Quilt Finish: Claudette

Sorry…there aren’t a lot of pictures of my finished quilt.  It was windy and terribly cold.  With it getting dark early, I can’t get photos after the childcare kids leave….UGH.  Inside of the house picture just never work well.  So here it is…Claudette.  It’s a Villa Rose postcard design.


It was a quick top to sew.  I originally intend this to be a quilt for the wedding we have this weekend…but, I have someone else I wanted to make a quilt for and I think this one will be better for the “someone else”….so I’m scrambling.  I finished this on Tuesday night and quickly made the decision to finish the other quilt and have it for the wedding this weekend.  It’s going to be a scramble but I can do it.

The fabrics in this quilt are so fun.


I wasn’t in love with this quilt when I had the top finished…but, I do love it now once it’s quilted.  Some quilts need some good quilting to make them shine.


This is the backing and a picture of the pattern….Quilt-3-1

If you at the pattern and the finished quilt you will notice that I added an outer border to the quilt.  I wanted it a little bigger.

…and here’s the Ruby picture.


I ended up stopping at Lou Ann’s in Oelwein on my way to Cedar Rapids when we went to see out new grand baby Lucy.  I wanted another kit so that if I need another quick gift I could make another.  Then Lou Ann tempted me….she had the pattern made up in another color way with kits for each of the samples.


I was so tempted to get them both but ended up going with the same one I previously did.  I had some left over fabrics so I could make the same one again only bigger using the leftover fabrics.

This was a fun, easy and fast quilt to sew.  If you need a quick gift it’s perfect!

I’m so glad I have this one finished and hope I can make the deadline of the wedding on Saturday to get the other quilt finished!!

4 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Claudette”

  1. I like the Villa Rose patterns for a quilt that is needed in a hurry. A lot of them are fast and easy and end up being really beautiful. Thanks for sharing Jo.

  2. Its a great quilt and both of her colorways are quite nice. I also like the Villa Rose patterns when you just need something quick and easy to sew. Its a wonderful quilt. How is Lucy, precious and sweet I’m sure. Its nice to see Ruby, hope she is feeling better.

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