Quilt FINISH: Pineapple Blossoms

Kelli is so lucky she has me….I’m under no illusion, I’m lucky to have her too.  This week she came home and took care of the childcare kids so I could go to my doctor’s appointment in Lacrosse.  I thought I would do a good turn back and finish up one of her quilts….

Pineapple Blossoms was the quilt that already had a backing together, so that’s the one I grabbed.


Kelli and I each started one of these when we first saw Bonnie Hunter in Storm Lake, Iowa.

I love this quilt.  It’s a great design and pattern.  I have seen this is so many different colors.  I’ve seen it in brights and Civil War prints.  Most any fabric looks good in this quilt.

I use a tan thread with the quilting.


Oh no quilt is complete without a Ruby picture….so here it is.  She almost blends with the quilt.


This is a free Bonnie Hunter Pattern.  You can find the free pattern here.

Here’s a picture of a MUCH younger Ruby with my Pineapple Blossoms quilt.  Ruby was just a pup back then.

I love finishing a quilt.  My favorite thing of all in walking into the sewing room and there isn’t one piece of the quilt left in the room.  All of the scraps are cleaned up and put away is great.  I feel like it’s a free ticket to start a new quilt..not that I need an excuse to start a new quilt!!

I am off to get another quilt loaded on the machine.  Next up I think will be a charity quilt…and then Wonky Wishes…a charity quilt and then one for me…that seems like a good plan.

Today we’re sharing our finished quilt at  Confessions of a Fabric AddictCrazy Mom Quilts, and Link a Finish Friday.

7 thoughts on “Quilt FINISH: Pineapple Blossoms”

  1. Love both quilts and the Ruby pics. I’m also a beagle owner. They’re great dogs. Best wishes on your upcoming medical journey.

  2. I’ve put this pattern on my list to do. After seeing it again, I think that I’ll move it up the list. Both quilts are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. And good thoughts and prayers to you and your family through your medical journey.

  3. Love the quilt and Ruby is looking at you like, I heard what you said, now where is my treat..
    Hope you are doing well and I do wish I had half your talent, I have fabric scattered all over the place.

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