Quilt Finish: Old World Fantasy

Another one checked off the UFO list.  YAHOO!!  I’m so happy with how I am doing on the list!!  This is quilt finish #2 for the year.

This is Old World Fantasy.  A mystery quilt put together by Becky at Quilted Twins.  It’s still available.  You can find it HERE.

Becky offered the mystery last year.  I started it and was very excited about it.  I was finishing up last year’s Bonnie Hunter mystery at the same time and then covid hit.  I started mask making and lost all steam for this.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like the finished quilt…I do, it was just a matter of circumstance.  Also, I just think I’ve lost my want to sew mysteries anymore.  I know those are words one might not have expected from me…but it’s true.  I think being I cross-stitch again, my sewing time is limited so I prefer to sew something I am picking and I have more control of the colors.

Speaking of such, had I know the final outcome of the quilt…I wouldn’t have picked this yellow…

It’s okay…just not what I would have picked.

The quilt is designed to have one more red border on the outer edge.  I opted not to include it.  The quilt was supposed to be 100″ x 100″ and that is just nip and tuck on whether I can do that on my longarm…so, by opting to leave that outer border off, I didn’t have to struggle with machine quilting it.

I ended up preferring it without that extra border.  I do love the pieced border.

The quilt is made up of two blocks and pieced sashing.  This is the chain block.

This is the other block…

I ran downstairs and out to take pictures the minute I finished it.  We were expecting bad weather and I want the pictures taken before I had to deal with the weather.  It was windy but I did manage to snap a few pictures.

Can you see the backing peeking out?

This fabric was gifted to me by a blog reader.  Check out those chickens.  The colors are perfect with the front.

Here they are up close.

If someone would have told me last week that I would have this quilt finished this week.   I would have literally rolled on the floor and laughed and laughed.  Just last week I posted a video all about how I was going to make myself add one row each week.  You can see that Sew with Jo episode HERE.

Right after filming the video, I decided to just finish the top.  While I had momentum, I just kept going.  I’m so thrilled to have this one checked off the list.  Rosie is too!!

…as you can see by the picture below, she ready to have this one checked off the list too!

For a quilting motif, I did my hook and feather…

If you missed the video for that, you can see it HERE.

This quilt will be a donation quilt to a fire department fundraiser.  I don’t know if they’ll be having their regular fundraiser or not.  If they don’t, I’ll save it until they do.

Thanks, Becky, for the mystery…It was so sweet of you to share!!

34 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Old World Fantasy”

  1. wow again. I keep meaning to ask how Rosie is doing. Do you still have to feed her the special food or was her issue something she was able to grow out of ?]

    I just heard the medications that the former president had negotiated down especially insulin has been removed by executive order. Will you be ok with this?

  2. Another beautiful quilt Jo! So glad you were able to check another one off your UFO list. So, what will you tackle next? I am working on Mary’s Bull’s Eye Quilt on the SAL over at her blog. Trying not to start any more projects as I do not have any more quilting projects going right now. I am trying to be good…..LOL…I do have a couple knitted dishcloths I am working on, but that’s it.
    Absolutely adore the backing on your quilt!! I am a chicken fabric girl….hope to make a chicken quilt one day. I am always on the hunt for scraps of chicken fabric!! I always hit my friends stash looking for chicken scraps and material. So if anyone has any, they would like to get rid of or sell, please, please, peck me up….LOL

  3. Your quilt is absolutely stunning! I love the color choices and the chicken backing blends so nicely and is so cute. Congratulations on another finish!!

  4. Just love it! And that yellow is a nice little sparkle in the quilt. Keeps your eyes looking around at it all.

  5. This is a gorgeous quilt. So many small piecing details that really make it sing. Love love the backing too—perfect and fun too! Great design by Quilted Twins!

  6. Would you happen to have a scrap of that chicken fabric left? I have a friend who adores and collects chicken fabric. Even just a ten inch square would be nice to send to her. Love the quilt and that outside border.

