for showing us such beautiful things, Including those sweet little puppies. I love them too.

  17. I agree the blue accent fabric really pops. Kayla’s quilt is much cuter than the cover photo on the original pattern.

  18. SO glad you took the time to show this in detail. I am inspired now because I have a tote full of American Jane and just got the pattern. Cannot wait to make it!

  19. Judith Fairchild

    Jo remember the old saying,? “A mam works from sus ti sun, a woman’s work is never done. Especially when we have hobbies that we really enjoy doing. You’re getting your stack done it was just a few more than you realized.

  20. Totally agree with Susan. I’ve been using Fels Naptha Laundry Bar for decades and haven’t found a stain yet that it didn’t remove … like Susan said, even if the stained item was already dried in the dryer. Another plus, it’s inexpensive (less than $2.00 a bar) and lasts forever.

  21. Grandma Rabbit (Pat) in AZ

    Jo, first off the quilt is gorgeous and I love your fabric choices. Regarding the dirty dozen, Mary chose orange as the color for July so you may have picked a different #7 but you nailed the color with the backing. Great job!

  22. Regular blue Dawn is my go to for all my cleaning needs and clothing stain removal. Mix it with water to clean the new countertops, they sparkle.
    Love the quilt.

    1. I haven’t sold many in the past. People typically don’t want to pay as much as they are worth. I likely would sell on if the price was right.

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