Quilt Finish: Gray Half Square Triangle Quilts

You might remember that I’m trying to get real with my UFOs.  I am on a push to get 6 finished by the first of July.  That would be half of the UFOs I have if I could do it.  That would be awesome. It’s not that I’m against UFOs.  I just want some space back in my sewing room.  Eliminating the totes would give me more space!

So today’s finish started back in January of 2020….
A blog reader gave me a bunch of bonus triangles.  They were a bright printed fabric with a gray background.  I played around with them and ended up coming up with this block.  I was SUPER lucky that I was able to match the gray she had used with a gray that I had in my stash.

I loved the block.  It used up a ton of scraps…but then the projects stalled out.  I couldn’t come up with a layout that I loved.  Another problem…I only had 42 blocks.  It was an odd number…not enough for a bed quilt…too many for a baby quilt.  I know I could make a lap quilt but honestly, I’m not into lap quilts.  We’re all tall big people at my house and for us, we love a twin-sized quilt as a lap quilt.

So it continued to stall.

Then I got all excited about finishing my UFO projects and being these were already in blocks, it would be quicker to finish than some of my other projects…so…I made two baby quilts.  These are on the big size for baby quilts.  I really make more of a toddler quilt.  It’s not recommended that babies sleep with quilts until they are over the age of one so…I like to make bigger baby quilts.  When they are little babies they can use these for playmats and grow into them.

It was a dreary day when I took the pictures.  The grays ended up looking darker and more blue/gray.

I was working with the number of blocks that I had and wanted to use them all if possible…so I ended up with one quilt in a 5×5 setting and one in a 4×4 setting.

Here is the one in 5×5 setting…

I did a simple layout with a colored cornerstone in the sashing.

To frame it I added the scrappy border.

On the corners, I added this cute design that kind of mimics the block.  I love the look.

The color of the gray is the color you see in the photo above.

For the backing, I used a sheet.  I thought it was fun and kid-friendly.

Something I did when I was working on these two quilts was to quilt them at the same time.  I loaded an extra-long backing that was big enough to accommodate both quilts.  This was it eliminated the need to load backing fabric twice.

Something that didn’t save time…I used up all the odd leftover pieces of batting…but, it saved money so it was a wash.

Above is the true color of the quilts.

Here is the smaller quilt with the pieced border.

I again used colored cornerstone sashing on this one.

I did a simple stipple on both of the quilts with a light gray thread on top and a white for the backing.

I did a triple pieced border to mimic the nine patches in the center of the blocks.

Both of the quilts got a scrappy pink binding and the same backing fabric.

I am setting these aside and will use them if I need a girl baby gift or if I need something for a charity event.  I like having something on hand and don’t need to panic if I’m asked for something.

So, which one do you like better…the one with the scrappy nine-patch border or the bigger one in the 5×5 setting? Me, I can’t decide.

The thing I do know is…I’m thrilled to have another UFO off my list.

…and Rosie, she’s thrilled I have a treat in my hand that she is going to get as soon I was done taking pictures.

She’s a little beggar dog.

So…if you’re keeping track that makes three UFOs completely finished…

Show Off…

Scrap Vortex…

and now the bonus triangle baby quilts.

Whoot!  Whoot!  I’m doing this!

47 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Gray Half Square Triangle Quilts”

  1. Brenda and Norman Curtis Head

    cannot be any help on deciding which triangle quilt is best. both quite nice. when i saw the first one i thought it was really pretty but then the second one came up and another attractive choice.

  2. I’m with Sherry, I like the size of the bigger quilt, but love the scrappy nine patch border, not so sure about the grey, but I’m not really one for grey, that’s just me. Love seeing your quilts.

  3. Stephani in N. TX

    Great UFO finishes all around. Like the bigger of the gray quilts with the deeper more colorful border but they are both great finishes for your purpose. I need to get in a kick-start mode. I have a bit of fabric I bought on-line at the height of Covid. It dribbled in so slowly, I lost momentum. Going to have “that talk” with myself. Finishes are good!

