Quilt Finish: Fair and Square

It’s done!  It’s done!  Check another UFO off of my list!

Didn’t this photograph awesome.  I love that the real life richness showed up in the photos.  Often, if doesn’t.

For those of you wondering, this is Fair and Square from Bonnie Hunter’s book Scraps and Shirttails II.


It’s so pretty!!
Most of these fabrics came from scrap bags of leftovers that bloggers have sent me over the past couple years.  It it’s a small piece I often strip it up to make string quilts.  Oh, I love string quilts!!


If you check out this quilt in the book, the top and bottom borders were sewn on and then cut off.  The checkerboard pattern wasn’t all the way complete.  You can see by this picture from the book that the top border is cut off.


I wanted a little more of “proper, finished” look so I tried to figure what I would need to do to make that happen.  Then it dawned on me.  Cut the inner border at 2″ instead of the 1 1/2″ like the directions suggest.


I did debate about it a bit before I came to that conclusion though.  I’m sure a 1 1/2″ inner border was originally put on to mirror the 1 1/2″ border around the blocks.


This quilt stalled out as I didn’t like that the border in the blocks wasn’t the same fabric that I used for the inner border of the quilt and for the binding.

Silly me…close up it’s not terrible…far away, unnoticeable.


I used the quilt motif that I always use…I used a gold thread on this although it looks brown in the pictures.

I think the golds really add a lot to this quilt.  I normally have very little golds and oranges in my fabric collection.  Thanks to the generosity of blog readers who sent my their scraps, I could add them to this quilt.  If you’ve ever sent me a scrap bag, thanks ever so much!!


If you are a long time reader you might remember that when I made my version I constructed my blocks differently than the pattern instructions suggest.  Refer to this blog post if you want to learn more about that.

I had hoped that my method would all work out once the whole quilt was finished.  It did…


If I were to make the quilt all over again I might use more of cream muslin where mine is white.  I also would have made sure to have some oranges and golds in the outer border.


That’s all me just being “Miss Picky Pants” though.  I do try to look at project I finish and really critically look at them.  I don’t do it to condemn myself or my project.  I do it learn and become a better quilter.  I love it as is but could love it just a touch more if I’d have the changes I suggested in place.

For the backing….GOLD.  It was a print from Whittles Fabrics.

That’s another UFO checked off the list.  I’m so happy.  I’ll admit, one of the reasons this quilt got put on the quilt frame was that the end of the year is making it’s way here and want some progress to show on my UFO update.  If you want to see where I was at in June with my UFOs.  Here’s the link.

I still have the a little more time to get some UFO progress in.  I’m hoping I can finish at least one more.  Wish me luck!!

25 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Fair and Square”

  1. This is easily one of my favorite quilts that you’ve made. I admire it every time you post about it!! Gorgeous!

  2. Love this so much! I’ve yet to make a string quilt as I don’t have enough strings yet. I’ve been adding to them recently though!

  3. Wonderful quilt! I hope to make one I like just as much as I do yours. Thanks for the tips and tricks you used along the way.

  4. What a beautiful finish! This isn’t a quilt I have been anxious to make but seeing this one is making me change my mind! That’s just what I need, another quilt I want to make! Lol!

  5. WOW – just beautiful. That quilt really shines. Now I need to start cutting strings and try my
    hand at making something that beautiful. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  6. Love the look, so happy to send off scraps to you and love that they get used. The colors of the quilt are so rich. And great backing choice!

  7. Jo, this quilt is awesome!! I think the change you made in the outer border is perfect…It makes a big difference in the appearance not to have the edge chopped off…if it had not been a checkerboard, it may not have mattered, but, being that it is a checkerboard, it shows up more….good call on your part to change it!!

  8. It turned out great! It’s a pattern I want to make….have three of the big stacking plastic drawers full of strings! I do have a question….Since you used a different block method from what is in the book are the dimensions of the quilt about the same?

  9. I have this top sitting and waiting to be quilted. It has been sitting for years now. I started to quilt it with a variegated thread and didn’t like it. I need to just pick a solid thread, load it back up and get it done. You have inspired progress. That should go in your UFO report—inspired others to finish.

  10. I love Whittles fabrics. We live in Louisville KY and about every 3 months we take a trip down to Whittles. I like it better than any other fabric store in Kentucky. The fabric is so reasonably priced and there is sooo much of it. Love to go there, just wish it wasn’t so far away.

    I really like your string quilt too. I like scrap quilts best.

  11. OH MY….now this quilt makes my mouth water! I’ve got to hunt for this book on my shelves and mark it as a must-do to start for 2018. I love your fabrics and intend to make my blocks like you did….thanks for the inspiration and congrats on another great finish! WOOT WOOT!

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