  7. It is very stunning. I think it will be a hit at the fund raiser! Sorry you got socked with another storm. We got 3-4 inches and wind with drifting over the roads but not blizzard conditions. Now it’s cold!! We have been so spoiled all winter with mild temps we don’t know how to deal with this cold! Our grandson is coming today as there is teacher I service. It’s so nice to have company. We are working on a 1000 piece puzzle! I think it’s. Ok he wants to come and do a puzzle…he is 14.

  8. Ooo should have proofread. – teacher inservice day and —- I think it’s cool he wants to come visit grandma & grandpa when he’s 14.

  9. I really love this quilt, to me, it’s just perfect. I’m definitely not a chicken person, a grocer had chickens that would peck my skinny little legs when I was a child! But you all are country people so that backing is great. I’m sure it will bring in $$$.

  10. Your quilt is a perfect blend of colors and patterns.
    The yellow gives it a bit of spark but the multitude of prints in the sashings is amazing. Great details that require many glances to take it all in. Pulling the huge assortment fabric for a quilt like this must take lots of time and planning. Love it lots.

  11. Margaret in North Texas

    Beautiful quilt Jo. It will be a great donation for a fundraiser! A pieced border does add so much to the finish of any quilt.

  12. Agree with your comment on Mystery Quilts! I am a “totally in control” quilter. There are a couple I’ve done because the person running the Mystery allows anyone who wants to see the finished quilt before starting can as long as they agree not to tell those who want the mystery. If there is one thing I don’t like when it comes to quilting is surprises! I always have an embroidery project for evening work.

  13. Beautiful quilt! Also–I must say I always love how you photograph your quilts on your front porch. Really shows off the colors and the natural light always highlights your quilt perfectly.

  14. I also think that yellow adds sparkle! I have downloaded all but week 7 for this pattern. For some reason, week 7 just won’t download for me. :( I’m low tech. Will probably need to get help from my 9 year old neighbor!

  15. Judith Fairchild

    the quilt is lovy and the chicken backing is so good. I’m not fond of live chickens in person but pictures are fun.

  16. Beautiful finish!! I was going to join in with Becky’s mystery but didn’t have the oomph to get going at that time. Last year I decided to only do half size Bonnie Hunter mysteries going forward. I have no need for large quilts and the half sizes are great as lap quilts. I still enjoy the camaraderie with everyone with a lot less stress. Having said that, I am still plugging along with this year’s mystery. I wasn’t feeling all the gray (my fault) and since I decided to gift it I wasn’t sure that would be appreciated. But….it’s growing on me so I will play with the sashing and see what I prefer. One thing about being a slowpoke is that you get so see what others have done….lol

  17. Marsha from Kansas

    I love your quilt and the backing fabric is perfect! The colors coordinate so beautifully. Congratulations on another finished UFO! I don’t think you needed to apologize for going ahead and finishing the quilt. Many times I get out to my sewing space and go with Plan B. I just wasn’t feeling Plan A at that particular time. Sometimes I am ready for intricate piecing, sometimes cutting things out, and sometimes want to see something actually get finished. You were on a roll with this quilt and had the momentum going. Nothing wrong with that. And I am so impressed you kept with it until it was completely finished! I, too, like your photos of the quilts taken outside. Nothing like natural lighting. Thanks for sharing so much with us. And in the process motivating me to get more done. I had a stack of 5 or 6 quilted tops that needed binding. I’ve got two bindings sewn on and am working on the third. But I stitch them onto the front and then they are ready to hand stitch on the back while watching some TV. My Dirty Dozen is Fig Trees Pumpkins and Cream binding, sleeve, and label. It is in this stack along with two Christmas gifts. I do good to get my one Dirty Dozen project done each month. You are doing fantastic with your list!

  18. Your quilt is just perfect! I love everything about it. And, the chicken fabric matches so well. I would have a hard time giving this one up but, I predict it will do fantastic as a fundraiser.

  19. ditto Carolyn! I love it too! Those are definitely my colors. Always love your quilts and enjoy sharing your life! God bless!

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