Quilt Finish: Oregon or Bust!

I’m so excited to share this quilt finish. Honestly, it has been a LONG-LONG time in the making. The book Scraps and Shirttails II came out way back in 2011. By the way, this book is currently being offered for free if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription. The quilt wasn’t the knockout favorite for me to make…but it was okay.

This is the picture from the book.

Mary at Chicken Scratch Country Threads blog had made it. I LOVED it. You can see the papers on the right that show how Mary did it. After seeing Mary’s the quilt moved to the top of my bucket list. Then it was time to collect shirts. I didn’t have many orange ones. Then I did a swap with a blog reader and I was ready to go…(That process actually took several years!!)

Here it is all finished. I’m just tickled.

I love the movement of the quilt that was created by the lighter and darker colors. In some places, it almost looks “ghosted”. Oh, I love it.

The border ideas were all Mary’s. It is an ingenious idea too. When sewing the shirt strips together and then cutting the strip sets for the block nine patches, I had a lot of strip sets left over. What a perfect way to use them up on the border. I also loved the outer border. At the time I was sewing I wasn’t too sure about it but I trusted Mary and just did it!!

I’m so happy I did. The binding is all scraps of blue.

I found a duvet cover at the thrift store for $5. It’s a blue striped homespun and it’s a very good choice for the quilt.

It was windy when I was trying to take pictures and it was misting too.

I ended up bringing the quilt and had the dogs pose in the kitchen for their photo. Rosie’s copper color looks good with the quilt.

I always say the latest quilt is my favorite quilt. This one is…but I am almost positive this one will stay on my top ten list for years and years to come. Many thanks to Bonnie for the pattern…but honestly, I might not have made it had I not seen Mary’s version. MANY thanks to you both!! I love the quilt!!

30 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Oregon or Bust!”

  1. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Love your quilt – the border just absolutely makes it shine!! Mary had a great idea and you made it perfectly!! I don’t like orange, but it compliments the blue so perfectly and isn’t overwhelming – great choice on the colors/placement!! Definitely worth the wait!!

  2. Love the quilt and the border is perfect for it. I like the misty effect too!
    Just a little note – the email notifications aren’t coming up for the past few days, but I always check in first thing.
    Thanks for showing the quilt all done and the pupsters – they look good as gold!

  3. Fabulous quilt. Inspiring me to use my shirt stash again. Yesterday I flew to Chicago and today am setting out on a road trip to my daughter in Salt Lake City and am passing though the south of Iowa! Who would have thunk it? Iowa, where Jo lives, albeit many miles for where I’ll be. Any suggestions for quilt shops along the I-80 welcomed. Anyway, usually I send regards from rainy/misty/damp/occasionally sunny and warm England but today I send regards from dark Chicago as my body clock is still on UK time

    1. Cynthia from Nebraska

      Go to Fabric Bash in Omaha! And if you have time, the International Quilt Museum is in Lincoln. FYI we lived in England for three years – in Bedfordshire – and LOVED IT.

  4. I love Mary and your quilts. I don’t like orange and now the quilt looks more blue than orange. The “ghosted” squares look wonderful! Great job Jo!

  5. Jo – it’s beautiful! And your pups in the pic are perfect!
    You are so lucky to be able to find the perfect backings to your quilts!
    Love and prayers

  6. Love your quilt. Orange isn’t one of my favorite colors but it’s perfect with the blue!

    A lot of work went into that quilt and you did an amazing job!

  7. I think this is my favorite of all your quilts and I have loved a lot of your quilts. Agree that the border makes it pop. Orange and blue is one of my favorite quilt combinations. Love that shirts could be upcycled.

  8. So very pretty! I may have to copy you and Mary on this one. My son goes to Auburn University which has blue and Orange as their colors. He loves quilts and would be super excited over this one! Take care and keep enjoying life! You definitely are inspiring!

  9. Love the quilt! Puppies are so cute! Take care and enjoy your new job! It sounds so fun! Your family is so neat! When I read your blog I can just feel the love you all have for each other!

  10. What a great take by Mary on that quilt pattern. She really made it shine! I can see why you wanted to make that version. The border just sets it off! Beautiful finish!

  11. Very pretty, I’ve never done a quilt with using shirts for the fabric. I’m going to go thrifting and find some.

  12. Jo I so love your quilt what a great finish. Glad we have Mary to give us even more ideas. Told one of my brothers to save me his shirts as he is not afraid of wearing pastels.
    Thanks for keeping us motivated, or is it the gos,lol.

  13. Hi Jo,

    Love this quilt? About how many of each color shirt did it take? I’m thinking about making one but maybe with blue and yellow?
    Praying that your upcoming treatment is effective and you get many more years of quilting, cross stitching and spoiling your grandchildren.

  14. Because of this quilt, I have been searching for orange shirts! I have found a few, but still looking for more. My favorite color is blue, so not much of a problem there. Your quilt looks awesome!

  15. Love the quilt, love the borders! I have the book but very hard to find 100% cotton shirts here at a decent price in thrift shops, never mind enough orange, maybe will have to substitute homespun! But it sure came out Wonderful Jo! Thanks for sharing it!

  16. Jo, it’s a beautiful quilt, I love it! I’m gonna have to go digging for Bonnie’s book with this quilt in it, I’m sure I have it. What a great finish!

  17. A wonderful finish and I also printed out Mary’s version when she shared it. I have never done a quilt with shirts but I imagine its soft and comfy right away. Great finish.

  18. That turned out really nice, I’m not big on plaid shirt fabrics but you really brought them to life. I enjoy all your quilts.

  19. Jo,
    Your quilt is lovely. Great use of colors!

    I also love to make Bonnie Hunter quilts and have made several with shirts and others with “regular” fabric. No matter what I use, I am frustrated by the fact that seams ironed flat won’t stay that way. Every quilt needs, of course, a final pressing before quilting, but even then the seams don’t want to remain flat. Grrr.

    I was doing an internet search for ideas on what I could do to correct this, and came across tailor’s clappers. Sounded like a great possible solution. My son just made me a set of three and I’m experimenting with them-so far with good results.

    My question for you (you knew one was coming, didn’t you?) is: What do you do to keep all those seams with all those small pieces laying flat?

    Enjoy your quilt!

    Thank you,
    Margaret M.

    1. I forget about them Margaret and move on. Why do they have to lay flat is my philosophy? After you wash the quilt it will all crinkle up and no one will know whether the crinkle is a seam or a regular crinkle. I am really easy going when it comes to my quilts. I look at the beauty on the outside and forget about what’s hiding where no one can see.

  20. After seeing this quilt again I realize how much I love sewing with shirt fabrics! I’d better go check out Bonnie’s books once more. Jo, are you doing her mystery this year? I just can’t do it with the Christmas cantata requiring all my free time to practice it I’d love to!

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