Quilt Finish: Spider Web String

Lookie, lookie!!  I finished another UFO. Friends, I am on a roll and I couldn’t be happier.  I’ve had lots of finished quilts lately.  It’s mostly thanks to some unexpected days with not childcare kids.  I’ve been making the most of it for sure.  I keep remembering to sew while I can as gardening time is around the corner and I don’t accomplish nearly as much in the summer.

This is my Spider Web string quilt.  YAHOO!!  This is a free Bonnie Hunter pattern that you can find HERE.

You all have been so patient to follow along with me as I’ve been working on this.  It’s been my featured project in several of the “Sew with Jo” videos that I’ve done.  You can find all of them HERE.  If you watch them you’ll find some tips and tricks in making this quilt.

I have yet another video about this quilt.  This time I am showing you how I quilted it.  Follow along and I’ll show you how I did…

First off I did this back and forth along the piano keyboard border.

You can see where my finger is that I changed directions here.

For the machine quilting, I didn’t do edge to edge this time.  I did some custom work instead.

Can you see the pretty design in the red area??

It might look hard but it’s actually not.

I used a method called point to point quilting.

You can learn more about it in the video I did.  You can find the full video on how I did the quilting by following THIS LINK.

Here it is as it came off the frame…LOVE!!  Totally worth the time I put into it!!

Now more about the quilt.  Do you remember the back story?  I was thrifting and found that someone had started this quilt but donated their unfinished project to the thrift store.   Here’s the story…

It was the middle of July 2018 and I was thrifting.  I found a bag of string blocks for $10 at the thrift store.  In the bag were these….

and this…

There weren’t enough to make a quilt of any size so I needed more red fabric.  No luck. Nothing matched.

Well fast forward a couple of weeks.  I was working on some organizing.  One of the things I was doing was sorting thrifted fabric.  In there was a red.  It seemed like it was the shade of red I needed.  I dug out the spiderweb quilt and happily it matched.  The problem, it was only a fat quarters worth of fabric.  I got out my template and started cutting.

This is what I discovered.  The tag.  I ended up blogging about it and a kind blog reader had some of the fabric.

I ended up cutting enough for the inner border and then cut the rest up into kites.  Then the project sat.  In December I picked it back up again and this is what I created!!

It was so windy and cold when I was taking pictures.

I was lucky to get the pictures I did.

Can I tell you a secret?  The red of the binding isn’t an exact match to the red of the quilt.  It’s hard to tell though.  Isn’t it?

I thought I would gift this one on.  I likely will eventually.  I decided that I would put the quilt on the very-very bottom of the donation pile with the intention I never get to the bottom.  HA!!

I would be happy to donate it to the right cause…or gift it to the right person, but have decided I really want to make sure it’s the right cause or right person.  I’m sure you quilters understand.

I showed it to one of the childcare kids and he said, “Jo, you made a pizza quilt!  He thought the “web” was a pizza shape!
I am content with the quilting motif.  It’s a red thread on the front…

…and a yellow on the back.

The backing is a yellow sheet with fabric on the top and bottom.  I’m determined to sew my stash whenever I can and this worked.  The sheet is actually a yellow check and looks much better in person.

Red is my favorite color…oh, I love it!!

Here’s another look before I go…

Oh, and don’t forget a Rosie picture!!

Before I go, I want to say one thing.  Some time ago a blog reader said to me if I wanted to get control of my UFOs that I could give some to her and she’d help me get them whittled down.  The thought was so sweet, but…I still love all of my UFO projects.  I loved them when I started them, and to this day, they are still my babies.  I have not fallen out of love with them…just out of time.  I couldn’t be happier that I jumped with both feet onto the UFO Dirty Dozen challenge.  It was the best thing I’ve ever done with my quilting!!

Ooops…one more thing.  I almost forgot to tell you.  SewPad is hosting a “Love your hips and back” sale.  You all know how much I love my SewPad.  It’s an awesome little cushion that makes sitting at the sewing machine so much more comfortable.  Sometimes there is only so much the “right chair” can do.  Sometimes the right cushion is just what we need.

I have to tell you something funny.  Gary at SewPad has been so sweet.  He originally sent me a SewPad to try.  I was so shocked with how much I liked it.  I ended up writing a blog post to tell you about it and I explained that I was carrying it up and down the stairs as I loved having one for my sewing chair AND my computer desk.  Gary was so nice and sent me another one!!  I’m so spoiled.

Now I’m not carrying the SewPad up and down the steps but I am switching it from chair to chair in the sewing room.  It’s at this machine if I’m sewing here…

…and at this machine if I’m sewing here.

I like having one under my bum.

So, what is the sale??  FREE SHIPPING.  These are heavy so that a great deal.

Gary writes:
“Our SewPad Valentine’s Day Sale will kick-off on Friday, February 12th, and run thru Midnight Monday, February 15th.  The Coupon Code is “SEWCOMFY”.”

If you’re interested, HERE IS THE LINK TO ORDER.

