Quilt Finish: Civil War Tribute

I told you at the beginning of the month I went a little crazy with running quilts through the long arm.  Slowly, I am revealing them.  This is my Civil War Tribute quilt…

I am THRILLED to have it finished.  Kelli and I both started these as monthly kits when they first came out…we both stalled out on them.

Then almost two years ago on the blog, we hosted a “get your old UFO monthly quilt finished” quilt along and then we got both of ours finished into tops….then they sat again.

I finished Kelli’s a bit ago…then this one stalled.

Thanks to participating in the Dirty Dozen UFO Challenge hosted by Country Threads, I tackled mine.

I waited to share this until Kelli was here so I could get pictures of both of us with both of the quilts.  I wanted to make sure you didn’t think I was cheating.

Here we are…two of us and two quilts…See??

I am so thankful to have these done.  So thankful!!

These two quilts have been grinding on me for a LONG TIME.

A blog reader said to me that I would appreciate the quilts more once they were done…she was so right.

Trudging along with them was just plain no fun.  It’s a lovely quilt but my heart just wasn’t in the sewing of them.  I’ve found something out about myself as I did this….

I am not a monthly sew a long girl.  I don’t like to make sampler type quilts.  I love the monotony of making block after block.  I don’t like learning a new block all the time.  I also don’t like projects sitting around waiting for the next installment.

But…like the blog reader said…I do like it all finished.

The backing is some I bought at an auction.  It goes perfectly with the top.

Oh…what a relief to have these finished!!

I did my hook and bump motif on this.

Kelli’s had baptist fans on hers and I really dreaded doing them again.  The quilt is 115″ long and oh my, that’s a lot of quilt!  In an effort to just finish it, I decided I was on a roll with hook and bump and that’s what I was going to do.

In the end, I liked it better than the Baptist fans so that’s awesome!!

I bound it with the same brownish fabric as the inner border.

I am resting as a happy girl.  I have another UFO off the list!!  What more could a girl want??

So curiously, I’d love to know if you are like me and don’t like block of the month projects or if you are someone who loves them…of course, there is no wrong answer!!  Please share in the comment section what you like.

…and with that, I’m heading back to working on fixing my sewing room.  I can’t wait!

62 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Civil War Tribute”

  1. What a beautiful quilt Jo! So happy that both are finished! I have never done a block of the month and I don’t like to make sampler quilts. I do like doing quilt alongs and the occasional mystery quilt. I am participating in both right now.

  2. Betty from Canada

    I have never done a block of the month but I think I will agree with you on the fact o f having to cut out different patches for each block but you know the saying “don’t knock it until you have tried it” so I may have to try it.

  3. Beautiful quilts, Jo! I’ve participated in about a dozen BOM in the past. I’ve only finished three of them. I love the look of a sampler quilt, but I’m with you and don’t really enjoying doing a different block each month or having it sit around all year. Or if one or more of the blocks are made with extra, unnecessary seams I become disappointed in the quality of the project. I’m usually enthusiastic for about the first six months and then I’m done with it. Or I fall behind due to life or vacations, see the layout and don’t like it, draw up my own, but don’t finish because the extra fabric I need is sold out.

  4. I don’t mind making a sampler quilt but when I do, I want to piece the blocks and get them finished, not drag out the piecing for month at a time. Some people like to work on a quilt at the same time together. Not me, I want to get it pieced and move onto the next project. Your Tribute is lovely, hope you keep it since you’ve put so much work into it. I have a friend who gifted me this very same kit when she moved and was downsizing her stash. I decided I wasn’t interested in making this quilt so I removed the patterns and added the fabrics to my stash. I’ve never regretted my decision, I don’t piece quilts that tell you to sew in 16ths of an inch dimensions.

  5. Well done ! Beautiful. Doesn’t it feel great to have this big one done. I’ve never been good at those monthly projects . I have one now sitting in a box That needs to be done. Can’t throw it out it was an expensive one . And directions and
    Method of the way they did some of the blocks are terrible . And in this one there was no extra fabric to buy if you mess up cutting you have to find another fabric that might match.

  6. Judith Fairchild

    Never have wanted to do a bom. I did make a sampler quilt of sorts I found 7 patterns that played nicely together. Chose a red and green apple fabric for my color base and followed through every row has the same seven blocks in it spacing differently each row. Came out pretty good. It was my Christmas/ birthday present from one of my nieces. She gave me the money for Christmas with the instructions I was to make a quilt for myself. I have used it for 26 years on bed. It’s warn but still usable. I learned a lot about fabrics and good piecing on it.

