Quilt Finish Continued….

When I left you yesterday I was right here in my saga on finishing Scotty’s quilt.  I was frustrated with the “bowing” and “waving” of the quilt.  (read yesterday’s post about the first if you didn’t yet.)

But I loved the colors…I loved the design.  I loved the backing.  I wanted to make this quilt work for Scotty.  I was hoping once it got washed and all crinkled that the problems would work themselves out…so did they??

Here is the quilt fresh off the frame.  You can see everything didn’t go perfectly.

Here is a photo of the center….and the bottom where things go a little dicey.  
This quilt had problems and I didn’t feel bad about the final result as I truly did the best I could.

Next step…bind it.

I snapped another picture before I threw it in the wash hoping it would all look better after a good washing.

Here it is finished….

The side still bows some…it’s not perfect.  But it is so much better.  Scroll back up and see the first picture of the center before it was washed.  Compare it to washed.  WOW.  MUCH BETTER.

The quilt can lay flat.  BONUS!

It’s perfectly crinkly.
The gray thread on top was a good choice.

Yep…in the end I’m happy with it.  Perfect, no.  But the colors and the quilting overpower any of the flaws.
The backing…spot on for a little boy.

Perfect no…here’s that pucker but I had to look really hard to find it.
The binding was black.  I was trying to find a good orange but there was none in the my stash.  Black I have and black was what I used.
I am happy with the quilt….flaws and all.  I’m not a perfect quilter…I will never claim to be.  I’m a good quilter but sometime I make mistakes and 90% of the time I learn from them.  That’s what is most important.  Now little Scotty has his quilt.

That makes FIVE weeks now and FIVE finishes.  Hmmm…I’m hoping for six.  We have a wedding coming up Thanksgiving weekend and I need a finished quilt!!

21 thoughts on “Quilt Finish Continued….”

  1. Congrats on your finish. That’s a wonderful quilt for a little boy. You choose a good quilt design. Sometimes you don’t know how it will look after washing, but it helps with any little flaw. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yay! Great finish! I love the design, colors, & quilting design for Scotty’s quilt ~ perfect for a little boy!

  3. Great finish, Jo! We need to enjoy the journey. Perfection is overrated. You learned so much from this experience and so did your bloggers. Thank you for sharing! Best of all the quilt will be loved.

  4. And really – who is to say what is the front and the back of the quilt. Some little boy might prefer the animal print side to the colorful striped side. In any case, he will love it because you made it just for him.

  5. I think that quilt is perfect for snuggling and making a (small) fort and becoming a super hero cape. IOW, just what a little boy needs and he will see the part where it was made just for him and know he’s special to you. Great job.

  6. Love the quilt! The colors and design are perfect for a boy! I was sure the quilt would be fine after washing and it is! Scotty will love it because his grandma made it! Does anyone other than a quilter notice flaws? I think not!

  7. Great Job. You should get kudos for finishing it when many would have tossed it in the donation bin.
    I am sure he will love it.So happy to hear you are not perfect….. heheh

  8. Washing a quilt is always the best way to solve construction and quilting problems. I’m so happy it turned out so nice. Now it’s soft and cuddly just like Scotty

  9. Jo, I have a problem with my boarders always being wavy on the outside, what did you mean by measuring the base? Is that meaning measure the previous border before adding the next border?

  10. Judith Fairchild

    I’m so glad you shared a problem quilt. I have had trouble getting the things to be square even with care sewing and trimming the squares before putting them together. Thank you for sharing. It seems sometimes the material stretches even when cut properly and sewn carefully. But I do love the way your quilt looks even the blacks(not my favorite color)

  11. Hi Jo. I think the quilt looks terrific! I just recently participated in a sew-along and I just could not get my points to match like they should. It was my first time sewing curves on the machine. I had 64 blocks to make. Well the last 4 were the best. Talk about a slow learner. I think I finally worked out what I neeeded to do. I absolutely loved the sew-along. The hosts were so encouraging. I did not unpick those seams that clearly do not match because I realised its my quilt and it will keep me warm whether the seams match or not! Sometimes its the journey thats more important than the end product.

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  13. Its a wonderful quilt and love that you share the “bad” parts and all. It done and will be loved by Scotty. I must admit that the colors and design really talk to me, so modern and like you I mostly work in Civil War fabrics. Great finish!

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