Quilt Finish: Star Baby

I have another quilt checked off of my UFO list. YAHOO!!! You might remember that I have a pretty extensive UFO list. You can read about it HERE if you missed that or want a reminder.

My finish today has been a quilt top for some time…just not a finished quilt.

I had it on the longarm this weekend and then Monday I got it bound. I was a little nervous because I wanted a blue for the binding but didn’t have more of the exact color. I ended up finding this piece but it wasn’t actually a batik. I didn’t know how it would look.

I ended up pretty happy with it. When I first put it on the longarm I had intended…

to use a light pink on the backing for thread and a navy blue on the top. That was a no-go. I ended up ripping out about 12″ or so thread that I had put into it. The tension was okay but I could still see the light pink thread from the backing showing up on the front so I retaught that plan. I ended up using a teal aqua thread on the top and a teal green thread on the back. Everything went MUCH better.

The backing is one that was in my stash. I am not sure where it came from.

There is no pattern for this quilt. It’s my own design.

I had leftovers from Bonnie Hunter’s Frolic Mystery quilt and there were quite a few of them. I gathered what I had at the time and came up with this design.

At the time, I didn’t know so many blog readers would send me their leftovers from their quilts. Had I known I would likely have made a much larger quilt.

The backing ended up being a good one for this quilt. I love it when something in my stash that has been there for awhile ends up being a great backing.

You can see that the blue I picked for the binding ended up working just fine.

I had kind of stalled out on longarming this one because I didn’t know if I wanted to custom-quilt it. In the end, I just ended up doing a little work on the stars and meandered the rest.

At some point, this one will be gifted as a baby quilt.

When I showed the quilt earlier in pictures someone mentioned they were intrigued by the cornerstones. I thought I would take a close-up picture of them. I have a square of aqua. I snowballed the corners with the pink and then snowballed them again with the blue background fabric. I ended up loving the look!

Of course, no quilt is complete without a dog picture. Here’s today’s version. The grass was wet with dew when I snapped pictures so the girls are on the front porch. Izzy if my black Aussiedoodle and Rosie my beagle is on the right. Two dogs were never so different!!

If I counted correctly, this is the fourth quilt I made with leftovers from my Frolic quilt (and what others have sent me).

I love playing with pieces and this one was so fun to make!!

19 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Star Baby”

      1. There is the tutorial and you can make the quilt just by following the three part tutorial on Youtube. No real pattern is needed.

  1. LOVE the colors, design and those cornerstones. What a creative cornerstone idea! This may be my favorite quilt that you made. It’s gorgeous.!

  2. Thanks for explaining the cornerstones. I love them. They look great with your sashing design! What a cute baby quilt.

  3. Another beautiful finish! Thank you for explaining the cornerstones, now I need to try that. Rosie and Izzy are so cute sitting at attention on the quilt.

  4. This quilt can not only be a great baby quilt, but, maybe, also for someone in a wheelchair.
    Bright, striking, vibrant colors are certain to cheer anyone up and brighten their day.
    Once again, nice work, that is inspiring. Thinking that sooooo many of my scraps could create a similar quilt.

  5. Another great idea with those cornerstones, I will have to use that one for sure. It looks great hanging on your house. Your flowers are giving quite a show.

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