  7. Have never done a BOM and don’t plan to. I have no patience. :) When I want to work on something I work on it. I can’t wait around for the next block. I do like sew a longs. I can sew at my own pace for the most part. Beautiful quilt! Congrats on the finish!

  8. Nope not a fan! Did 2 – one came along right on time each month as I wasn’t going to pay big time for the next block.. but #2 i did with friends & determined to finish!

  9. Barbara Brackman has monthly BOMs that are free, well done, interesting, and fun. I’ve done two of hers. You can keep up or let a few go by and catch up.

  10. Jo, that is one beautiful quilt! You should be proud of it.
    I’m with you on the BOMs or sampler quilts. They are not my favorite although I occasionally get caught up on one. I want to see it first though. I don’t enjoy mystery quilts.

  11. I tend to agree with you about BOM. They are well thought out by the designer/organizer to be a fun and engaging project.
    I am a “handle it once” kind of person and prefer to work on one project from start to finish. I currently have 3, yes 3, BOM projects in various stages. Luckily one will be have the last block sent out Nov 11 and I can finish that before the year ends. The other 2, are either printed copies of the pattern or saved to a folder on my computer. This allows me to work on the project at my leisure, but sometimes I loose interest.
    My first BOM was a “Piecing the Past” BOM. It was an interesting and i used prairie/civil war style fabrics. I hangs in the closet and hasn’t been used.

  12. Did a BOM once — hated it! Still sitting in a box; never did put it together. So tedious… so inefficient. Like you, I love the speed and simplicity of making the same block over and over! Also, I don’t enjoy someone else picking out the fabric & design for me! Takes all the creativity out of it. Yuck.

  13. I’ve only done a mystery quilt for a month, a new clue came out weekly and that was easy, but I’ve never done a block a month, until next month when a sampler kit comes I hope I love it!

  14. I dont like BOM because I dont like to attend the monthly meetings at the LQS. The last one I did was supposed to use different machine feet for each block and there was absolutely no instruction on the feet. Just assumed you would know what to do. I’m finally using the fabrics that came with it for other projects. Yours turned out beautiful but all those tiny HST>

  15. I really like your civil war quilts. Just beautiful!
    I tried a monthly project for a Christmas Quilt and was pretty disappointed. Almost every one of the shipments was cut incorrectly. Even though they sent out new directions, I was usually already done with the block and had to request more fabric which in the end did not match what I already had. So, I just quit the series and gave it away. Frustrated is the word.

  16. That’s so funny- I love making sampler type quilts- making the same block over and over again makes me bored- I at least need a color difference to keep me interested! I guess that’s what makes the wold go round- we’re all different!

  17. Connie Schofield

    I enjoy BOM programs mainly because they come with fabric and instructions. I don’t have to make any fabric choices and I know I will like them. Actually, I’ve learned so much by doing BOM. Sometime I don’t start it until I have all of the months. It’s kind of like purchasing a kit.

  18. Bravo on finishing a lovely quilt! You’ve done a terrific job. I’m a bit like you, I’m enthusiastic when I get started but I usually tire out by the end and then the blocks sit in a box! I’m ok with samplers but I don’t know that I’ve ever done one that wasn’t a bom.

  19. Very pretty quilt. I don’t like doing block of the month or sample type quilts either. In my early days of quilting, they were great as a learning challenge, but now I am with you…I like the repetition of the same blocks. And My sampler type quilts felt rather chaotic to me

  20. I’m so happy for you that the Civil war quilt is finished! It looks great and I think your quilting is perfect. I’m not a fan of sampler quilts or BOM. I went with a friend to her BOM and it seemed more like a sales opportunity for the shop. This particular shop seemed very pushy that the women buy whatever they were pushing that month.

  21. Lovely quilts! I’m in my seventies so that may have something to do with my answer, but I don’t think I would like block of the month. I decide what pattern/ project I am going to do, and then I do it. I understand why bloggers like them though. I have other things to do (like walking) along with quilting, so I only spend a certain amount of time sewing during an average day. One of the reasons I enjoy quilting is that I don’t have deadlines. I spent 50 years working and meeting deadlines. No more. However, I love your blog and seeing all the quilts.

