Quilt Finish: Show Off

I’ve been on a roll finishing quilts!  This is the latest, Show Off.  It’s a free pattern from Quilted Twins.

You might remember that I had debated on adding the piano key border that the original pattern had.  I decided to leave it off.

I cut this out several years ago and didn’t put a stitch into it.  It just sat cut out waiting for the day.

The day finally came when Mary at Country Threads pulled the number for the Dirty Dozen August project and this was mine.  I pulled it and started sewing.

As I was sewing I realized I had a wedding coming up and the gal is decorating Vintage Farmhouse style.  I thought this might be okay to finish and gift to them.

I really debated about a quilting motif.  I thought about straight lines but there is REALLY a lot of space that my line could end up curvy and noticable in so Kelli suggested a wave motif.  PERFECT.

That’s what I ended up doing.

I wanted to really keep a clean look to it so I used white for the binding.  It’s something I normally don’t do…but I needed to get the clean look.

Here is the backing…

All in all I’m pleased with it.  I’m so happy that the project came up as a UFO and so happy that can be gifted for the wedding.

If you are looking for a quick project, this one is it for sure!!  Really the blocks are already made so all that needs to be done is make sashing.

I started the Dirty Dozen with 12 projects.  I only have one checked off the list…but I’m working on 2 more so with any luck, I’ll get those two done too.

Don’t forget a Rosie picture!!

I was so please to get notes from two different blog readers that this quilt is next on their list too.  I hope they both have as much fun making their version as I had making mine.  Happy sewing girls!!

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  1. What a great quilt! I have collected shirts from my brothers-in-law (they buy beautiful shirts!) over the years and would like to make both of them a quilt. This might be the one! Quilted Twins have lots of patterns! And fabrics….
    I went back to last nights post and I still can’t get any photos to appear. Tried (again) refreshing, closing/reopening blog, etc to no avail. Strange. I don’t ever recall having this problem. Just thought you would want to know. (It’s probably for the best, because you have become such an enabler. I have bought Scrap School, sew pad, fabrics from Quilted Twins, a Lamp, etc after reading/seeing them here. I am very disciplined and don’t buy on impulse.)

  2. Great quilt! I made one for a graduation/going off to college quilt and it turned out great! I love yours. I may have to do it again. I have the shirts…..

  3. I, too, like Sally cannot get the pics from last night’s post to come up – have tried to close/reopen, refresh, etc but nothing – it’s never been a problem before – hope it’s just a simple fix
    PS – love the “Show Off” quilt – I’ve got a collection of shirts and it will be the perfect project

  4. Beautiful quilt! I really like the wavy lines for quilting and need to do that on one of my quilts. I’m just learning to do free motion quilting so that looks doable to me. I agree with your decision to not to put border on it, looks great the way it is!

  5. Jo, did you use shirts for the long white sashing strips? I was thinking of making this using my recycled shirts bin but am leaning towards purchased fabric for the sashing. If I prewash it, do you think that would work? I don’t buy white or cream shirts…

  6. I LOVE this quilt, Jo! And when I see how many shirts I have, this quilt may have to move up in the list. Your quilting is perfect – so much better than all those curlyques on this plain but handsome quilt. Simple is always better in my eyes – it’s Jellyroll Saturday so I have my project planned but maybe I can start cutting on this one.

  7. The recipient of this quilt will love it!…lucky couple! I also was not able to see the pictures on yesterday’s post.

  8. What a lucky couple to be receiving such an amazingly perfect and useful farmhouse style quilt. You and Kelli nailed it with the wave quilting. Another winner!
    I was not able to open the pics in last nights post-a new gremlin? And I treid today too.

  9. Jo, This is a great looking quilt! I sure love your wave quilting design. It adds texture and movement without competing with the quilt pattern.

  10. It’s wonderful Jo! Becky has so many neat patterns over on Quiltedtwins! I have finished one and have another in the works. I need to start your latest one in the magazine. I finally found the magazine in a local CVS drug store!

  11. This is a beautiful quilt!!! What is the name of this quilt? I looked at the Quilted Twins website and did not see the pattern?

    Again beautiful!

  12. I too loved this quilt and pattern! I will have to look for the book/pattern and start collecting men’s shirts. Yours is absolutely beautiful! The couple who are getting this a special a gift from you will be over the moon Happy! Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  13. Bonnie Lippincott

    I love this quilt. I have some larger print fabric I don’t want to cut up. This will work!

    It’s no longer free, but definitely worth $5, besides, I like to buy quilt patterns that support a small business.

  14. Your quit looks very nice. I loke the quilting pattern you chose too. I enjoyed making it and it is being used at my son and daughter in law’s home on their bed since I made it all from his high school shirts!!! Im still amazed how much fabric there was and still had some left over after the quilt was made and I made it king sized!!

  15. What a lovely quilt – I’m going to use plaids and stripes from my stash, but I’ll have to make a trip to Goodwill for men’s shirts to breakdown, too. I want this quilt for our bed — its masculine, which would be a nice surprise for my husband. What a lovely picture of Rosie — she has the sweetest face and those eyes….!! Best wishes to you

  16. Sandra J Bogoniewski

    I loved this when you showed it the other day! I printed off the pattern and pulled out my box of shirts, but didn’t get any farther. Then today when I saw this post, I realized I could two at once – and the second would be more of a variation – by simplifying the sashing and making the blocks smaller, so I have a suitable quilt in a hurry for a guy to use for our church’s quilt ministry.

  17. I love it Jo. So much that it will indeed be on the list to make for the Single Mother’s project. I have two other sewers who are new to quilting and this would give them the feel of accomplishment. Thanks

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