Quilt Finish: My Birthday Quilt

Finally, finally, FINALLY….My birthday block quilt is finished.  I’m so  happy to be able to say that….

Kelli and I worked on it really hard last month with the hope to get it finished before Christmas but my mystery quilt got in the way.  I know I could have set that aside and did only the birthday quilt but I hate to miss the “mystery momentum”.  Once I get past two weeks from when the last clue goes out, I miss my momentum and then it turns into a UFO.  Goodness knows I have enough of them lying about that I don’t need another one.

If you missed my post last month about the setting for the blocks, this is what we did…

This is the top…or first side.


This is the back or the second side.


And here it is all finished…

This is side one.  I snapped some pictures of some of the blocks.

For those new to the blog, these are all quilt blocks that were made for me for my 50th Birthday.  That was a pretty miserable year and I didn’t get to the blocks.  Instead I dealt with thyroid cancer and foot surgery.  Seriously, I was at the doctor MANY times all year long…that was 2016.

I felt like I spent 2017 catching up.  Finally Kelli and I sat down and sewed them up into a quilt.

The block below makes me smile…a big toothy smile.  Wonder why? Well Kelli told blog readers that the blocks should be 3″, 6″, or 12″ finished.  She said I loved red and polka dots.  This came as a 3″ finish block and was one big appliqued red dot.  BAHAHAHAHA!!

I loved it!

All sorts of blocks came!

We got so many that we mad a front and a back of blocks.  This is the back.

I used 12″ finished blocks for this.  There were a few 9″ finished blocks so I added borders onto them to bring them up a size.

Ila, my friend and blog reader sent the red polka dot fabric.  She had intended it to the backing but we ended up having so many blocks we didn’t need a backing so used it for borders instead!  How Fun…again, red polka dot!

It’s a really fun quilt to study fabrics on and look at!

The kids had lots of fun looking and playing eye spy.

Find the beagle…

The heart….

The sewing machine.

My favorite block of all came from Anne D in Minnesota.  She sewed tiny pieces of fabrics together to make the center.  Check out the beagle, my name “Jo”, books and an apple for teaching my childcare kiddos, 14 for my birth date, the cupcake as I like to bake and it’s my birthday block, thread for sewing, the snowflake and mittens for my December birthday and IOWA as it’s my home state.  HOW ORIGINAL and THOUGHTFUL!!  I was so amazed when this came in the mail.

It was so fun to get these blocks in the mail….the fun will continue on the nights when I sit to stitch, I’ll have this on my lap for sure!  THANKS so much everyone.  You make my birthday when you gave the blocks and are making my day again as I celebrate the completion of this quilt!!  THANKS!

14 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: My Birthday Quilt”

  1. Wow!! This wonderful birthday quilt is filled with talent from so many wonderful people!! It’s a great idea. You’ll discover something new in it everyday and years from now you can say “Oh, I remember this..”.
    Happy belated birthday. Praying 2018 will be a blessed and healthy year Jo.
    Jo (Yes we share a first name. And my last name is King. I’m not joking )
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. What a fun, joyful Birthday Quilt! Such fun, creative blocks! That’s a great cuddle quilt! You and Kelli did a great job putting them all together. Bravo!

  3. Oh that is fun and gorgeous. I would like to know how you got it to match up so good! I made a 2 sided quilt once and SWORE I would never try that again. It of course was not centered right! and the edges are uneven. I use it finished anyway.

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