Quilt Finish: Jewel Box Stars

I finished my Jewel Box Stars quilt….Bonnie Hunter offered this as a Leader and Ender a year or two ago.  I didn’t join then..but last fall I decided to make the quilt.  I didn’t do it as Leader and Ender style though…I just made it.  You can find the pattern HERE on Bonnie Hunter’s site.

Mine and Bonnie’s are some different.  Bonnie used all colors in her’s, I took a step back and did a limited color pallet.

I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting with my scrap quilt making.  I used to always throw everything in.  Lately I’ve been thinking things through and being more selective.  Goodness knows I have enough scraps and don’t need to throw everything in.

For this quilt I decided on greens, blues, purples and pinks.  I was careful to try to not add an olive green.  I was open and let blue be defined very broadly.  Blues could be from navy to lighter blue to periwinkle to teals and aquas.

Here’s a closer picture to help you get an idea of what was included….

You can see my BUSY white based neutrals came out to play too.  I tried to pick ones that also featured the accent colors that I was using…notice many of the white based neutrals have teal, blues and greens in them.

I very much enjoyed making this quit.  If was fun and fast and included lots of four patches (my favorite!)

One of the reasons this quilt got held up was that I didn’t love the backing fabric that I originally chose….this crazy frog fabric.

It wasn’t the frogs that bothered me….I loved the blues and greens.  What I didn’t love was the orange flowers.  There was no orange on the front of the quilt…
After COVID-19 and limited income and wanting to finish projects I just quit being so picky and went with it.  I’m glad I did as in the end I love it and really what’s the big deal that there’s some orange.

I really love this quilt.  It’s going to be a graduation present…or at least that’s the current plan.

My little Rosebud (yes, she gets called that often) is so good as posing.

I really love the quilt and am so happy with the experiment I did limiting the colors….

Again, you can find the pattern HERE on Bonnie Hunter’s site.

28 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Jewel Box Stars”

  1. I love your finished quilt. Good idea to restrict the colour palette and you are lucky to have enough scraps to be able to do that. The frog fabric is super, I often think that a quirky, little quite different backing is a fun idea.

  2. Jo, your quilt turned out beautiful. It will be the perfect graduation gift. Rosie has become quite the poser, hasn’t she. I bet you just have to put a quilt on the floor on she knows just what to do! Hahaha!
    I absolutely adore the frog backing, its a perfect addition!
    Hope you and your family are staying well and as Mary from Country Threads says, “Be Still”. I love her blog too!!! Have a wonderful weekend my blogging friend.

  3. Love your finish and the frog backing is perfect! A graduation quilt with the whimsy of frogs is just perfect. Rosie is so cute.

  4. Beautiful quilt! I always like how you pick perfect colors and they look so planned out. I am wanting to make a scrap quilt and keep putting it off because not knowing which scraps to use, etc. Your quilts are always beautiful!! Keep up the good work.

  5. A great finish and I really like your color combination. Someone is going to get a great graduation quilt.

  6. Your quilt came out beautifully, even with the frog fabric on the back! In fact, I can see why it would grow on you!
    Love and prayers

  7. I love the backing! Quirky prints like that really “make” it special for the receiver. Rosebud-love the nickname. She is a beauty! I just want to snuggle with her on that quilt.

  8. I’m assuming you machine bind your quilts. If so, could you show how you do it in a future post? Also, in your opinion, would a judge at a quilt show subtract points for a machine bound quilt? Thanks.

    1. I do think I judge would take off points for a machine bound quilt but I’m not one who cares about that…I’ll try to put something together on machine binding.

  9. Fantastic finish! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the backing. It makes me so happy :-) I am not a person who “matches” the back to the front. I try hard to use what I have. If I can go the same colorway, I do. If I cannot? I don’t fuss about it.

    Happy quilting and hugs to you :-)

  10. SusanfromKentucky

    Beautiful quilt! Your color selections are always so perfect.
    Rosie has gotten the hang of her new job and is doing great at it!

  11. Such a beautiful quilt–the colors really sing together and are somehow calm AND vibrant. Great finish with the backing too. You are right to use it–so fun!

  12. Mary Etherington

    Do you remember when you asked me why your quilts didn’t have a Country Threads look? Well, now you’ve got it – a limited color palette In all different hues and values – stopping just short of that olive green. I love this quilt and may have to add it to my list. I love gathering fabric and laying it out. Then I sometimes take a picture because it lets me step back and see which colors don’t belong. You didn’t throw it all in – and that’s the secret! Although I love Bonnie’s quilts, too. We did a quilt for the next Sisterhood book for Martingale and I had to write about our method of controlled scrap quilts compared to scrap quilts like Bonnie makes. And you just did it!!!

  13. Love the quilt Jo and the limited scrappy colours! The backing is perfect even without orange on the front! Someone is going to be thrilled with this quilt!

  14. I love the busy neutrals that both you and Bonnie use. Much more interesting than boring white on white or beige on beige. Love the quilt.

  15. You did it again! You have such a great eye for color selection. When I get time to make some of the BH quilts that I want to make, I am going to review your blog for color choices. Thank you for sharing.
    Rosy is doing an amazing job of posing, especially considering she is a puppy! She is a pretty little dog.

  16. I use solid backgrounds, light green and light blue on my current project, but will try your use of light prints as background. I love the frogs! I made a multicolor block sampler quilt using all grunge, and used a wild NM lizard print on the back. I love it, too. I did bead a lizard in the center pinapple block, though. A bit of whimsy is good.

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