  22. I did a BOM once while I was teaching full time, and at that time getting one block a month was perfect. I haven’t done one since, for whatever reason.
    I love how yours turned out. It is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!

  23. I laughed at your comment about thinking you were cheating! BOM is not a good quilt method for me. Two reasons. I quilt at our dining table so I want to really get on a sewing roll when I set everything up, to piddle around with a single block. Like you, I enjoy the meditative aspect of sewing similar blocks until I have them all. It relaxes me, and lets me be creative in other ways. Still, this finish is a big win!

  24. Clarice Vichich

    No samplers or block of the month quilts for me! Love the monotony of the same ole block one after the other …or improvise my own quilts

  25. You posed and interesting question. I’ve never thought about it one way or the other, but now I’m wondering into which camp I would fall. Better play it safe and not try one. I’m finding it difficult enough keep up with the Dirty Dozen challenge.

  26. SusanfromKentucky

    What beautiful quilts! So glad you got yours finished and hope you’re going to keep it.
    I’m not a fan of sampler quilts at all, but your Civil War Tribute is one I DO like.

  27. Love your quilt! Beautiful!! I’ve never done a BOM and know myself enough to know I probably wouldn’t keep it going. I might do it though as a chance to get to know other quilters in my area if it were done at a shop. I’ve only done one sampler and that was in a beginner quilt class 36 years ago. Guess I’m not too fond of samplers….lol

  28. Absolutely beautiful quilts! I really like kits; no leftover fabric. I’ve been trying to use all my big scraps during the stay at home orders. I’ll be starting my first BOM in January.

  29. I don’t like blocks of the month either. I still have some waiting for me to make!!!! It’s so satisfying to finish old projects. My mission right now!!!!

  30. It’s beautiful Jo! I did a BOM calendar quilt. Kingsized, I hand sewed the blocks, machine sewed the sashings and borders and then hand quilted it. 2 kids and several moves later, I finished it. Took a total of 20 years!

  31. I agree with Carol S above, I LOVE blocks of the month! I do not like the pressure of picking all the fabrics to go together, give contrast, etc. That is my least favorite part of quilting. I like the small bits of building blocks over the course of a month and also splitting up the cost! I really wanted to do the Civil War Tribute quilt, but was already doing another BOM and could not afford 2 at once. I have never done a sampler quilt yet, although it is one of my favorites to see. Yours is just beautiful and I love the quilting on it-everything is perfect!

  32. Barbara Lutgendorf

    Your quilt is lovely and looks like you will enjoy it for a long time. I did a block of the month quilt using Jen Kingwell’s gypsy wife pattern. I would never have attempted by myself. That said at the end of the year, I had fallen behind. One year later, it was , oh just knock this out. It turned out great, with a great feeling of accomplishment. Now the It’s a small world block of the month – that’s sitting in the closet going on year 3 lol.

  33. Your quilts are lovely! I’m with you! I currently have 4 bom quilts waiting to be finished. Two are at the sashing stage, one needs more blocks completed, and one isn’t even started. I purchased the last one on clearance after the program finished and didn’t have a chance to sew along during the program. I’ve decided never to do boms or a mystery again.

  34. I am just now doing, my first ever, a day by day sew along the Moda Stitch Pink and while I am actually enjoying the different blocks each day. What I hate is the fact that when I am in the groove so to speak I have to wait till the next day to continue on. ( that and moving anything if I want to work on anything else) I can not imagine going a month between…. it would soon become a lost cause I fear.
    I am not even good at “downloading and saving” the pattern each time its published untill I get them all for the project!

  35. I lose interest in block of the month type projects. If I like the project I am likely to collect the patterns until I have them all and then start. I am like you – don’t like the unfinished projects hanging around.

  36. Linda Carpenter

    I sometimes will save up four of five months worth and then work with them until I am bored with that one and then work on another…four or five months later I am ready to start up again and then finish…that way there is always something in the pipeline.

  37. The civil war tribute quilt is amazing. My friend and I just got the kit, but a couple border fabrics are missing, but am anxious to to the quilt with her. Thank you for sharing.

