Quilt Finish: Georgie’s Preschool Quilt

On Monday I told you that I got Georgia’s Preschool Quilt longarmed.
I managed to get it bound.

AND…I got pictures taken of it!! WHOOT! WHOOT!!  Here it is…It’s busy…very busy.  But it’s so Georgia.
You might remember that Georgia picked out this panel when we were at the quilt shop in Elkader.  Here she is…

I did a little searching and you can buy the panel HERE if anyone is interested.

I cut the panel pieces down to 6 1/2″ square and then alternated nine patches made with 2 1/2″ squares.

I used Lori Holt’s Spelling Bee book for the letters for her name.  You can find that book HERE.  It’s super easy to use and made the letters.  I use that book often.  Being this is a preschool quilt, I love that her name is on it.

The quilt ended up being 39″ X 48″.  Not too big at all…

I’m just thrilled to have it done.  I used some 2 1/2″ squares that a blog reader sent (THANKS SO MUCH!!) along with many of my own scraps.

Here is the backing.

This was a sheet I found at Goodwill.  I just know Georgie is going to love it!  Anything unicorns or horses is her thing.

I debated on binding.  I probably should have used a pink binding with the hope of calming it all down…but instead, I went even wilder and added a striped print.

I made a pillow for her too.  I used my tutorial on how to make a pillowcase from a shirt.  You can find that HERE.  (I know…why add even more business with a plaid too!!)  If you knew Georgie, all the business totally suits her!!

Of course…there must be a Rosie picture.  Here it is.

I’m so happy to have this done.  She starts preschool next week so it was just in time.

Buck, our son, called me just as I was finishing it up.  He asked what I was doing and I told him I just finished Georgie’s quilt.  He said, “Good for you Mom.  I know how task-oriented you are so that must feel good.”   He knows me so well.  I am task-oriented and it feels AWESOME!!

Now…onto Gannon’s quilt.

34 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Georgie’s Preschool Quilt”

  1. I love Georgie’s quilt,she’s such a cute little girl with a lot of spunk! I have Lori holts spelling bee book,and a new great granddaughter coming in October.I think I’ll make a quilt with her name on it after seeing yours! Thanks for the idea,I love your blog!

  2. Marsha from Kansas

    Wonderful, fun quilt. I think the striped binding is perfect coordinating with the polka dot background fabric used with the letters of her name. She will cherish that quilt with you letting her pick out the theme fabric. And what a lucky backing fabric find. The quilt is really reversible. Great job!

  3. Georgia est bien gâtée ! Qu’elle est belle cette courtepointe avec les licornes, bravo Jo et merci pour ce merveilleux blog que je m’empresse de lire le matin dès que je me lève. Et oui je suis en France et il y a un petit décalage horaire.

    1. Marylise, je suis toujour ravie de voir vos commentaires. J’aime pratiquer mon française. J’apprends de nouveaux mots grâce á vous!

  4. Glenda Fletcher

    Very pretty quilt. Georgia will treasure it forever. I like how you put her name on it. What a great find at the
    thrift store for the backing! Good job, Grandma!! I think it is always so much fun making something for a
    grandchild. Love your flowers in front of your house. They are pretty.

  5. The quilt is perfect for Georgia! And you couldn’t have found a better backing for it! Bright colors for a bright fun girl!

    My favorite binding is always stripes.

    Can’t wait to see Gannon’s quilt!

  6. It is almost magic like the unicorns how all of your gifted and thrifted finds come together for the perfect quilt for Georgia!! Who wouldn’t love that quilt?? Georgia is one lucky little girl!

  7. Beautiful quilt! Your grands are so fortunate to have you making their quilts. Georgia is such a little doll – love that picture of her at the store holding out the material.

  8. Meredith in Cincinnati

    This is just perfect! How special that she picked out the fabric. That backing is great! Please be sure to take pictures of her reaction!

  9. That is so neat! Georgia is going to love it! Looking forward to Gannons! It is Rosie approved. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I love this quilt, Georgia is going to be one happy little girl. You will have to start on Buck’s little girls soon.

  11. This is a beautiful quilt – the colors are amazing. And I love the picture of it from across the street.
    Georgia will love this for many years.
    Love and prayers

  12. Katherine Gourley

    Adorable. Makes me want to go back to preschool. Ding Dong School with Miss Francis on a tiny screen TV in the 1950s is what we had. She will be the envy of all the little girls in her class. Fun, fun, fun.

  13. I love Georgia’s busy quilt. She will sleep proudly on it. Rosie, I had missed seeing your dog on the quilts and now Rosie is able to sit. I just want to cuddle her, but will keep my thoughts from her.
    She looks so much happier being allowed to play and run outside. She is a gem.

  14. Georgie’s quilt is cute as a bug! So appropriate since Georgia is also cute as a bug. Her picture in this blog post is absolutely preious! And I’m still in love with Rosie — a dog I’ve never met, but still in love with!! Keep up the good work, Jo!

  15. Oh my! This quilt is perfect for Georgie… beautiful and busy. I too love the stripe binding and the backing is absolutely perfect. Please take a picture of her reaction. Thanks so much for sharing all the details and pictures.

  16. Love it and so will Georgia! While the colors may seem busy to you, I find it cheerful and happy!
    I made quillows or nap quilts and pillows for two of my grandchildren and they loved it. There mom put their names on them with tee shirt design stuff. I only wish I had done two layers of batting to make it softer to lay on.

    I love to read your blogs and see what you come up with next.

  17. Actually, the first photo I noticed the binding and loved it! How can she stand to leave it school is my next question ??? Great job and what a grandmother you are ???

  18. Awesome quilt. Georgia will love it and all the other kids will be envious. Now I think Rosie needs her own quilt with her name on it.

  19. The quilt is beautiful. I love the striped binding! The bright pillow is perfect. Georgie will love it forever. She is a beauty too, like her mom. My granddaughter still uses the Sesame Street quilt I made her when she was a baby. She wraps up in it when they have a fire outside. She just left for college yesterday.

  20. Jo, it is perfect !! What a fantastic way to use a panel and to have her name on it too and of course all the unicorns. Its so special and she will treasure it.

    Thank you so much for all the great posts you write .
    I get so inspired when I read them.

  21. Did I get unsubbed? I did a search on my email, and the last blog post I received from you was July 17. That one said I was subscribed. Just wondering…..I am not techy enough to contact you otherwise.

  22. Fantastic quilt! Love how you added her name. Fabrics and binding are fabulous. Looking at pic, I think Rosie deserves her own quilt with her name on it??? Pretty please.

  23. I will just say —IT IS PERFECT!!! Love the quilt–and the backing?? just right!! How happy Georgia will be with her special quilt!!

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