Quilt Finish: Fireman Quilt

I told you in Monday’s blog post that I had to do a hurry-up job and get the quilt for the fireman’s breakfast finished. My dear friend Connie made this quilt top and donated it for me to finish and donate. I so appreciate her work and donation.

She gave the top to me in plenty of time. It was me who let the days slide by without my getting to it. Then about two weeks before the benefit, which is tomorrow, I realized that I would likely be in the hospital this weekend. (I am in fact in the hospital…They are treating my thyroid cancer. No worries, I’m doing well)

I had to scramble to get it finished. Here it is when it was on the longarm. One good thing, the thread choice was obvious to me…and the quilting motif was obvious as well.

On the top I used a variegated thread from oranges to a touch of yellow. The back thread was yellow with a touch of orange… and the motif, of course, was flames. They are quick and easy to do…just what I needed.

Here it is all finished!

Another reason I needed flames…the firemen in the panel are “HOT”.

My kids were home along with some of the in-laws. I asked my son-in-law Craig, who is a fireman if he wanted to see the quilt. I told him I thought he might want to as I had taken pictures of him wearing his gear, blew them up printed them on the quilt, and then made the quilt. Then I unrolled the quilt and showed it to him. We all laughed.

Craig thought my teasing was funny too.

Then Kalissa said they should put sticky notes on the men on the quilt with the names of coordinating firemen from the squad. They were all being silly…then they started razing me about making such a “risque” quilt. Oh my. Connie, you had the Kramers all blushing.

Didn’t Connie come up with a good design for the fabric? I know I like it.

Can you believe that Connie made two sets of pillowcases and donated them as well?

Connie donated backing fabric too!!

Here you can see a bit of the flame motif with the variegated thread.

No dog pictures this time around. I didn’t want dog hair on it…not a lot of pictures either. It was starting to get dark and I wanted to get it over to Craig and Kalissa’s house so I could check the quilt off of my to-do list before I went to the hospital.

The last thing I had to do to call it truly finished was to write this blog post…and now I’m all the way done…except for one thing. I need to thank Connie one more time. Connie…You were a lifesaver for me. I so appreciate your generosity and kindness in donating the top, backing, and the wonderful pillowcases. THANKS!!

P.S. Our firemen are working on building a new fire station. The money the quilt will bring is needed and appreciated. THANKS!!

10 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Fireman Quilt”

  1. Awesome quilt with such fun fabric. Thanks to all the volunteers out there getting the job done and their supportive families and friends. I need to improve my fire department fabric stash as nothing is that fun. Trucks and dalmations just aren’t as fun.

  2. Evelyn Donley

    Do you know where she found the fireman fabric. I’m wanting to make a quilt for our fireman’s supper and auction. I enjoy your blog have been keeping up with your family for a few years now. Thanks for all you do.

  3. Let us know how well the benefit did. Thanks for sharing and all that you do.
    Take care, thoughts and prayers coming your way.

  4. Such a neat quilt, you and Connie make a great team!

    Good luck and prayers given for your hospital stay and recovery, Jo! So glad there are treatments and you’re so dedicated for all the trips and appointments! Your family gives the best support!!

  5. What a great quilt for the firemen’s fundraiser. I hope it brings a firepail of money to the unit.

  6. Such a great quilt! I really like the simplicity of the pattern especially for a donation quilt. I hope to remember that. You are in my prayers.

  7. Martha W in WY

    The fireman quilt is perfect for the fundraiser. I’m sure it will be admired and talked about. It should generate lots of bids.

  8. You had me laughing SO hard at the fireman are HOT! Too funny! On a serious note, the quilt turned out great. Still praying for you.

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