Quilt Finish: Kelli’s Half Logs

When I was at Kelli’s shortly after the boys were born, I was up and down the steps and this quilt caught my eye.  I had machine quilted it for Kelli some time ago and sent it home with her to bind…after all, it was her quilt.

I saw that she hadn’t gotten it bound so I put it in the truck and took it home.  On Saturday I got it bound.

If you are unsure on how to bind by machine or want a refresher, you can check out my Youtube video HERE.

I asked Kelli about the quilt…she doesn’t remember a pattern and thinks he might have made it up.  It looks like it was made from a fabric line and that’s our only clue.

The blocks are basically half log cabin blocks.  Each big block has two matching blocks.

I do remember that when Kelli gave it to me to quilt, there was no outer border on it.  I told her I thought it was a little small without an outer border.

Then the quilt sat at my house in the flimsy pile.  I just didn’t have a fabric that might work for it.  The fabric line had “expired” and we couldn’t find more of the fabric.  I finally came up with this border fabric.

Of course, there was…not enough for the binding.  It seems there is always a “catch” with projects that sit.

I ended up finding this sheet and used it for the backing.

…and there was enough of it left to use for the binding.  I can’t believe that the binding and border match as well as they do…and I can’t believe that it all looked good with the center of the quilt.

I used a favorite motif all over edge to edge for the quilting.  I haven’t filmed a video showing how to do this but it’s in the plans.

I used the same seafoam green thread on the top and the back.

This one is going back to Kelli’s house.  I’m sure she’ll gift it or donated sometime in the future.  The colors were fun to work with but she doesn’t have any of these colors in her house.

I would venture to guess that she likely did the sewing on this back in 2013 or so.  Can you believe it’s FINALLY finished??  We can put in a BIG check in the box.  This one is off the list.

14 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Kelli’s Half Logs”

  1. It is always such a good feeling when something is finished! I bet she feels it as well! I’ve been quietly enjoying the blog lately. You’ve had such a lot going on! Blessings

  2. I really enjoyed this posting because it clearly shows the joy you (and quilters like me) find in playing with fabric and finished a project. Nice work! P.S. Look for a quilt kit gift package from me in your mailbag today. I know you’ll find ways to use it…

  3. The quilt looks beautiful and such a good feeling to have it finished. I’m sure Kelli will be so appreciative to have it completed. Great team work.

  4. I like the sashing around these big bento box blocks! I haven’t seen that before. How big is each block?

  5. Margaret in North Texas

    Another finish for Kelli. I do like the quilting motif you choose and the thread color is perfect.

  6. I have this same fabric line and it’s been sitting patiently waiting for the perfect pattern…and i just found it! Thanks Kelli and Jo…and the ladies who identified it as Bento Boxes!

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