Quilt Finish: Spider Web String

I have my quilt finished and have met my deadline!! This is the quilt I was making for my great-niece for her wedding. It’s not big but perfect for a picnic quilt, car quilt, or great for watching television!

This started as leftovers…

I had previously made a spider web string quilt. This is…

that quilt. You can read more about that one HERE.

I’ve also made a red version. You can read about that one HERE. I gifted the red one to my Aunt Vivian. This is a free Bonnie Hunter pattern that you can find HERE.

The red version was a featured project in several of the “Sew with Jo” videos that I’ve done.  You can find all of them HERE.  If you watch them you’ll find some tips and tricks in making this quilt.

When I was making the black version, I was thinking to make that one really large but my math was off and I made 8 extra blocks and had some extra black fabric. I put that all in a baggie thinking that at some point I would make a baby quilt…Now was the time. I would have liked to make it just a little bigger but didn’t because I couldn’t figure out what black fabric I had used. I sure wish that companies would put a printed selvage on their solid fabrics.

Here it is as it came off the longarm.

I was going with my plan to use everything up when I made this quilt. I had some previously cut binding strips so I used that. It was red…

I ended up really happy with the finish. It looks bright and cheery…it’s the exact personality of my niece. She is very bright and bubbly.

I did custom quilting on this…nothing fancy but custom. The quilt really calls for custom quilting.

This is such a great quilt to make if you have lots of scraps. It uses a lot. Of course, in the making, I fluffed the scraps all up as I was digging for pieces so it doesn’t look like used any! HA!!

The backing is thrifted 100% cotton curtain panels. I took two apart and then seamed them together to get enough for the quilt backing. I worked perfectly…and isn’t it a great print to compliment the front? I’m so tickled…a $2 quilt backing…YES PLEASE!!

I want to show you something that I notice when writing this blog post…
Look at the two photos below. Both are spider web string quilts. Both are made with the scraps in the bucket I had at the time. Both are made with the same black color. I didn’t consciously pick or chose focus fabrics. Whatever I grabbed, I used. The one on the left is my recent finish. The one on the right is a past finish.

Doesn’t the one on the right look so pink…the one on the left looks much more blue. Interesting, right? One has a red binding and that pulls out the pink colors…one has a teal binding pulling the blues and greens. I do think there are more greens in the one on the right as well but I just thought is was really interesting!! I also think it was something to do with me recently making a few girly quilts for my granddaughters and those were the scraps on top of the string bucket.

I am so happy to have this done…it’s a UFO that’s finished!! It’s a beautiful quilt and it didn’t cost me an arm and leg to make. I had enough black to make it and okay size. There are so many reasons to celebrate the finishing of this quilt!!

Mary from Chicken Scratch Country Threads’ blog always teases me that I always make big quilts. LOOK MARY!! I made a smaller one!!!

No Izzy and Rosie picture on the quilt. That black fabric is a bugger for showing dog hair!! Instead, I’ll show the pictures of them I took while I was taking pictures of the quilt.

Izzy must have been a gardener in a previous life. She goes around and eats any grass that is in my landscaping. HA!! What silly dogs.

That’s what I have for you. Happy Saturday from me and the dogs. Hopefully, you can squeeze in some quilting or crafting time today!!

12 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Spider Web String”

  1. Susan from Michigan

    I absolutely love the quilt you made for your great-niece. She will feel so blessed to receive it. I also love the custom quilting. Full of charm and love!

  2. Good Morning Jo
    Sent a question the other day notsure when or where.
    what did you post along time ago the fertilizer you use on your BEAUTIFUL flower beds and hanging baskets.
    Thank You

  3. Cynthia from Nebraska

    Looks great! I am at a point with an old UFO quilt that I need more black to make it bigger…and can’t find a matching black. Argh. I understand!

  4. Wonderful quilt and love the way you showed off all 3 spider web quilts. Inspiring.
    I finished a string quilt top this morning and made a back for it – binding was already done.

  5. All gorgeous finishes! This is a favorite pattern of mine, too. My last one had yellow kites and it turned out great! $2 backing?! Holy Cow!

  6. This quilt is so colorful and pretty. I know your great-niece will love having it. It is always so fun to see your finished projects, whether a quilt, a cross stitch, or just food and such.

  7. So pretty Jo, love them all! I have a gardener dog too- my vizsla mix loves to tend to weeds in the backyard. I swear he thinks they’re the best treat. Lol. Happy Mothers Day :)

  8. Pamela Dempsey

    Your red spider web was my favorite and now it’s the black ones! Love the pattern . I made one with lime green kites. Yes, what kind of fertilizer do you use on your flowers? I ordered one of Kalissa’s purple shirts

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