Quilt Finish: My Hourglass Quilt

During the summer a kind blog reader sent me two boxes of bits, pieces, and quilt UFOs.  In the box was a pile of hourglass blocks and some that were sewn together.  Over the course of several months, I pulled it out and started working on it as a leader and ender project.

You can read about the box of goodies that was sent HERE.

Here are the pieces that I started with…

I ended up deciding to make the quilt top bigger so I had to make a lot more blocks.  Along the way, there was curiosity about the project and I ended up making a Youtube video about how I was making the blocks.

If you want to watch the video feel free to press play.  If you would like to save the video and watch in later on your television or device, you can go HERE and save it.

Well, finally I got the quilt done.  Here it is…

I had gathered opinions about how I should finish the quilt..should I add borders?  Should I not?  It was so hard to decide.  I ended up doing this.

It was adding an hourglass block that had three white pieces and only one colored piece.  I think it kind of framed the quilt and dressed up a simple quilt.

I’m sure others would have picked something else…For me, I don’t think there was a right or wrong to it.

It’s so nice to see a quilt hanging on the house again.  It’s been a bit since I finished one.

A good chunk of the fabrics were reproduction fabrics…at least the ones that I added.

To add interest I didn’t always pick an obvious light-colored fabric or an obvious dark fabric.  That is what makes the different colored splotches in the quilts.  I like that.

I used a Hook and Feather design for the quilting motif.  It’s pretty standard for me.  You can see how I do that in THIS VIDEO.

I’m so glad to have a UFO off the list.  You can see the rest of my UFO list HERE.

I found this backing fabric at the thrift.  I just barely skimmed by with enough of it for the whole backing.

I used a dark green for the binding.  It blends with the grass and it’s hard to see.

This will likely be a quilt for an upcoming benefit…

…and just like that, I’m on to another UFO.  I’ve got quilts that need to get made!

60 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: My Hourglass Quilt”

  1. Stephani in N. TX

    Bravo for a fine finish and a UFO off the list. Love the border. It adds a dimension to the quilt that deserves attention, it’s noticeable without being a frankly different border, and holds all those blocks in place. Well done Jo. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I do like the border treatment a lot. Coincidentally, I picked up my hourglass quilts recently. I’m doing blocks, though, so this border won’t work.

  3. I love this quilt – it’s perfect and I especially like your border design – clever! I love a good hourglass quilt. It is one of my favorite scrappy quilts to make.

  4. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Your border treatment is absolutely perfect!!! Love this quilt and the way the “blotches” of dark/light are sprinkled throughout the quilt! Perfect quilt for a benefit!! Well done!!

  5. This one would be hard for me to let go! I love it and love your border treatment. I never would have thought of that.

  6. I can’t remember the last time you made a quilt exactly the size in the pattern :) It seems like you always go bigger, and I think every one has turned out prettier than the original. This quilt is beautiful. I’ve watched Kaye England’s way of making these blocks, and fairly soon will watch yours to see which might work best for me. You’re a great teacher.

  7. Love how you did the border. I would definitely buy chances if that was the prize for a benefit. It’s just beautiful.

  8. I love the border you made for this quilt! It is a perfect finishing touch and I don’t think that I have seen this done before. Great idea!

  9. Oh Jo, your hourglass quilt is beautiful. I just LOVE the way you finished it with the lighter hourglass border. I agree, it really does frame it perfectly. Great job!!!

  10. This is a great quilt and I love your border! It sets off the center and gives a definite finish. I also like the dark binding. Light binding would make the edge disappear. Great job on using up scraps and donated pieces and thank you for the inspiration.

  11. A beautiful finish. I love your border. You are so creative to think of these things. It should bring in some money for a charitable cause.

  12. A great finish!! The “border” is just perfect for this quilt. It makes me want to dig out scraps and start making one.

  13. BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the way it turned out and I NEVER would’ve even thought of doing the border like that..it is so perfect as is the backing and binding. That’s going to be a great quilt for a benefit.

  14. Oh, I am IN LOVE with this! The “border” is perfect!

    You hit the motherlode with that package of goodies! Reproduction prints galore! I’d be in heaven!

    Seeing all this makes me want to go sew. But, alas, I STILL have COVID (6 weeks now) so all I can do.is follow along with your most welcome posts. Have a super Saturday!

  15. Hi Jo, many years ago a bought a kit that had all the hourglass units cut. The fabric were all from the previous decade(70s) that they had cut kits for in their shop. So I bought them in the 80s. They are still sorted in a pizza box to be sewn. I love your quilt and especially how you finished the border. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Love how you finished the quilt! The “border” blocks look great–much better than a traditional border. Your thrifted backing and the green binding looks great too.

  17. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    The quilt is beautiful. Makes me want to use up some of my reproduction fabrics and make one too. The border is perfect as well. Thanks for the inspiration, though right now I am working on our first grandchild’s quilt. Will send a picture when done.

  18. Marsha from Kansas

    Jo, this quilt is just wonderful. I think you always come up with perfect borders for your quilts. This is spectacular!! It just keeps the flow of quarter square triangles going out to the edge of the quilt. I’m definitely writing this down in my notebook. I have made some of Bonnie Hunter’s leader – ender project blocks when I like them. I’m keeping this for a year I’m not as inspired with her project. I’m thinking that I could start cutting for the QST from scraps now and be ready to sew when I get this year’s leader – ender blocks made. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing your finishes with us.

  19. Jo, this quilt is amazing! And the border is absolutely perfect! Beautiful!
    I really need to watch your video to learn how to make those blocks!
    Love and prayers

  20. I LOVE this quilt! Some friends and I did a fabric swap for this quilt, all in repo. It is my favorite quilt that is currently on my bed. Great job girl!!!

  21. Jo, this is so wonderful and your border idea is brilliant!!! How big is the quilt, or how large are the hourglass units? I’ve looked through posts and have probably missed where you told us. Thank you for sharing all of your creativity and fun with us!

  22. I love your quilt. When I saw the first blog I got inspired and I’m now making one.I also love your final border. Thank you for all your blogs and videos. I enjoy them so much. Cheers from Australia

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