Quilt Finish: Leftover Triangles

Hello..Happy Saturday!!

I a quilt finish to share with you today. If you read my Monday blog post about what I was working on, then you probably guessed I finished the Leftover Triangle quilt. You would be right!!

It’s not a big quilt…a baby quilt actually. It’s only 48″ x 48″. I had said in the video I made about this quilt that I would make it as big as the pieces allowed. In the end, I was two blocks short so I dug around and found a few strips of fabric that I cut into triangles to finish it out.

I ended up liking this one…it’s random and wonky but I’m a random and wonky gal.

Here are a few pictures from when I was working on it. I did a big flower over the red diamonds and the rest was just a stipple motif.

In the middle picture you can see the sheet I had in my stash that I used for the backing.

Wasn’t it perfect?? I sure loved it.

I did a little debate about what color to do the binding. I thought green for a bit but then the red said, “Pick me, pick me!”…and being red is my favorite color, I listened.

My mom had made several baby quilts before she passed away and they were there at the house. We later gave them out to grandkids that were born. Part of me wants to do that. No, I have no plans of dying soon but I might make a few more smaller quilts and just have them around here.

I like having a few around anyway…then I always have one if I need one.

The red diamonds are just sprinkled in randomly. I didn’t lay the quilt out first, I just grabbed a block and sewed it in a row.

I was hoping you might see in the photo that the triangles are different-sized and that you might be able to see the quilting.

These are the five blocks that make up the quilt. The four different ones on the right might look the same for the diamond oriented differently in each one.

If you are curious about how I made the quilt and want to check out the video, I’ll add it here…Just push the red triangle play button to watch the video here or you can go to Youtube HERE, save it and watch it later on your television of device.

This sheet has been hanging around in my stash for a bit so I was glad to use it. I love that the greens match.

Maybe you can see the quilting better on the backside…

When this was a flimsy, I wasn’t in love with it. The quilting and red binding were just what it needed. Now I really like it.

MANY thanks to the blog reader who originally sent me this fabric. I had LOTS of fun with it.

If you are a frugal quilter, you might want to give this quilt a try. I used muslin as the background…I used a sheet as the backing…I used tiny triangles that were clipped off that most people would throw away. It turned out to be a cute quilt with very little expense.

If you are not someone who uses a companion angle ruler (that’s how I got my triangles) but you are a person who sews binding strips together on the diagonal, start saving those triangle pieces and before you know it, you’ll have enough to make a quilt like this!

Of course…there must be a picture with the dogs. Here they are!!

Izzy looks like a shaggy girl. She went to the groomer on Thursday so she’s looking better now. I took this picture before she had gone.

Hope you all enjoyed seeing my latest finish. It was so fun to make…it’s a totally stress free quilt!

17 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Leftover Triangles”

  1. I watched that video when it first came out. Now seeing the finished quilt, I need to watch it again! Looks like a fun quilt to make.
    You mention having several baby quilts made for future grandchildren. I’ve made baby quilts for my, as of yet, future unborn great-grandchildren. They will be for each grandchild’s firstborn. I already have them labeled for each specific one. I hope to still be around for some of their births, but I wanted to be prepared lol.

  2. Susan the Farm Quilter

    When sewing HSTs from squares, I have always sewn both sides so I end up with extra HSTs and I’ve saved them! I definitely want to make this quilt with my little HSTs…may take a bit more saving!!

  3. I was just “sewing with you” yesterday while you were working on this! I enjoy your videos so much, both the tutorials and also just sewing and chatting. The red binding set this quilt off to perfection!

  4. Such a cute quilt! I agree with you with the red binding – just the touch i quilt needed with the red in the quilt. I sure love how you make something beautiful out of scraps!

  5. Betty Edwards

    Oh I love this one! I am three baby quilts behind as of today! Number ten of the great grands was born yesterday., Miss Ella Wren!

    It turned out great!

  6. Love it– beautiful, doubly beautiful because of the pieces you used!! Perfect for a baby quilt too!!! Haven’t had a chance to watch your video yet–have a lot of catching up to do!!
    Great finish-think red was just right choice !

  7. Paula Hidalgo

    I love this quilt! You did a great job Jo! I just did a quilt with small triangles and it didn’t even put a dent in my stash of scraps HA, HA. Guess I need to do a lot more!

  8. Gloria from CC

    What a beautiful baby quilt you have created. Now that I’ve seen the finished quilt, I’ll watch your video again. We got a little rain last night. Yahoo!!!

  9. Such a cute quilt – I have a few triangles saved but nothing compared to what you had. Still, saving them is such a great idea.
    Love and prayers

  10. Judith Fairchild

    What a fun quilt!!! Love the combinations you used. If I had been doing the binding my preference would have been going for the yellow. I really like the 3 major colors in quilts but yellows are my favorite.

  11. this quit is a beauty. Would you resend the Community Quilts from Ray. I just received letters.

  12. Jo I am so glad to see this post, I think I got 3 blogs in code this week and I feel like I lost the thread of the conversation lol. Hope you can figure that out soon!!

  13. Sharon Browne

    This quilt is adorable! I never would have thought of using the triangles like that. The sheet used for backing couldn’t be more perfect and the red binding is the finishing touch.

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