Quilt Finish: Kindred Spirits

You might remember some time ago a wonderful anonymous blog reader sent me two packages in the mail.  They were full of UFOs and quilt leftovers.  I’ve had the very best time with them.  THANKS a million, times over.

One of the items in the box was what turned out to be, this quilt!  The big blocks were all done.  The borders were all sewn.  There were a couple blocks that needed to ripped out and resewn but for the most part, the pieces were all there.  At the time, I had no idea how to assemble the piece but a blog reader let me know the quilt was from this book, Kindred Spirits by Yellow Creek Quilt Designs.  You can find it HERE on Amazon.

The quilt only needed assembling after I fixed those couple of blocks.  The person who donated it did 95% of the work to make the top.  Isn’t the color selection great??  I’m so impressed with her work!! Check it out…

At the time the quilt came to me, it came with this border but it was all just mixed with other orphan blocks and quilt leftovers so I didn’t know the pieces went together.  Thankfully the quilt book gave me a picture so I could assemble it!  The person also sent extra fabric for sashing, the inner border, and the binding.  What a treat!!

I so admire her work…I had a blog reader offer to purchase this quilt.  I intended it to be for the Firemen’s Fundraiser in March but then I got thinking I could sell it and give the money to the Fire Department and then make another quilt for the Fire Department.  Hmm.  Does anyone have any suggestions about that?  Also, what would be a fair price for the quilt?  I’d love any suggestions on this.

Think this would be a great quilt to do as a monthly sampler.  You could make one set of blocks each month.

I know reproduction prints aren’t as popular as they once were but man, I still love them.  I think it’s likely because I like antiques and the quilts go so well with them.

As I was taking pictures I had a little helper sneak into the photos.  It’s Rosie.

She almost matches the quilt.  HA!!

I went out early in the morning to take pictures but the lighting was bad.  I ended up leaving the quilt hanging and came out two hours later.  The sun had shifted enough that the lighting was good and I could snap pictures.  So…I had my own mini quilt showing!!

I had lots of fun finishing up this quilt.  THANKS again to the generous blog reader who sent it my way.

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  1. I love this quilt! There are so many different settings, it really grabs your attention. Jo, I think your suggestion of selling the quilt and making another is a great idea. That way, the Firemen’s Fundraiser benefits twice.

    1. My offer is still 400.00. I think i sent that already. Will send money order plus postage asap you can let me know. LOVE IT. Not a quilt would make myself. Email, patthooks69@gmail.com. tnx , jo. By the by, 2 pkgs on the way with stuff for baby layettes. Don’t need a tnk you, just knowing they will be made & sent is enough.

  2. The quilt is wonderful! I still love reproduction fabrics.
    Little miss Rosie sitting pretty by that quilt is just precious! That’s my favorite!

  3. Awww…Rosie.

    What have your quilts that have been donated for fundraisers in the past sold for? Maybe check out Etsy to see what the quilts there are going for.

  4. What a beauty! I don’t think that would be able to part with this one. Depending on your time schedule selling this one and making a second for the benefit would be a double win for the firemen but you usually have so much on your plate that making a second one before the benefit might be a problem.

  5. That’s a GORGEOUS quilt and I LOVE those borders! I wonder why the starting maker didn’t finish and keep it? I don’t have a clue what to suggest as far as a price if someone were to buy it but hope you get big bucks if you choose that route. I know that money will come in handy to cover some of the costs you often fork over out of your own pocket.

  6. What a beautiful quilt!!! So generous of you to help your local fire department raise much needed funds. I am in awe of how much you accomplish each week

  7. I would sell it like you said and donate the money to the firehouse and make another quilt for the raffle. This way they get double whammy. You could make a more simple quilt if you like

  8. I love this quilt and if you could make another for the firemen that would be wonderful! You are so generous with your time!

  9. Judith Fairchild

    Depending on the size the price goes the larger the quilt the higher the price. I made a king size quilt for a couple. They bought the fabric. When I finished the quilt they insisted on paying for it and gave me $125. Plus the price of the fabric which was right at a $100.00. I was so thankful.

  10. A quilt like this would would normally go for about $300 or more. It’s extremely beautiful. I don’t know that you would be able to make another quilt exactly like this one by March but I’m sure you have others to donate. Please don’t sell this quilt cheaply, I’m sure other people would buy it besides the other person. Fabric is now $15 a yard and the labor for this quilt would be extensive.

    1. You could possibly offer this quilt for auction on your site, then the person who offered to buy it would have the opportunity to bid on it but it would also go to the highest bidder.

    2. Jo!!! What a fantastic quilt, and something rarely sen these days. It is worth Way more than $400. If you’re going to sell it, I’ll pay $500, but I’d have a guilty conscience. Why don’t you try to get it published somewhere, where they don’t keep the quilt? Then I would make another for the fireman’s auction. You should also think about keeping it in your family. It’s very special.

