Quilt Finish: Frolic

As many of you know I’ve been trying to get through some of the UFO projects I have around here. I started out with a LONG list of UFOs at the beginning of July but I’ve now managed to check two off the list. First was the Tea Party quilt. See that HERE if you missed it and now it’s the Frolic quilt.

A blog reader originally sent me this as a UFO. I worked on if for a bit, set it aside, worked on it a bit, set it aside, and finally finished it. When I got it, the pieces for the blocks were all clipped together but not sewn.

This isn’t the first Frolic quilt that I made. I finished my original one back in 2020. You can see it HERE.

I am so glad I already made one. It made making this one so much easier. Here it was on the quilting frame.

The blog reader sent to me to finish and donate to charity. That’s exactly what I plan to do. At the end of August is a benefit called Kickin it Forward. They have a couple of big fundraisers each year. All the funds go into an account and are given out to local families in need. They were so good to our daughter Kelli when she had the twins early and needed to travel back and forth to Rochester to see them when they were in the hospital the gift came in so handy to help pay for gas and travel expenses. Being we live rural, any large hospital that we travel to is two hours away so oftentimes we need to eat on the road too.

Friends of ours are the organizers of the benefit and we are happy to help support them. It’s a great cause!!

I ended up binding it with a fabric I originally thought was pink. Well, it’s a batik and you know how batiks can be. One cut looks pink and the next looks orange. I was worried about how it would look on the quilt but went with it anyway.

In the end, I think a-okay.

I used a hook and feather quilting motif. You can learn how to do it HERE.

I ended up liking this version rather than my version. For mine, I picked too dark of a green. This was perfect.

I ended up finding this duvet cover and it works great as a backing for this quilt. I really like it. When I saw it I just knew it would be perfect for this quilt.

This quilt was the 2019 mystery quilt from Bonnie Hunter.

I gotta say, Bonnie knows how to make a great border!!

Here is the dog picture…I snapped this after I rolled it off the longarm. I’m so glad to have this one finished.

Sadly, I haven’t had a lot more UFO progress this month. I’ve been so busy playing hooky, taking care of grandkids, and getting outside. Before I know it, winter months will be here and maybe then I’ll have more time to quilt.

Many-many thanks to the blog reader who sent me this as a UFO. I am so happy to have it finished and to donate to the Kickin it Forward benefit. I’m honored you trusted me to finish it.

14 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Frolic”

  1. It’s a beautiful quilt, Jo and I know that whoever wins this at the auction will love it! Thank you for all your hard work on it and thank you to the blog readers who contributed to it.
    Love and prayers

  2. Jo what a beautiful finish. You have such a way for finishing quilts. Someone is going to love this quilt. Have a good day/evening.


    Hi Jo,
    I like your first one best, LOL. And I think it’s the only Frolic I do like. I’ve not made nearly as many Quiltville quilts as you have, though I started with Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll. I was busy working and making Baltimore quilts. But now I’ve retired, I’m putting the applique aside and have been making Chilhowie for our son who has just moved to Georgia. You are such an inspiration. Thank you for that…but I still like the first one best, ggg.

  4. Hi, Jo! Just this morning I was going through quilt patterns pulled from magazines over the last how-many years, and came across a lovely gray-and-white number from Quiltmaker, Jan-Feb 2015. What tickled me was that I recognized you from your blog pictures! Thought that might give you a tickle, too. Thanks for the great (old) pattern!

  5. There sure are a lot of spare parts from Frolic out there … many of them have made their way to you! I also have lots of leftovers from that quilt. I ran out of steam, so I made a smaller, modified version of Frolic. I’m sure your latest Frolic will be a great success for a fundraiser.

  6. Another great finish! This is such a pretty quilt and should be a good one for the charity. That charity sounds like something more rural small towns could emulate.

  7. Are we allowed to make two comments? After commenting I went back to look at your Frolic quilt 2020, and I disagree with you – I like your first one better, although this second one is very pretty too!

  8. Jo, I really liked your first Frolic quilt–the colors were what I like, but this second quilt is very nice also!

  9. Rebecca Foster-Faith

    I love Bonnie Hunter as a personality. But her quilts are much too fiddly and busy for my taste. That said – you have a fine looking quilt there!

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