Quilt Finish: My Scrappy Heaven

I am marching along with more quilt finishes….

Up today is Kelli’s quilt My Blue Heaven…Yes, I know it’s not blue…let me explain.  This is a Bonnie Hunter pattern.  If you haven’t discovered this pattern yet, good news for you.  It’s in the free pattern section on Bonnie’s site.  You can find it here.

Kelli started the quilt when we went to Storm Lake to see Bonnie Hunter.  At the time, Kelli had no idea why I was so excited about going.  After all, it’s not like me at all to want to do something like drive across the state and go to a retreat.  I was pretty determined to go and for the most part had planned to go myself if she wouldn’t go.  It’s always been my opinion that Kelli mostly went with to “keep me safe” from the unknown quilter ladies.


Making the quilt scrappy really gives it a different look.


I thought my personal preference would be that this quilt doesn’t look as good totally scrappy as it does going with two colors.  I thought the pattern almost gets lost.


Even as a flimsy (finished top) I thought that.  Now that it’s done and finished, I don’t feel that way anyway.  I think the inner border and binding really do good work to bring is all together.


It’s a fine beautiful quilt though…Having all the colors to choose from did make picking a binding fabric really easy.

I finished up my version quite awhile ago.  Here a link back to see mine.

Here’s a picture from the day we started the quilts….That’s from July 2011.


We had so much fun.   It makes me want to go to a retreat again!!

Now Kelli and I have finished both of our quilts we started at the retreat as the other one we did that weekend was Pineapple Blossom….here’s Kelli’s and here’s mine.

So if you made the quilt, what color scheme would you go with??

14 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: My Scrappy Heaven”

  1. Mary Ann Harpe

    Well, as my blues are out of control (when we go to a quilt shop my daughter Anna always reminds me “No blues mom), I have printed out the pattern and plan to do it in blues, lol.

  2. Blue Heaven is on my bucket list and I had planned to make her in blues & browns but I really like the scrappy version. What a great way to use up civil war fabrics! I’d like to make the pineapple blossom quilt too someday. I haven’t enough thought about what color way to use. Blessings, Gretchen

  3. My Blue Heaven is on the short list for UFO finishes! THAT’s a picture from the first time I met you! Holy cow! It really has been 5 years. . .I am motivated to finish now, okay, maybe after graduation is over. I worked on it over a New Year’s sewfest, so it is closer.

  4. I started one in green when I went to a Bonnie Hunter class 4 years ago. It is still in the tub with the rest of the pieces. I need to get it out and finish it.

  5. What colors? well, I like the blue ….. and I like the red….. and I like the traditional colors….. BUT what I really like is your yellow retreat T-shirts!!!!!!

  6. I love the red and I love the blue but Kelli’s version is drop dead gorgeous!! I REALLY love it!! I hope Kelli doesn’t mind that I pinned it for future reference! It’s on the To Do List for sure!!

  7. Oh I just love the scrappy version. It’s been added to the list of quilts to make. It might just have to go near the top. I love your version in Reds too!

  8. I love scrappy, but I agree that sometimes the pattern gets lost in the scrappiness. I am thinking about ONE fabric for neutral backgrounds and scrappy for the pattern. That might reign it in. Can’t wait to try it.

  9. I think your red/pink one is HEAVEN!! It would be great to do it in a green and tan/brown if you had a camo lover in the family. Love how different both of your quilts are, and from the original blue.

  10. You are a machine the way you finish so many quilts!I have a silly question…are all the quilts you make a Bonnie Hunter pattern? Just curious since I see her name in most of your quilty posts. Hope you are feeling well ;c)

  11. Gosh, Jo, I somehow never pictured you as being tall, but seeing you standing next to Bonnie I guess you are! A quilting friend from SD went to the Sioux City retreat last week and commented about how tall Bonnie is….of course this friend isn’t very tall so that’s what she noticed.

    I maybe like Kelli’s version of My Blue Heaven better than the one color/neutral version….but then, I’m a scrappy girl. It’s funny the way quilting & binding can totally make a quilt one might have not been too crazy about look so much better. I’ve had it happen to me more than once.

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