Quilt Finish: Frolic

I’ve had my Frolic mystery quilt done for a bit now.  It’s been so incredibly windy here that I’ve struggled to get pictures taken….that and I’ve gotten so many other quilts finished that this has lingered at the bottom of the pile.

One of my quilting goals for the year was to not let this quilt sit and fall into the UFO pile.  I think I did okay with that.  I actually did the long arming in March-ish I think.

Once the mystery was revealed I immediately had a regret….

It was my choice of the dark green color.

When the dark green is by the dark blue, it kind of melds together.  I think that’s partially because I chose batiks to work with.  They are more blended by nature anyway.

Here’s a closer picture so you can see what I mean….

Another thing that happens when working with batiks is the pink parts of the star in the above photo.  Notice that the pink turned to a purple.  I don’t mind…just pointing it out so you can remember that if you are working with batiks.  I know some people would be bothered by it.

All in all, I like the quilt and am happy that I joined in on the mystery.  From time and time again I have drug my feet thinking I wasn’t going to do it …but alas.  I always end up making one.
I do admit to not enjoying this one as much as usual.  I am very visual in what I do.  Reading through long instructions is the death of me.  This one had lots of directions that had to really be read through…using clips and saving things for later just isn’t my thing.

I guess I could more easily explain myself like this.  I’ve sewn enough that when I make a Bonnie quilt from a book, I often read through the whole pattern once and then after that just use the directions at a glance.

What can I say??  I’m a lazy reader.

If things come with directions I am terrible and rarely read them.  Like I said, reading through lengthy directions is the death of me.

I bound my quilt in a medium blue.

I didn’t go with the dark or the light…this was a dull in between color.

The design of the quilt was awesome and I loved seeing it come together at the reveal.

My binding…a batik I had in the backing stack.  It isn’t my favorite.  I had bought it for a different quilt and ended up not using it as I didn’t like the pinks and blues of the batik gave way to orange.  But…I’ve been wanting to use up what I have and decided although it wasn’t perfect, or what I’d pick if I could pick anything, it wasn’t embarassing or terrible.  So I went with it.

So that’s another mystery quilt in the books.  I’ve been doing the mystery since, Carolina Christmas…that means I’ve done the last 10.  I think I’ll write up a blog post about all of my mystery quilts.  That might be fun to revisit.

With that…Frolic, the 2019 mystery quilt is a wrap.

I showed off two other finished quilts yesterday.  If you missed them, scroll back for a peek at them.

23 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Frolic”

  1. I love your color choices! It turned out beautifully! We are our worst critic! I have never done a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt but have done other mystery quilts.

  2. it is gorgeous. My vision is that there is a terrific amount of movement with your color choices and probably it is because of the batiks. Personally, the green you chose is most likely the catalyst for the feeling of movement. If it was more contrasting it would have stopped the eye rather than the flow this choice created. Your energy is just amazing.

  3. Stearns Carol

    Its beautiful Jo. Mine is still in a bin partially done. I couldnt get into the mystery last year as it went along because I was doing a very complicated tester quilt that had a deadline. And now, I’m disillusioned with it and want to get on with other things. I’m also using a constant for the center pinks/purples. It is a beautiful pattern but I agree, too wordy.

  4. Congrats on your Frolic finish, Jo! Your displeasure with the dark green fabric is just one of the hazards of quilting along with a Mystery. Up close, the points around the “circle” are still quite obvious.

  5. Great job! You always do such a nice job. Mine is still in pieces. One of these days it will all come together. Have an awesome weekend!

  6. Lovely quilt. It will be wonderful gift for some young couple.

    I see that you used a light color thread for quilting. It looks very nice. I think I get too particular, I want a thread that totally blends (disappears), and that can NOT happen. I need to relax.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Mystery Quilts are hard because we think we understand the color choice then the pattern comes out. Your quilt looks great. It is a keeper.

  8. Love your quilt! I wasn’t happy with my color choices but after I put it together I loved it. This year I made a little over half the units and I was able to finish, quilt and bind it…first time ever! The only thing that bothered me was the hst borders. I had to go and take in a number of units to make it fit and then I no longer had points that lined up. I think I will continue to make a smaller size but next time I may change a border if it’s not going to fit. Now I’m trying to finish the past mysteries starting with En Provence.

