Quilt Finish: Oregon or Bust Leftovers

Last week on Friday I had the whole day off. I was bound and determined to get something in the quilt room finished. I have three projects that are all close to a finish and I told myself I needed to concentrate on one of them and get one done.

The closest was my Oregon or Bust Leftover quilt. It was a top but I was piecing together a backing and it was lying all over the longarm.

It was time to get this one done.

I had the day so I thought I could get the backing pieced together I could probably get the quilt completely finished that day. So I had a goal.

I got it loaded and went to work on longarming. I free-motion everything and don’t ever use a pantograph to follow.

I was only about two bobbins from finishing when it was time to stop so I could walk the dogs with Carla of Longarm Quilting Inspirations. We try to walk out dogs together a few times a week but with me working it’s harder to squeeze in time.

I still thought I could finish the quilt. I got home, wrote blog posts and then went back to the sewing room to try to finish. I got it off the longarm and trimmed.

Then it was time for binding. I used the same Grunge fabric that I had used for the quilt. Oh, I was loving this quilt too.

When I showed my original quilt many of you commented that you aren’t drawn to orange. Trust me, neither am I but I love this combo. Orange with blue is top ten in my book. I typically gravitate to red rather than orange. I need to change that. This is so pretty.

Several of you also commented that you don’t like sewing diagonal settings with your quilts. I don’t either. This quilt isn’t but the original was. If you like the look, you could easily made the quilt in a regular setting like this.

The backing is a duvet cover. I used it for a different quilt and these were the leftovers. I had to add some orange strips to make it big enough.

I’m so happy with this quilt. I think this one will stay in the living room as an extra when the kids are all here someone needs a quilt. It’s smaller…I don’t remember how small…maybe more of a lap-sized.

Of course, I can’t leave without a picture with the dogs…

I just love quilts made with shirts…they are instantly cozy. Initially, I was mad at myself for overestimating when I wanted to make the original quilt bigger because I ended up with all of these leftover blocks. Now, I am so glad I did. I love this little quilt.

By the way, if you missed the finish of the original quilt, you can find it HERE.

19 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Oregon or Bust Leftovers”

    1. Dorothy Countryman

      I have been following you with the original quilt when you showed the picture of Mary’s inspiration quilt. I love blue and orange together, I guess being a life long Met’s fan doesn’t hurt!! I am so happy that some of my orange shirt fabric is in your quilt. I gave up on collecting shirts as the are very expensive in my area. It’s almost cheaper to buy quilt fabric. Thanks for the show and tell Jo!

  1. Meredith in Cincinnati

    Both of these quilts are wonderful! Apparently I missed the post of the first quilt, because I’m sure I would have remembered it. You’re right; they both look so cozy! Thanks for sharing these.

  2. I love both versions of this quilt. I hate doing on point settings but I would do this quilt straight set like you did with the leftovers. Thanks for the good idea. I love shirt quilts and so do my kids. I’ve made them for both of my kids, my grandson and for the bed in my spare room. None for my bed. I need to get on that. Your dogs are so cute! I have a fat cat who always gets his picture on any new quilt.

  3. I don’t like orange, or any shade thereof, but the orange in your and Mary’s quilts seems to fade to the back rather than be front and center as on Bonnie’ version. Remember, Bonnie loves orange so that works for her. To me your quilts read blue which I love! I really like both of your quilts! I noticed they are square which I try to avoid making. If you have any blog comments on the size and square vs rectangle of your quilt decisions I would appreciate reading them.

  4. I absolutely love this quilt and the one the extra blocks came from. My favorite color is orange. Seeing it with blue is really great! I am going to have to do that. A lady that is in the same beauty shop,I go to has a family that has a men’s alternations business! She asked me if I want the things they cut off of brand new garments, I told her sure! Wow I have had three large boxes of scraps. My daughter has two of the latest boxes in here car. But the plaid sleeves of the box I have gone through are gorgeous. There are cotton ones and combination fabric but I am planning to cut all apart and separate fabrics!

  5. Love how this quilt turned out, Jo. I usually don’t like orange, but here the blue is more dominant and the orange looks fine. While I love both of your dogs, Rosie’s color just pops against the quilt.

  6. Your newest Leftovers finish is beautiful. Perfect for a snuggle. I loved your first Oregon or Bust too, although I do understand the reluctance towards the diagonal setting. So much more thinking required!
    And your pups. So cute. Good job, Rosie. I really appreciate a good “sit up”.

  7. Love your quilt , love the orange . I made my first orange peel quilt and I made it orange …orange has grown on me too .

  8. I love your bonus quilt and the original of course! I’d like to make some quilts with shirts but they are too expensive in my area. Last time I looked they were about $5.00 per shirt. I guess I’ll just use my little stash of fabric. Now that I’m on a fixed income, I usually by fat quarters.

  9. Pamela Meyers Arbour

    I love this one and the original you made. I do believe the orange and blue were the best choices. Great job. I have a fair amount of oranges and blues in my precut stash. I will have to remember that.

  10. I had to chuckle at your orange/blue comments. I am from the Syracuse, New York area, and Syracuse University is orange & blue. They are often referred to as the Syracuse Orange. In fact, in the last few years, we had to change our mascot from the Saltine Warrior to the Syracuse Orange, so it is now a roly poly orange. So, anyway, I am very used to orange/blue together and it is normal here. Hugs,

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