If you are looking for other opinions besides mine, I suggest going back and reading THIS BLOG POST, that I wrote last time they were having a sale.  Read the comments.  Many blog readers love them too!!

40 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Spider Web String”

  1. Your quilt is gorgeous with all the red! You should definitely keep it. I love red too but am always afraid of the color running after being washed. I almost always pre-wash and I’ve had problems even with good quality fabric bleeding. Is there any brand in particular which is more colorfast than others? I tend to stay away from reds because of this problem.

  2. Wow love use of those scraps . It’s too great of a quilt to put at the bottom of the give away pile .Display some where …on your ladder, In Your living room .
    Over a wooden chair in a corner . Enjoy it . These days in this bitter cold were
    Stuck in the house ….it will brighten your days .

  3. Wow love use of those scraps . It’s too great of a quilt to put at the bottom of the give away pile .Display some where …on your ladder, In Your living room .
    Over a wooden chair in a corner . Enjoy it . These days in this bitter cold were
    Stuck in the house ….it will brighten your days .

  4. I have just recently found your site and videos. I appreciate the in depth pics and videos along with your instruction. Just what I needed. I tend to quilt densely and I am trying to open up a bit and be a little less dense but I still want a nice quilting design.

  5. I’ve loved following the making of this quilt and I know that whoever eventually gets it will love and appreciate it! Beautiful work!
    Love and prayers

  6. Red is my favorite too. I love your spiderweb quilt! I hope to make one someday. This one would be hard for me to give up.

  7. OH JO!!! That quilt is absolutely gorgeous!!!! You definitely should keep and display that quilt somewhere in your house. It would be beautiful with all your primitive things. Job well done and Gracie looks so cute sitting there. It is like she knows what she is supposed to do!!! Stay warm!!

  8. Love your Spider Web! The piano key border is perfect! I loved the point to point quilting video. I’m trying to get into my actual YouTube account so I can comment and ‘like’ there too!

  9. Your Spider web string is terrific! I made one with yellow for my centers and love it. It was a graduation gift for our granddaughter to take to college. She loves it!

  10. Your Spider web string is terrific! I made one with yellow for my centers and love it. It was a graduation gift for our granddaughter to take to college.

  11. I’m working on that quilt design now, only I’m
    Not as fast at finishing as you. I’m amazed at how
    Many quilts you finish. Thanks for the pictures
    Your quilt is beautiful.

  12. Awesome quilt finish, Jo! Scrappy quilts are THE BEST!! I applaud you for using your stash for the backing, wonder how you manage to use one color thread on the front of the quilt and another on the back. I’m not that skilled at balancing the tension on my Millie.

  13. Great job Jo. If only the original sewer would read this and see her finished quilt! And don’t worry about the red binding not matching. When I was an interior designer with a business, I would go out of my way to find fabric that did not match exactly, rather it blended.

  14. I love your quilt and want to make one of my own. Any guess on how much red fabric I might need to make one like yours? Thanks, Kristi

  15. I ordered 2 SewPads the first time you posted Gary’s free-shipping. Hubster is work from home so no walking around the office to attend meetings, stairs on break and lunch (we have 1 step). It’s been nice for him. We have a cabin so the 2nd is there for him. I have a wonderfully padded stool for sewing so I don’t need it with my fluffy buns ;-)

    Highly recommend!

    Congrats on the fabulous spider finish! Love your quilting.

  16. The quilt is a wonderful finish and I think you should put it on the bottom of your stack, that way it becomes a keeper. I need to dig mine out and finish it, Love it!

  17. I have so enjoyed your spiderweb progress and videos! Still undecided on which color to choose for my background. Miss Rosie is beautiful as always :)

  18. Rosie makes the spider web quilt look even more beautiful. This was helpful to see the partial blocks as you found them at the thrift shop, and then the photo of the template, too. Now I can wrap my head around it. Thanks.

  19. Laurie Lauricella

    Jo – I see a template in one of your photos. Is that something you made or purchased? I have been looking at making this quilt but when I look at Bonnie’s instructions to make the kite I get lazy and move on! I’d love to be able to purchase the template.

  20. OK. You must keep that quilt! God sent you to the starting blocks and connected you with a reader to get the matching fabric. He gave you the persistence and talent to make it into this stunning quilt. Those are all gifts given directly to you. It’s a blessing.

  21. Margaret in North Texas

    A stunning quilt Jo. Love the quilting motif, would be a hard one for me to part with. The snow on the ground makes a perfect surround for a red quilt picture. Thanks for braving the cold for our pleasure to see it!

  22. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Since you love your Spider Web String quilt so much, why not enjoy it on your bed for a while? Or on a guest bed? I bet it would look beautiful in either place and you would get to enjoy it.

  23. Brianne C Babbitt

    I clicked the link for printer friendly it takes me to 5th grade classroom something.

    The quilt strongly resembles Donna Jordans Carousel. If you’ve not seen it look for Jordan Fabrics on YouTube and also her website. I’ve made 4 Carousel quilts. They’re gorgeous!

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