  9. I love how your Frolic turned out!. I finally finished my top last week and went with a zig zag border. I too am challenged when reading directions and really got lost because I wasn’t keeping up with my piecing every week and the fact that she had us clipping things together. after a lot of re-reading and looking at pictures I finally figured it all out LOL! I have also completed quite a few of Bonnie;s patterns and this one was the one I really had a hard time with as far as the directions go, I thought I was getting senile! Either way I LOVE Bonnie. She is just awesome. I for one would love to see a post with pictures of her quilts you have completed. I haven’t counted mine but I think it is around 10-12. 5 or 6 mystery and the others from her books and blog. Keep quilting and keep safe :)

  10. Charline Blair

    Jo, I just read your blog on just finished mystery quilt. As I am very new and very interested in piecing a quilt top, I know nothing about what I am really getting into. First, what is a mystery quilt? 2, how do you get into mystery quilts? 3. Is this what a very newbie would want to start with? 4. Where do l find fabric now that everyone is doing masks?

    Jo, this is my first query, I have read your blogs for the past couple of months, especially since the quarantine. My name is Charline Blair, and I am a resident of an assisted living facility in Deatsville, Alabama. This is near our state’s Capitol city of Montgomery, Alabama. I am 85 years young. I do not feel 85, that is just a number, I feel younger. Jo, sorry for this long note, but wanted to introduce myself and to let you know I am serious and not a nut case. I enjoy your blogs very much, enjoy reading about family and you cute fur baby. I hope you can help me. I have read other blogs and they seem to go over my head. Thanks for listening.

    1. Charline…A mystery quilt is kind of hard for a beginner. Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville.com does one every year starting at Thanksgiving time. That’s the one I did. She only tells you yardage amount and colors. Then each week she gives another clue. Right now Walmart has fabric…Quilt shops in my area are starting to open. I guess each state is different as to what stores are open. There are online ways to buy fabric too. If you’re looking for an easier fun quilt that would work good for beginners, I would suggest a “disappearing nine patch”. You can look that up online to see them.

  11. I really like how the blues and greens blended. It gives your quilt a different look than others, making it uniquely yours. Very nice!

  12. It is beautiful and the things you pointed out I wouldn’t have given a second thought and even knowing still think it is beautiful!!

  13. I love your finished quilt and color choices. it seems to have movement without being a wash of blah. After reading the blog post I looked at it again and realized I thought there were rectangles on the outside of the star blocks where the flying geese blocks are. I like the calming effect this had. So many of this quilts finishes just look like a busy mess to me. Of course this observation is based on photos on my cell phone and the real thing is always different. Nice job Jo.

  14. Judith Fairchild

    Jo, your quilt I s beautiful the dark blue and green patches are a great and lovely contrast to the rest of the quilt. It’s like a piece of music.

  15. I love your Frolic in the batiks. I do see what you mean about the dark green, but I still like it.

    This was my first Bonnie mystery and I agree about the sets and saving things for later. There are things I would have done differently, but I also know I wouldn’t do the quilt without the hype ongoing on Facebook. It kept me energized and on pace.

    Yours is beautiful!

  16. You are on a roll finishing quilts Jo and finishing Frolic is a big deal. One of my goals last year was to make my first Bonnie Hunter quilt so I chose to do Frolic. Wow, I was baptized by fire. I got it done, put it on my bed for a couple weeks, then put it in my gift closet. I like it, I don’t love it. Keep up the good work finishing quilts, and let us know how your quilt room cleanup is going. You inspired me a couple weeks ago to do a quilt room cleanup and my mission is accomplished. I’ve even been tidying up before bed at night. Hopefully it will become a habit and my room will stay cleaner.

  17. Carolyn Sullivan

    I see what you mean, but at the same time using the darker green brings out the circle design more. I still like it.
    I personally made mine smaller bc I took some of them to make a Baby quilt (also not finished) It has been one of the most challenging quilts I have ever done of Bonnies…. Mine is still not quilted, but the top is finished sorta

  18. I hate when the PO sends that kind of mail too. I haven’t received my magazines in 3 months- which speaking of magazines- what issue was your quilt in recently? I finally moved to a place that carries quilt magazines.
    Hope you’re having a nice day.

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