Quilt FINISH: Pumpkin Patch

Look what I finished!!


I’m so happy.  I had so much fun working on this project.  I’ve gotten some questions and I’ll answer them while I show off my finished quilt….

The quilt was featured in this issue of Quiltmaker…and later featured in the book String Frenzy.  You can find it HERE.


It’s a Bonnie Hunter design.


The original way done with gray backgrounds.  Although I loved the design, in my house that is mostly antique, the gray was a little modern for me so I opted for the brown backgrounds.  I’m glad I did as I really love it.


This was a quick finish for me.  Those little pumpkins were terribly addicting.  As one blog reader said, “They are like potato chips…you can’t do only one”.

A few blog readers mentioned that they didn’t think they had enough oranges to make a quilt…You’d be surprised.  There are only 49 pumpkins and they are not that big.  The quilt is only lap sized and there are deep borders on it.


I’d also like to point out that if you are doing a brown background on this, I recommend bright green for the stems.  A few of mine were dark and get a little hidden in the brown.  In the photo above you can really see that….

As far as fabrics go…look at the realm of different prints…some are actually yellowish…even strips.  Dig deep.  You’ll likely have enough scraps.


Check out the border…I love it.  The original design opted for green and gray.  For me, that would mean my pieced border should have been gray and brown.  I opted to used all fall colors instead.  I’m glad I did!


The binding is a light orange.  I thought I was going to go with a brighter orange but last minute changed my mind….again, I think that was the right choice.


As I was taking pictures for this post last night Hubby came home from farming.  They are broken down…we’re expecting some snow….they don’t have much crop out and they are WAY behind.  He looked at my quilt and said I haven’t seen you working on this one at all…YEP, that’s a true testament.   He’s been working so late he doesn’t even see what I’m working on.


One more note if you check out the above picture there are four borders…border #1 and #3 are skinny and brown.  I opted to use all of one fabric rather than piecing that border.

The backing is brown.  Real simple.  I thought about just using something up but I knew I would be keeping this for me so I went with something I actually liked.


Here’s the photo with Ruby.  She’s not as quick to run to be in the picture like she used to.  Sadly, she’s getting older.


..but then she saw the treat and ran to pose.

This quilt pattern, I am told, will also be in Bonnie Hunter’s new string book that will be out this year…so if you don’t have the magazine and want to make it, the pattern will be in the book.  I’m so happy I made it.  It was a fun break from the projects I was doing and kept me from missing Hubby more than I already do.


35 thoughts on “Quilt FINISH: Pumpkin Patch”

  1. Its a beauty and I like the way you did the borders and such pumpkins. I need to get mine stated. Ruby looks great on this quilt sitting so proudly. Hope the snow holds off so hubby can get the crops in and finish up.

  2. Jo the quilt looks so warm and cozy. Great choices in autumn colors. I am still working on mine and this keeps giving me more inspiration. You are a blessing to me.

  3. Love the quilt. Fall is the best time of the year and the quilt is perfect. Hope your hubby finishes up with harvest soon. A farmer’s life is never easy.

  4. Love your quilt! I had some grays and went out and bought more for this quilt and now I’m thinking I need to use brown instead! The colors you used in the border were perfect for it too!

  5. I absolutely love the way this quilt turned out!! Love the brown background with the orange pumpkins!! Great Job!!

  6. I LOVE the brown background! It’s so much warmer than a gray one. Great choice. I really enjoy your posts. You are an inspiration how quilting during small bits of time really can add up.

  7. Nice to see you sitting on the quilt Ruby. Treats are a good incentive…for all of us!
    The quilt is absolutely beautiful.

  8. This is clearly the most sincere pumpkin patch in all the land. Or at least the prettiest one. I’ve been trying to avoid this project due to other obligations, but it’s getting harder as I see them around. You mentioning that it will be in her book gives me hope for procrastinating and getting to it later.

  9. I love your colors! The brown warms it up to the eye. The multi-color border looks more great making it look more scrappy. Looks great, Jo!

  10. Pam in Illinois

    I love it! I made sure to get the magazine when you first showed this. I like the browns a lot! I guess if I start soon I could have it done for next fall! Hello, Ruby!!

  11. I love your colors! The brown warms it up to the eye. The multi-color border looks great making it look more scrappy. Beautiful fall quilt, Jo!

  12. I LOVE your version of this quilt so much. The brown background makes it look like a real pumpkin patch. The fall color checkered border is gorgeous too.

  13. Great quilt Jo! Your colors especially the brown back ground with the orange pumpkins appeals to me, also. I think they are a perfect combination and the fall colored checker board & border are wonderful! I am inspired that you have completed a beautiful quilt for Fall so I better get busy on mine now!

  14. I think yours is much prettier than Bonnie’s. The colors are what make it zing.
    We got one half day of combining in before the rain. I think everyone is behind this year.

  15. Oh Jo, I love your quilt. The colors are so great. I actually didn’t like it with the grays (I really hate the color gray for anything) so I wasn’t interested in the quilt. Now that I see your colors I want to make one just like yours. Thanks for the inspiration,

  16. I love, love, love this quilt! The brown background and multicolor border are perfect! Thank you for the inspiration!

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  18. I have started making this quilt and I have some questions for you since yours is done. When you make the flying geese border, what are the measurements of the main orange rectangles? The squares on each side? The finished piece should measure?? For the small squares, how much do they measure before sewing?
    Lastly, what size are the pieces to make the stem?

    I found the pattern to be very challenging without specifics in inches for the pieces. I am making the blocks with orange strips 6 1/2 by 4 1/2 and I will use the squares on all corners to create the body pumpkin.

    Thank you in advance for your help! Ann

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