Quilt Finish: Oversized Flying Geese

I have a quilt finish to share with you. I’ve actually had this finished for a bit but I have been having the worst time with taking pictures of the quilt. I took them in the morning one day and another day I took them again in the afternoon. I just can’t seem to get the lighting right to show off the quilt.

This first picture is when I took the pictures in the morning. This is more of the true colors…a cream/white background and soft colors.

The fabric are from the designer Fig Tree. I am not sure what line the project started out with…I only know that more was added to it.

This is a picture I took in the afternoon. You can see here the colors look more intense and the background looks white. That’s not right at all. But, here the design and layout of the quilt shows up better.

I wonder if it’s the white snow that isn’t messing with the colors. Who knows? I’m no photographer.

This started as some hourglass blocks that my daughter Kelli sent home with me.  Years ago as one of her first projects, she sewed them together.  The problem, she was a new quilter, and the blocks were all different sizes.  She was going to throw them away.  I said NO!  I went through and trimmed them all down to the same size and then the project just sat. 

Last year as some of my UFO quilting, I decided it was time that these blocks got their turn and were made into a quilt.

A blog reader had sent me some end cuts from the Moda factory. The pieces were about 3 1/2″ wide along the salvage. There was a lot of Fig Tree fabrics so I thought I should incorporate the two. I ended up coming with Over-Sized Flying Geese blocks.

You can see them in the picture below. They were fun and different from everyday square blocks. At the time, I had ZERO ideas on how I would lay them out…

There was a lot of interest in the blocks so I did a YouTube video about them. You can push the play button below and watch the video.

I don’t have any plans to write a pattern for the quilt. I think you can watch the video and get an idea of how to make them.

I ended up binding the quilt in red. I have a red that was close to the right shade.

The longarming took a LONG time. I did a curve along each side of the triangles in the larger triangle and then and did a back and forth in the background. I sent a picture to my friend Carla of Longarm Quilting Inspirations and Carla said, “You are going to be seeing lines in you sleep”. Truth.

Of all of the pictures I took of the quilt, the one below that I took indoors, FINALLY got the lighting right. Izzy and Rosie are showing off my quilt. You can see the edge of the quilt if flipped. You can see the 100% cotton sheet I found for the backing. It’s creamy with tan ovals. It looks great. No one would ever know it was a sheet.

That quilt came together WAY under budget…hourglass blocks Kelli was going to throw away. Scraps from a blog reader to finish the flying geese. The cream background fabric came from two pieces that I believe came from the thrift store. The binding was a donated fabric and the backing a $4 sheet. I think it was the batting that cost the most in this project.

I had a lot of fun making it!! I sure wish my photos would have come out like the last photo with the dogs.

Another checked off the UFO list. That makes me HAPPY!!

23 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Oversized Flying Geese”

  1. It looks great! Of course the pupsters add a little extra special to your photo! I guess the tinge of the snow does reflect up – everything looks grey/blue when the clouds make it dull – only the snow to brighten it. I remember seeing your video – I will be going back to look again. Cheers and I hope you are feeling OK after the treatments.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    What a lovely quilt!!!!!!! The geese are so pretty and the way you alternated the rows is accurate because the geese travel north in the Spring and south in the Fall. I think I’m going to be a copy cat. I have some left over triangles to play with. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. It’s a great quilt, Jo! From its’ orphan beginning, to perfect sheet backing and your custom quilting I’ve enjoyed each creative step along the way. It’s beautiful!

  4. Susan from Michigan

    You have every reason to be proud of such a beautiful quilt. I have some hourglass blocks I made from fabric given to me by a friend before I saw your video how to make them. So mine weren’t the best. You’ve inspired me to do something with these blocks but it will be much smaller than yours.

  5. I was actually watching this video for the umpteenth time last night…wondering if you ever finished the quilt. Perfect timing! I hate flying geese, so I would never make one like this, but it turned out so soft and pretty. I love all your quilts! You are encouraging me to step outside the box and make some things that I wouldn’t normally be interested in. Thank you!
    Also…so glad to hear the cancer treatment is going well so far. Prayers it continues. Just got a cancer diagnosis on my dad yesterday. He will be 89 this year, but this is a fast growing, rare prostate cancer, so they want to treat with radiation. Hoping he tolerates it ok. It’s so strange…he has never had any health problems all his life. Weird it pops up at this age.

  6. That’s a lot of quilting! The batting cost and the thread cost were probably your biggest.

    Love that the doggies are still quilting with you.

  7. Stephani in N. TX

    I have been interested in the finish on this quilt. I have lots of Fig Tree pieces that would look well together, and I’m in a more Spring palate at this stage of my quilts. So, thanks for the view and the details. We have lots of honking geese that fly over us, and often settle briefly at the water features around the golf ranch where I live. So happy to hear of your medical treatment moving along. My DIL looks radiant these days following breast cancer treatment. She feels recovery is complete. So happy to know that recovery is possible as the alternative has been true for much of the preceding generations. Science is wonderful, even if it’s just making the food better during treatment.

  8. Love your quilt, the colors are great! Also loved your tutorial, you always make it look so easy and fun! Thanks for the video!

  9. What a fabulous quilt! Talk about making “lemonade”! What I love (well, I love all of it) are the dashes of red… just enough to make your eye move around the quilt. You are a true wizard to keep coming up with these unique uses for “leftovers”!

  10. Beautiful quilt Jo! Of course the picture with your two dogs is my favorite. I wish I had time to make all the quilts I like!

  11. That’s so Beautiful Jo. It looks like little jewels sitting on goose down or snow… I love it. What patience you have to put together something so majestic!
    Hope you are doing well.

  12. Hi Jo, I LOVE this! And what a great story to tell too. Glad you are able to mark one more off your UFO list! Thanks for including us in this beautiful quilt and story! V

  13. The quilt is beautiful! You pulled the colors together so nicely. As always, you show you have such a gift for taking something others may see no value in and turning it into something fabulous!

  14. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    What a great quilt Jo and a very creative way to use up ufo’s. Love the quilt. I agree picture taking can be very hard to get the right colours. I struggle with that a lot and take quilt pictures and put them an album with a little story about the quilt. It’s so much fun to look back.

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