  11. I would look at the amount of fabric the person might have bought (supply list) then multiple it by the cost of fabric (maybe 10-12 dollars). Then think about batting, thread, backing. After you get a number, multiple it be 2 or 3 to get a price for the quilt. Do you like it? Sometimes you have to adjust it a bit. For me, it was always a bit too high for the area I live.
    ex: 10yds of fabric X 10 dollars (older fabric)= 100 dollars
    supplies: 40 (backing), 15 (thread) , 20 ( batting) All guess = 75
    All equal= 175 175 dollars x3 = 525 dollars. Can add a bit more for actual machine quilting and the related thread.
    I hope this helps. Sorry this is so long.

  12. I think a quilt of that size and intricate design would go for at least $500. When you consider the price of front fabrics, backing, batting, labor of cutting, piecing, and machine quilting (can be pricey), if it were me personally, I would take no less. It may even bring more at an auction. It’s a beautiful quilt.

    1. The quilt is stunning! I’m looking at the boarder with all those little pieces and it amazes me the amount of work put into the quilt. Yes, I agree that $500 would be a good price.

  13. I agree that $500 is a fair price (assuming it is a at least queen size or larger. I wish you would have given the measurements). After all, the purchase price is a donation to the fire station and the person gets a beautiful quilt. It is a win-win for both.

  14. It’s a beautiful quilt – designed by Jill Shaulis. The book is also available at her shop…Yellow Creek Quilt Designs and on her website. Love to see people support quilters and shops. She did offer this as a block of the month at one time. Personally, I wouldn’t sell it for less than $500, but I also like the idea of having an online auction for it.

  15. Oh my gosh, Rosie is so adorbs. You can tell by her face that she takes her quilt photo duties very seriously. And she was extremely disappointed that you were trying to take quilt photos without her. Fortunately she made it just in time. Yay Rosie!!

    1. Beautiful quilt! My mom sold a queen sized quilt she made for $300 to a good friend of hers, almost 35 years ago. Handmade quilts are priceless works of love and labor.
      Love Rosie’s cameo… I miss stories about her…and Izzy.

  16. I would suggest the Fire Department raffle the quilt off. Surely it would bring in a good amount in funds! For selling it, I would I would place at least $375 to $400. It’s a great quilt.

  17. My BFF & I love reproduction fabrics, too, so you’re not alone! This quilt? To die for! I’d never be able to part with it!

  18. I think doing a site auction is a great idea! Start bidding at $150 and let people take it from there. You might be pleasantly surprised at what some of us would pay.

  19. I really like this quilt and would do it if offered as a BOM. I have made some Kindred Sprit mini quilts and love them. As for a price if selling quilt, you might find out about what a quilt usually brings at the firemen’s auction, and base your price from that. I really like the border on this quilt.

  20. What a beauty! Jo did you notice that the blue block in the first picture has two pieces backwards? Just mentioning it in case you want to redo. I was taught that some quilters do a boo boo on purpose called a vanity block because only God is perfect. Beautiful regardless!

  21. Oops, please disregard my comment. I thought the quilt was a quilt top. I now realize it’s already quilted. You are so fast!!!

  22. You already have offers of $400 and $500 so have an auction with a starting bid of $400 and see where it goes. Remind people it would be tax deductible and maybe the fire department would be willing to send a receipt for their taxes. I don’t think $900 is unreasonable.

  23. Carmen Montmarquet

    I am with you on Reproduction fabrics, JUST LOVE THEM!!! And yes they go very well with antiques too! I think I would sell it to her if you have the time to make another one in time!

  24. Once Rosie got her cute self in there, the quilt was complete. Looks like sell the beauty and quilt another for the auction!
    We had a ferocious sandstorm today so I worked on my EPP hexi quilt. A nice day to cuddle up and decide what the next step will be. Then I had a shocking realization that I pulled the colors straight from a gouache painting in my living room. I love that painting! Duh. Well that took seconds to plan out. I will move the painting to my bedroom over the beautiful and stupendous first hexi quilt ever made by ME!
    I am hooked on English paper piecing. I am up to the 60″ hexagon in the design and will elongate it to quilt size.
    Give that sweet Rosie a hug.

  25. I love Yellow Creek design and their shop is fabulous, its in an old bank, vault included. Jill has a wonderful eye for designing fabrics and patterns. I think selling it is a great idea and since someone else did buy the fabric and do most of the work, you can set the price…..It is a beauty and Rosie just makes it sparkle.

  26. Barbara Firesheets

    As a new quilter I asked how much a quilt should sell for. I was told to take the cost of fabrics + long arm quilting cost and double it. Stitchin Heaven has a block of the month for a similar quilt by the same designer here: https://stitchinheaven.com/products/four-star-general-block-of-the-month-begins-august-2023
    (NOTE: I’m not advertising their program, just sending the info for reference). Don’t sell yourself short, your skills and work are worth more than you think!

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