Quilt Finish: Iowa Hawkeyes Half Square Triangle Quilt

I have my first quilt finish of 2023.  It’s my Iowa Hawkeyes quilt.  I actually finished it last week but didn’t get time to put the blog post together until now.

My quilting on this wasn’t fancy…just a simple stipple.  Sometimes, with a busy quilt like this, adding more than just a stipple just makes it look more busy.

The second I rolled it off the frame… Rosie, my beagle, and Izzy, my Aussiedoodle were right on the quilt.  They might not represent the quilt police, but they are highly experienced inspectors.

Then it was binding time.  This is going for a benefit to raise funds for an inclusive park in the neighboring town.  An inclusive park is helpful for kids with disabilities so they can also join in the fun at a park.  I’m excited about the idea.

I always get asked about how I bind my quilts.  I am in love with the Third Hand Binding Tool.  That is the little blue piece you see at the end of my ironing board.  I just love it and use it all the time.  If asked my favorite notion in the sewing room, minus a rotary cutter and mat, I would likely pick this.

I did a video about how to use it.  You can find that HERE.  These were created by Heather at Purple Hobbies. Heather gives all of my blog readers a 20% discount coupon.  If you go to her site, Purple Hobbies (HERE is the link) you can get 20% off anything you buy if you use the code JoSentMe.  (type it in as all one word)

The binding tool comes in several different sizes.  I like a narrow binding so typically use the 2 1/4″ strip version.  If you cut 2 1/2″ for binding then you’d order that size.

I also did a video on how to machine bind my quilts.  You can find that HERE.

Black polka dot fabric finished the project off.

Here’s a peek at my messy sewing room.  I swear I clean it and it’s messy all over again.

Here is the quilt completely finished.

I have a little bit of a thought on quilts.  I think quilts can shine because of the designs.  They can shine because of the machine quilting (or hand quilting) or they can shine because of the color.  This one shines because of the color.
This quilt started back a few months ago when a blog reader send a bunch of gold/gray/black half-square triangles.  I think there were about 40 finished blocks. 489 blocks later…I have a quilt!

Being from Iowa where the Iowa Hawkeyes call home, I immediately thought I should take them and make more so it could be an Iowa Hawkeyes quilt.

I personally am not a big Iowa Hawkeyes fan but I’ve made quilts with the fabrics before and donated them to fundraisers and the quilts have always done really well.

The beauty of it all is that I can use scraps…I use up fabrics that aren’t my favorite…I can make an easy quilt and it brings in money for the benefit!!

I wasn’t sure what to do for a layout for the quilt…and then I decided to just do a hodgepodge.  I would not make specific light/dark blocks.  I would just mix the colors, gray, black and white, and gold.  I did work to keep the gold/yellow, not a lemony yellow but gold yellow tones instead.  Then I paid absolutely no attention whatsoever and just sewed the half-square triangles into strips.

I didn’t care if yellows touched.  I didn’t care if there were three blacks in a row.  However they landed was however they landed.

I ended up REALLY liking the look.  My daughter Kalissa and said we both love that unless you’re up close and look at the fabric, you don’t see the Iowa Hawkeyes logo…it’s a nice compromise for a man who is crazy about his sports team and a woman who doesn’t want her house to scream sports team.  HA!!

I’m sure you could modify the colors and make a quilt like this for any sports team or novelty interest.  I’m thinking about making one for John Deere which I think would also make a great fundraiser quilt for my area with so many farmers.

I did do a Youtube tutorial on how I made the blocks.  You can watch that HERE.

A sweet blog reader sent the backing fabric.  YAHOO!!  It was so nice to get it.  She was especially excited to know this was going to a benefit for an inclusive park for kids.  She has a nephew that would have benefited from a special needs park.

Wasn’t it the perfect match??  It’s flannel too so extra nice.

There is that polka dot binding…

The quilt even matches my house!! HA!

One last picture with Rosie and Izzy and this quilt is a wrap.

I’m sure this won’t be the last Iowa Hawkeyes quilt…there will always be more fundraisers that need a donation quilt.

MANY thanks to the blog reader who sent the original half-square triangles.  It was just the inspiration I needed to make the quilt!!

18 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Iowa Hawkeyes Half Square Triangle Quilt”

  1. I visited Wanda today at exuberantcolor, and she also made a HST quilt, only she laid it out with the blocks alternating. It amazes me how the same simple block makes a completely different quilt, depending on the layout! Great inspiration.

    1. mine were 3 3/4 finished. That’s because the person who sent me original 40 or so finished blocks were 4 1/4 unfinished. If I do it again I would make it 4″ finished.

  2. Gretchen peterson

    Love this idea for scraps and it is absolutely wonderful way to do a Hawkeye and not be so obviously Hawkeye

  3. It’s a great looking quilt, Jo, and I think you chose the perfect binding for it! Someone is going to be thrilled to win this and hopefully it will bring in lots of money for the cause. Congrats on your first finish of 2023!

  4. I really like the Hawkeye quilt. I hope it brings a lot of money at the fundraiser. I do not like to make half square triangles, so would probably never make one, but really like yours.

  5. I agree with Rosie & Izzy! This one is a winner! I love the color scheme & the hodge podge-ness of it is charming? That polka dot binding tho! That puts this gem over the top in my books! Love, love, love! Big thumbs WAY up!

  6. Love it– it always amazes me how it all comes together, even when you were not paying attention to where what colors went where and comes out so perfectly.
    Love Rosie and Izzy in their usual place too.

  7. The quilt came out wonderful. It even matches Rosie and Izzy in a beautiful way. They have your timing down perfectly.I’m sure the Charity will be so happy to receive this. And I pray they make over and above the funds needed.

  8. Jo – this is a fantastic quilt. You had offered to make a quilt for a fundraiser close to my heart – American Cancer Society for Chickasaw County. I think a Hawkeye quilt would be perfect for this. Let’s chat sometime soon about it. Love following your blogs.

  9. Judith A Gebhardt

    GORGEOUS ………….. thank you for sharing SO MANY grand pieces of beauty! It warms the cockles of my heart!

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