Quilt Finish: Show Off

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I’ve been working my way through the flimsy, or finished quilt top, pile that is sitting by the long arm.  I’m determined not to quit.  The bad part though, The quilts at the bottom of the pile are bigger or harder.  That’s why they have been on the bottom of the pile.  When I started this all I could easily hammer a quilt top out.  Now it’s slower going.

The latest finish…this…

It’s Kelli’s quilt top.  It’s made using a free pattern from Quilted Twins called Show Off.  You can find the free pattern HERE.  The original was done using 100% cotton mens shirts in a variety of colors.  Kelli decided to only use blue shirts..but notice the blues go from VERY dark blue to light blues.  She used the extras for the piano key border.

Without me knowing that Kelli was making one of these quilts I had also cut out one of these quilts.  I did mine more like the original in color.  It’s in my UFO pile.  I’ll tackle it someday.

I loved that she mixed the colors to include so many different shades.
There is a great variety from large plaids to small checks to stripes.

The binding came from my 2″ shirt strip box.  It’s all scrappy.

This quilt is another great example of a quilt that is simple but pleasing.  All quilts really don’t have to be fancy and hard to make to look good.

Don’t you think?

I used a variegated thread the goes from light to dark blue.
You can see the quilting motif I used better in the picture below.

Doesn’t the sky look great with the quilt??
It was windy here so I snapped pictures in between wind gusts.
The backing came from Quilted Twins’ quilt shop.

When I saw it I just knew a quilt would come along that this would be perfect for.  This quilt definitely is.

Sad part, I didn’t have enough of it so I improvised.

I used up some fat quarters and scraps of blue solid fabrics that I had.  Use it up!!

Of course every quilt needs a Rosie picture.

Isn’t she the cutest???

All in all, a great quilt design from Becky…great color selection from Kelli and my choice of back and quilting was okay too…it made it all one great quilt.

If you’re looking for fabric from Quilted Twins, you can find that HERE.
If you’re looking for free patterns from Quilted Twins, find them HERE.

24 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Show Off”

  1. What a beautiful quilt! The quilting and backing are perfect with the top! Yes Rosie is the cutest and is definitely a great quilt model!!! I never really liked plaid quilts until my FIL passed away. He only had plaid shirts and most were blue! I made 4 memory quilts and fell in love with plaid quilts!

  2. Your neighbors must love your “quilt show”! Keep up the good work, you have accomplished a lot so far. The quilts are beautiful.

  3. I absolutely LOVE Kelli’s version of this quilt!!! I’m not a “blue person”, bit I find this quilt see SEW sitting. You did a great job with the quilting and finishing, Jo!

  4. Oh my ! That is such a beautiful quilt! Kelli did a wonderful job selecting a variety of blues and the plaids make this so cozy looking. I think I have to make one like it. The backing looks great with it and I really like the way you pieced the back. I’ve come to like pieced backs best because of the interest they add. Splendid job ladies!

  5. Such a beautiful quilt! Love the Rosie picture too! Just hand in there you will get to the bottom of the pile! I have to finish binding 3…ones a king size…..ugh!

  6. Wonderful quilt! You are right, a quilt doesn’t have to be difficult to look good. Nice quilting to finish it off.

  7. This quilt is stunning, especially blowing in the breeze on your porch with the sky in the background. Just curious, what are Kelli’s plans for the two latest quilts you finished for her?

  8. Fabulous! Great pattern – let’s fabric do the work. Kelli collected and chose wisely! You made it a real looker. Your quilting shows it all off – waves, clouds, gives it movement. I always love a surprise on the back. Congrats!

  9. it is a wonderful quilt. Blue is my favorite color but it is still a great quilt. Well done. Happy Quilting

  10. Beautiful quilt! I am a big fan of blues so really considering this – I know I could start cutting up my husband’s many shirts for one like this and he would never miss them! Keep up the good work.

  11. I absolutely LOVE this quilt. Great job Kelli. I hope to make this quilt very soon. I know red shirts are harder to find, Jo, but I bet you could find enough for a red one Jo!!

  12. I am so impressed with your perseverance to finish up your UFOs. I have lost my sewing mojo lately, but my summer vacation starts on Thursday and I hope to get into my UFO piles and at least get some quilts together and prepped for my long arming friend. I detest longarm quilting, so she quilts for me and I hand bind all her quilts. Keep inspiring me Jo and I love seeing your Rosie!

  13. Thanks to you I found the Quilted Twins blog. You are my number 1 blogger and Quilted Twins is my 2nd. Kelli’s quilt is lovely . I adore plaids from preowned clothing and quilts like this one that are not thousands of pieces.

    Rosie is darling.

  14. What a beautiful finish! You two make a good team! I just printed off that pattern last week and am pulling plaids from my stash. I think it’s a wonderful pattern and a fabulous quilt!

  15. SusanfromKentucky

    That is one gorgeous quilt! Blues are my favorite, so it really catches my eye. Nice work, ladies!!

  16. Stearns Carol

    I love the blue and white/ And who said blues were hard to match? A variety of them goes a long way to being beautiful!

  17. Judith Fairchild

    What a beautiful quilt! Your pictures of it are fabulous! I see what you complain about the way the magazine company doesn’t do good pictures. You have to put your heart into it .

  18. I absolutely love Kelli’s quilt! Gorgeous! I have several unfinished BOMs from when I first returned to quilting and my favorite quilt shop. But they have sat and sat, and I am totally unmotivated to finish them. I’m seriously thinking of passing them on, so I can make this one in blue!

  19. I love Kelli’s quilt! Blue isn’t my favorite color, but it makes a great guy quilt. Good job to both of you, and for doing a great interpretation of Becky’s pattern.

  20. Angie in SoCal

    A beautiful quilt – so clean and crisp. I thoroughly agree that simple can be so elegant. Great job, ladies.

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