Quilt Finish: Fair and Square

The quilt sharing continues…
While I was on quarantine I got so many quilts through the machine and gradually I’ve been able to show them off.  Today it’s the day to show off Kelli’s Fair and Square quilt.

Kelli pieced the top. I machine quilted it and bound it for her.

Writing this blog post about it is about killing me.  Just like it about killed me to do all the work on it.  I WANT TO MAKE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But I can’t until I’ve finished up a few other Bonnie Hunter quilts.  (Remember we’re doing UFO Wednesdays)  I keep telling myself you can’t start another quilt.  BUT OH I WANT TO!!

Isn’t is gorgeous??


Kelli left this one as a UFO and it languished for a long time.  Finally I pushed her to finish it.  Do you want to know what she had to do??  Sew on two of the already completed borders…oh my.  I know I have LOTS of UFO’s but I never leave them when I’m that close.

Fair-and-square-quilt-1I had originally thought that when I make one I’d do it in brights.  Then I thought I would do it with my shirt prints….but then I saw one that Mary at Country Threads did.  It looked a lot like Kelli’s version and then I knew that I wanted to do it with my Civil War scraps.


Oh but I have to wait and not start one….(or at least put it off for as long as I can)


Any way I look at it..I see gorgeous.


I love small and tiny pieces.  I love strings.  I have to make this quilt!!!

I will make this quilt.

I will make this quilt in the future…is it the future yet??  I hope so because I really want to make this quilt.

Kelli originally planned to give this one away.  Then I said Kelli….”wait until you see it quilted”…and then she said “Yep.  I am not giving that quilt away.”

The pattern can be found in Bonnie Hunter’s book Scraps and Shirttails II.

Today we’re hooking up with  Confessions of a Fabric Addict,and Crazy Mom Quilts.

14 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Fair and Square”

  1. What’s your Leader and Ender project right now? I worked on Happily Scrappily Irish Chain and Classic Strippy at the same time because they both needed light and dark 2″ squares sewn together. Maybe you could get started on Fair and Square as a Leader and Ender project. Of course, the new L&E project gets revealed next week…

  2. I am in awe of the work you and Kelli do with these quilts. They are just beautiful – but so many small pieces. I think I will continue my work with log cabin quilts. Not as many pieces, but also not quite the WOW factor that your quilts have. This quilt really makes me want to make one. Maybe I’ll change my mind when I retire and have all day to sew. Happy Friday!

  3. Fair And Square has been on my “to make” list since I first saw it in Bonnie’s book. I have three of those larger square plastic stacking drawers full of strings to use. Leftover binding, trimmings from straightening fabric…it all goes in there & they’re FULL. Just have so many patterns I want to make. Tell Kelli her quilt is beautiful and I can see why she swears to not give this one away.

  4. Have been is in Quilters No Mans Land for way too long. Have seen pretty quilt, but nothing that made me want to grab the ruler, rotary cutter and fabric. Bless your sweet creative family when I saw this quilt and read it was from Enders and Leaders I smiled…,that book is on my shelf and has never been used. I also have other Bonnie Hunter books with the same problem. For a long time it was because I was so far behind and after having two quilts totally ruined by two different quilters I just quit creating anything. Depression? Probably, but I finally got over it when I realized there had been 46 other quilts made and quilted since I So in time there would be others. Thanks for your inspiration! Hug Kelli….please.

  5. Beautiful quilt!! After seeing this, looks like there is another quilt being added to my “hope to make” list!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!!

  6. Love this quilt. It is on my Bonnie bucket list. After seeing Kelli’s I believe mine will be down with Civil War scraps also. Thanks for sharing!

  7. That IS a beautiful quilt! And look at cute little Ruby with her ears “at attention!” Since I’m pretty new to the quilting world, it will take me forever to accumulate all the many different colored scraps of fabric choices I see in this quilt in the strings, but I’m working toward that and would like to do that quilt one of these days. Also, I have been looking in thrift stores for men’s shirts, but they are outrageously high where I live, $5.99 to $7.99 and up, so I don’t buy those, for the amount of fabric you would get out of a shirt, you can buy the new fabric in the stores cheaper. (Sigh)

  8. After careful consideration, and some credit on my Amazon account, I ordered the Bonnie Hunter book so I could make this quilt.
    Just what I needed, another quilting book ! :>)

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