Quilt Finish: Red Diamond Crumb Quilt

Ah…I wish you all could see this quilt in person.  I just LOVE it!  I love it a lot.  Sadly, it’s not as brilliant in pictures as it is in real life.

It is a great mumble jumble of organized mess.

Of all of the bright-colored quilts that I’ve made, this one by far is my favorite.

Here you can see the center blocks have a red diamond in the center of each of them.  Then there is a narrow red border…and then crumb blocks on the outer border with no red in them.

Kelli is the one who suggested to me to put the thin red border in and I think that was a great idea.  It calmed it all down a bit and it made those red diamonds sparkle.

I did a bit of a tutorial in THIS blog post.

There is also… a video tutorial that you can watch.  Just click the arrow below.

This is one of the 12 UFO quilts I had on my list.  I think this is likely from over five years ago.  I can’t remember if I started it while we lived in this house or if we were still at the farmhouse.  I do know that when I started it, I didn’t have a lot of bright scraps.  Now I sure do and had no trouble finding enough to make this quilt!!

It was windy when I took pictures…

The backing is something I bought a few years ago.  I bought it online.  In the photos, the color seemed redder but when it got here, it was definitely orange.  So the backing fabric sat.  It was perfect for this quilt.

I don’t know if it’s the angle or lighting or what but when the quilt lies on the ground, it seems bluer.  In real life, there are so many oranges and purples.

Kelli suggested an outer binding of red.  I opted not.  I used a scrappy binding instead.  In the end, that was definitely the right choice for me.

When I constructed the border, I didn’t cut the units into blocks.  I just made sure they were 6″ wide and however long.  Then I sewed them together to make a long piece.

I explained to you before that in this quilt, I tried to put like blocks together.  You can see the oranges and yellows intersecting.
Below, you can see the yellow polka dot block is really two blocks that make up the square.

Here that yellow polka dot it in three different blocks and they line up.  I think it makes the quilt more interesting.

Novelty prints are thrown in the mix.  Do you see the #12 racecar?

There are ladybugs and fish, peace signs, and flowers.  It’s all fun to look at.

There is Pete the Cat too!

I used a teal thread on the top with a simple stipple motif.

The backing had to be pieced as there wasn’t enough of that orange backing.

I had leftover blocks so they went in the mix too.

I used an orange thread on the back.

What a fun quilt!!

Here is your Rosie picture…I’m so glad I snapped this picture not just to show Rosie, but the colors on the quilt look better in this photo than in others.  Oh, I love this quilt.  Of course, I know it’s not for everyone…but it’s for me!

Some of the scrap in this quilt came from blog readers or scrap bags from the thrift store.  I just love scrap bags or strips…even more than I love yardage.  I know, that’s silly to most, but it’s me.

When I was at a retreat one time a lady in front of me said, “I give all my scrappy quilts away because I just don’t like them”.  I’m just the opposite.  This quilt is staying with me…or at least staying in the family.  I need to make a big girl quilt for Lucy…and eventually one for Lilly.  I could give it away to one of them, but other than them, I think it’s staying at my house.

I’m so happy I set my mind on finishing UFOs otherwise this one would probably still be in the cabinet waiting to be finished.  I’m on a roll.  I finished one UFO every week for the month.  That brings me up to having five finished UFOs.  Oh, I am so happy I did this big push.

Now I’m wondering if I can get another done for next week.  Fingers crossed!!

29 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Red Diamond Crumb Quilt”

  1. Hi Jo
    Such a HAPPY quilt, loved Kellie’s suggestion of the red border, the whole quilt is stunning, well done, keep ongoing with you UFO’s, love the quilts blowing in the wind. I wonder if your neighbours are keeping count, a lovely floor show for them too.

  2. Your quilt is absolutely fantastic! I love the riot of bright colors and the surprises with novelty prints. The red diamonds are a great connecting element for all the blocks, and that narrow red border sets them off perfectly!

  3. Jo, this turned out beautifully! Makes me want to jump right in and get going on one.
    Love and prayers

  4. Beautiful quilt Jo, absolutely gorgeous! I would love to make one too. I saw many fabrics that I have in my scrap bins in this crumb quilt. And Rosie is so darn cute.

  5. WOW! Beautiful! It is fun to have another throw ideas and/or suggestions like Kelli does for you. One would think you won’t have any more scraps seeing how many you used in this. I always like how you make such interesting borders. Great quilt finish!!

  6. Really nice! And it does look brilliant in the pictures. I love finding bags of scraps when thrifting or even order them online, so I’m with you.

  7. I love your quilt and the way the reds tie it together. I love bright and scrappy. My friends make fun of me for that. My aunt got me started quilting and she would show me which fabrics tell a story: from an apron or a school dress etc. I helped her tie quilts when I was at her house. Your touch of Rosie was lovely too.

  8. Stephani in N. TX

    Love your quilt finish. We stitch so many quilts in recurring or regular patterns. How fun you could let loose and just add, add, and add to this one. The end result isn’t wild at all, it’s just perfect.

  9. Good job Jo. I like the thin red border, and I would have probably used a red binding as well, but I think you made the right choice with the scrappy binding. It blends in so well with the outer blocks. Scrappy quilts are my favorite too, so I can understand why you love it so much.

  10. Carmen Montmarquet

    Rosie gets me every time, she’s such a little doll! This quilt is Awesome and hope to make one someday like it! Thanks so much for sharing it!

  11. Patricia Boelens

    Jo! What a fun quilt! The colors look more like you like them when Rosie sits on it because she is brown and that brings out the yellows and pinks and reds. Whereas when you put it on the lawn, the green grass brings out the blues and greens. No matter how you view it, it is definitely happy and bright.

  12. Margaret in North Texas

    I like the quilt a lot! I’m also loving pieced backings. Keep at the UFO’s –You’re doing so well!

  13. Beautiful quilt! I ,too love scrap quilts. I would love to make one similar to this. I always do scrap bindings and mixed backings . That’s just me.

  14. Judith M Fairchild

    I like how the quilt changes dominant color from picture to picture in one reds are top, in 2 the blues are top, in the last one yellows a d oranges are 3&4. Crazy crumb quilt. It’s flat put fun.

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  16. Debbie Reynolds

    What a gorgeous quilt! My eyes just can’t stop traveling around all over it. And Rosie is absolutely adorable!

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