  4. Love them both! Your solution was a great one. It’s amazing how the borders complement the blocks

  5. Yay Jo! You’re finishing up those UFOs so fast! The baby quilts are both really sweet—I can’t pick a favorite and love them both!

  6. Again, your quilts are beautiful! I cannot choose between the two, I like both borders. You make so many scrap quilts, how do you have any scraps left!

    1. I have so many blog readers that send me their scraps…so I am really sewing more than just my own scraps which is totally okay. I love it!!

  7. I love them both and if I were a new mother, would be thrilled to receive either one. If I had to choose one, it would probably be the larger one because I really like the border. Great finishes, Jo!

  8. Great job Jo! I love them both. The triple scrappy border draws me in more though.

    Congrats on chipping away at UFOs in the studio. Happy weekend! :-)

  9. Gayla Livengood

    I love both. Congratulations on the progress you are making. I’m getting inspired to tackle my UFOs.

  10. While I like both quilts, the 5×5 setting is my favorite. The scrappy border on the smaller quilt is just a bit too busy for me. The grey background is lovely. Congratulations on your recent finishes. We just moved into a new home after having everything in storage for 2 years. I was appalled to find out how many UFOS I have, so like you, I have been working on clearing them out! I’m not going to buy anymore fabric this year!

  11. Hmmmm… you are putting me to shame, Jo! My problem is quilting them – I love piecing but it stops there – haha! And now I have several waiting to “become quilts”!

    1. Longarming is my least favorite part of quilting…I was so far behind at one point that I vowed not to let my flimsy pile get too high once I got caught up again. I think I have four that need longarming…that’s too many for me!

  12. I love both of them, they are so pretty. Gray isn’t a color I like but these are just perfect quilts. Congratulations on getting that UFO pile finished.

  13. I can’t decide either which I like best. They both are great. But wouldn’t that be 4 UFO’s instead of 3 since you ended up with 2 for one on the bonus half squares.

    Enjoy your posts. Have a sewing ly great day.

  14. Gail L. Piper

    Way to go!!! They both are wonderful – if I had to choose, I’d go with the 5 x 5…
    I like the gray color – now I’m thinking about using it for some scrap-busting.

  15. Impossible to choose between the 2 quilts. Both borders bring a different look but they both look great! Congratulations on another finish!

  16. Donna Robinson

    I like the 5×5. It looks more relaxed and laid back. The other one looks like it’s ready to get up and run, more energetic you could say. One looks content one looks happy.

  17. I love the scrappy border and I love using the grey as background. I have come to prefer it over white when possible. It is more subtle to me than using white which can come off as too much contrast sometimes, but what do I know. I guess I am trending more modern than traditional as to what appeals to me these days. Anyway, both of those quilts are awesome!

  18. Half way there Jo! I usually wouldn’t use gray in a quilt but these both look terrific. My favorite is the one with the 9 patch border. Either one will make a wonderful gift or charity quilt. You’re on a roll Jo!

    1. Martha..on my own I wouldn’t have picked gray. A blog reader sent me bonus triangles that were half gray and the other half was a bright print. That’s why I ended up with gray but I ended up liking it!

  19. Margaret in North Texas

    I like the gray background –you had it on hand, like both designs, off the UFO list and will make great kids play quilts. Great work Jo.

  20. Judith Fairchild

    Jo, I like both of them so much, I’m glad I don’t have to decide. I like the gray against the bright scraps it makes the colors pop.

  21. You do fabulist work! Fantastic! I would have never thought of using the grey, but it sets up the brights so nicely! Wow, do I really admire your work!

  22. I love every quilt I see here and really appreciate the thought and planning and especially the attention to detail. Both are absolutely beautiful. The 5 x 5 is my favorite. You are so talented !

    Thanks for sharing.

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