Quilt Finish: Gannon’s Preschool Quilt

I got my grandson Gannon’s quilt done.  He needed something for preschool for a napping mat and Kalissa asked if I would make a quilt for him.  You might remember that I made one for Carver.  You can read about Carver’s HERE.

Kalissa and I had talked and decided something tractor-related might work best for Gannon.  I was going to make one like Carver’s but then saw this panel at Walmart.

At the time, Gannon was into Case brand tractors so I showed it to Kalissa and she thought Gannon would like it. So I bought the panel.

I wanted to add Gannon’s name to it so I pulled out Lori Holt’s Spelling Bee book and made the letters.  You can find the book for the letters HERE.  I didn’t realize how many n’s were in his name until I had to make the letters.

I bought a piece of flannel from the thrift store for the backing.  I think I only paid $1 for it.

As I was taking pictures I realized… that I forgot to take a pin out of it.  Good thing I caught it.

I did a simple loopy design for the machine quilting.  It will get washed a lot and the loop is dense and can handle that.

I used blue thread on the front and red on the back.

I didn’t have a treat in my hand so Rosie didn’t do the best with taking pictures…she wouldn’t look at me.

I made a matching pillow from a men’s thrifted shirt.  I used my tutorial which you can find HERE.

I just love how the letters turned out.

I used some Grunge Polka Dot fabric for them.

It was all ready for me to gift him.

He came to my house and I gave it to him.

He was pretty classic Gannon.

He liked it and then immediately after we took a picture he dropped the quilt and wanted a drink box.

I expected this.  He’s three and all of three.

I’m going to miss him like crazy when he goes to school.  He’s been my little buddy since the day he was born.  I didn’t really shed a tear when my own kids went to school…but for Gannon, I already have.  He’s such a calm soul.

He’ll be in preschool for two years and at our school kids in preschool have Wednesdays off.  You can bet lots of those Wednesdays I’m going to make a special effort to see him.  He grew up way too soon.

In his quiet little way, he won this grandma’s heart.

32 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Gannon’s Preschool Quilt”

  1. What a beautiful “coming of school age” gift. It’s absolutely precious and I’m sure he will treasure it for yrs to come. Yes I am sure his grandma will love him to bits on Wednesdays. They do grow up way too fast.

  2. Love his reaction when looking at his quilt and then the typical 3 year old’s “what’s next?” For Gannon it was a juice box. You’ve got to just love this age.

  3. Such a great quilt!! I really like how you finished it with the loops. All of your grands are so special and you give them so much love which they return to you. Yes, I’m sure you will miss this guy as you starts this next phase of his young life.

  4. Absolutely love the quilt for Gannon…and I love the pillow too! They grow up way too quick. My grand daughter just turned 17 and graduated high school and is headed to college already. She took extra classes her last two years in high school so she could graduate a little early and head off to college as she has a lot of years she is looking at as she wants to be a zooalogical vet….I think she said 13 years of college she was looking at. I am so proud of that girl!!
    I know you will enjoy your Wednesdays with Gannon!
    Have a great weekend :)

    1. Judith Fairchild

      Your granddaughter has a strong mind and back. I read the 13 years of college then remembered vets have to learn multiple care of all species of animals. Go granddaughter you can do this.

      1. Yes, she is really wanting to care for those large animals in the zoo. She lives in CA and her parents have given her a strong appreciation for all animals. She loves the zoo and spends so much time there learning all she can and I know this will help her along the way eventually. She is such an old caring soul.
        Thanks for the reply..Have a wonderful Sunday!

  5. Your quilt is fantastic and I know he’s really going to appreciate it.
    Doesn’t it seem that our grand kids grow so fast, especially as we get older? My oldest grandson graduated high school 2 years ago and my other grandson is 13 and shaving!
    Love and prayers

  6. None of my children had preschool, nor did I. We went into kindergarten at approximately age 5. Your quilt for Gannon is truly just fantastic, I love it. My youngest grandson was a holy terror, not a sweet calm soul like Gannon, you will miss him a great deal.

  7. Gannon’s quilt is adorable. It’s a happy quilt and makes you smile. Yo did a wonderful job and I am sure he will love it for years to come.

  8. Carmen Montmarquet

    What a perfect tractor quilt! The look on his face is priceless!!! Great job as usual Jo! You make Awesome quilts for your grandkids!

  9. Absolutely adorable!! I think having his name on it makes it soo special. I think a magazine might be interested—it’s that unique.


  11. Barbara Firesheets

    Love Gannon’s quilt! Thought it was kind of funny that Rosie didn’t want to take a good picture on Gannon’s quilt. Didn’t Gannon go through a phase where he didn’t want to take pictures?!? They are both so adorable.

    1. Hi Barbara. Gannon is still really picky about who can take his picture and when they can. He didn’t know Kalissa was taking pictures. It took me to bride him with a piece of candy to get the picture he knew about!! HA!

  12. This quilt turned out fantastic! And Gannon looks so happy with it. It looks like the panel was a wide rectangular shape, was it? What was the overall finished size of the quilt, or any other sizes you have, to make it a long rectangle that he could lay under or on it? I’m asking because I have several baby quilts to make, and would like to do something similar. But the panels I really like are wider than they are tall and I am at a loss for the filler to make it more of a rectangle the other direction without a lot of work making quilt blocks. I think I’m saying this all wrong, but I hope that you can read between the lines.

    1. Hi Lisa. Yes, I understand. The panel was wider and it wasn’t my favorite. I ended up adding the red stripe at the bottom, the red stripe above the panel and then his name to get it to a decent size. He has his quilt at school so I can’t measure it for you sorry.

    2. quilts don’t have to have the same “borders” added all around. Just add strips top and bottom to get the size you want.

  13. I love the quilt and the expression on his face when he sees it!
    He truly is a special little guy. Hug him tight Jo they grow up fast! My youngest grandson in 4 and the years have flown by.

  14. Judith Fairchild

    Your grand children are so cute. Love seeing their reactions. Gannon’s happy face and Carver looking and wishing he could have another grandma quilt. That quilt is so cool.

  15. Hi Jo! I just love Gannon’s quilt! My son is getting ready to start preschool (he’ll do a two year preschool then kindergarten program as well so he must be about the same age as Gannon) on September 7th and I’m hoping to get the nap quilt I’m making him quilted on my domestic machine and bound by then… Of course at the same time, my sewing machine started acting up and needed to go in for maintenance (just got it back yesterday!), and my daughter’s 2nd birthday is next Saturday so I’m trying to finish a small quilt for her as well. I hope Gannon loves school and that you’ll still have plenty of time with him on his days off.

  16. Yes, she is really wanting to care for those large animals in the zoo. She lives in CA and her parents have given her a strong appreciation for all animals. She loves the zoo and spends so much time there learning all she can and I know this will help her along the way eventually. She is such an old caring soul.
    Thanks for the reply..Have a wonderful Sunday!

  17. Well Gannons quilt made a hit with him and all of us bit you definitely got the stink eye from Rosie. We need an update on her training.

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