Quilt Finish: Garage Sale UFO

I have a quilt finish!!

It’s not a fancy quilt…but it’s done and I like it.

This all started when I went to a garage sale in 2016.  A former manager at a quilt shop had a garage sale.  It was an awesome sale but I got there shortly after it started and no one was there and nothing was left.  The owner let early sales happen.  UGH.  Had I known I’d have tried to go earlier.

I ended up buying these things from the sale and these are the project I worked on last week when my internet was out.

This was a UFO….the bag to the lower left made this quilt.  This is what the blocks looked like.  Apparently this was an Atkinson Designs Quilt…or at least that  is what a couple blog readers told me after I talked about the garage sale originally.

There was a breeze as I was trying to take pictures but they turned out okay.

This was an easy quilt to put together as the blocks were already sewn.  I sewed them together one night after supper.  The blocks finish at 14 1/2″ square and are in a 5 x 6 setting.

I have graduation and wedding presents to get to this year and this one will be gifted.  
I tried to snap a couple pictures of the edge to edge quilting design I used….This is a favorite of mine.
It’s a echoed leaf with a swirl in the center.  I’ve done it enough that it’s an easy pattern for me to do now…It’s definitely an “in my comfort zone” motif.

I used a fun teapot fabric that Mary Jo gifted to me.  I think the date on the selvage was 1994.  It a Mary Engelbreit fabric.  I think it’s busyness is fun with the front.

I used a yellow/gold thread on the top and and variegated yellow thread on the back.
The border was all the way scrappy.  I’ve been trying to use anything up that I can and the scrap buckets are overflowing so scrappy it was.

It feels good to have it finished.

The day after this one was done, I grabbed another bag of those leftovers and got busy working on it.  I’ll show you that quilt in tonight’s blog post.

…and of course a Rosie picture…

I like tonight’s quilt better…Stop back to see it.

12 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Garage Sale UFO”

  1. What’s not to love! The colors, backing and quilting design are fabulous and you spend 10.00 on the fabric! Someone is going to be thrilled to get this quilt!

  2. Those blocks go together quickly and you made quick work of that cute quilt! I’ve made that quilt on a smaller scale thru my guild’s donation program. Even better if someone makes the blocks ahead of time! :o))

  3. Love that pattern I’ve used it to make several for my grandkids quilts. Goes
    Together fast there are also different size blocks you can make . I have made the smaller block for baby quilts . Love all the colors in your blocks.

  4. Love the quilt! The colors are so. Bright and cheerful and your quilting finished it off perfectly. Rosie is so cute!

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your focus to get things organized and/or finished! You are tenacious when you put your mind to something.

    Enjoying your blogs Jo. Hugs and much love to you!

  6. Judith Fairchild

    Jo, I have the teapot material. It’s so pretty I don’t want to cut it up. Thanks for showing me what to use it for

  7. I like that quilting pattern a lot! The quilt is wonderful in those bright colors and the backing is so cute with it.

    Good job!

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