  38. I have no problem with ONE block of the month at a time…….. in fact I have Civil War Tribute somewhere in my sewing room. The shop that did it has been gone 5-6 years….. you know the rest of the story. If I come across it some time I will pull it to the top of the pile. You have a beautiful quilt, enjoy it

  39. I’m with you on sampler quilts ,I’ve made so many in my quilt classes,I think teachers like to do them because it gives them something to teach each week. I loose interest when I have to wait a long time for a new block. I do love your quilt,reproduction fabric is my favorite.

  40. I seem to be in the minority as I love BOM and sampler quilts. I signed up for every Thimbleberries BOM. Sometimes Lynette had two going at the same time, a BOM and a BOM club quilt. I worked sometimes 10 hour days and sewed with friends on Friday night. It was something I could cut out ahead of time and take along and get stitched up in one evening. I must admit, many Projects waited until I retired to get finished, but I have been successful to get at least one finished a year since then. I also participated in a LQS Marti Michel BOM. I had an excellent teacher and learned so much. I love using my Marti Michel templates. Such great accuracy. We had the choice of either going with Marti Michel’s fabric kit or using any fabrics in the shop which the teacher would help us pick out. I usually used my Kansas Troubles. It was fun seeing how different the blocks would look with different fabric choices. I did that class from 1997 to 2010 and enjoyed every minute. I had boxes labeled with the BOM to keep them straight. Now I’m doing a Fig Tree Summertime picnic and Coriander Christmas. I need embroidery work on two Lori Holt BOM. Different fabric choices for me. ☺. Your quilt is beautiful and quite an accomplishment. I remember the quilt shop I took the Marti Michel classes at doing that BOM. Remember the ladies talking about the 1\16 of an inch and was so glad I didn’t sign up for that one!! Lol. Sure am enjoying your blog. Oh, and I am participating in Kim Diehl Whatnots Club and one is my Dirty Dozen project for October. I should finish up the top for a Christmas gift for my sister this weekend and can work on my DD project.

  41. Congratulations on finishing both civil war quilts! They’re beautiful. I like the idea of a block of the month, but I rarely stay caught up.

  42. Both quilts are lovely!
    I haven’t yet done a BOM. Years ago I bought a pattern that was originally sold as a BOM, but by the time I was at that shop, the BOM was over and they were just selling the entire set of patterns. I selected my own fabrics. I’ve been wanting to start that pattern for a long time, and it’s now up on the top of my list. I’ve decided to do it as a BOM, mostly as a trick to keep making progress on it. Let you know next year if I like it or not!

  43. I have never done a block of the month quilt or a sampler quilt. I’m not a joiner and the thought of doing 1 block per month for however long gives me the heebie geebies. I’m also not a fan of sampler quilts; so many times I see 1 or 2 blocks that just don’t seem to fit the over all pattern. That being said, your Civil War quilt is beautiful.

  44. Your quilt is beautiful!
    I did a Christmas quilt that was a pattern of the month. I used my own fabric but had to wait on a new block pattern to arrive each month. I finished the quilt but won’t do one like that again. I lost interest and momentum waiting a month for the next block pattern.

  45. What a beautiful finish! both of the quilts are gorgeous and I like that you used a different quilting pattern on them. I have never done a block of the month, tho my guild had offer them over the years. I usually have one project going at a time and its a “getter don mentality”. I don’t think I would enjoy switching gears to work on a block and then put it away for a month.

  46. Jo and Kelli,
    I also made this quilt…and it was a GRIND putting it together. The border was a big leaning curve for me then. Since have done several Bonnie Hunter quilts and this quilt taught me to pin, pin, pin and ease in or stretch a little to fit. But, I did tell you it is lovely when done. And I like the size on my queen bed in the winter as it cover the blanket so well. Good job Stitchers!!
    One other thing I learned doing this quilt, don’t do BOM. They are so tempting….but remember the Civil War quilt!!

  47. Ive done both not a big fan. I prefer to collect the patterns and see what it will look like before starting them. I’ve gone the other route and I end up not liking them
    I so enjoy reading your blog and hearing about what you and your family are up to. Thank you so much for sharing your lives with us

  48. I love this quilt kit and am dying to find it! I know it was from awhile ago but if you know of anyone who would like to sell this quilt kit I would love to buy it. I only started quilting five years ago and this kit was prior to my time.

  49. I started my quilt in 2010 and made it 80 percent of the way. It’s now 2021, and I’m planning to finish! I’m so glad I found your post! I don’t think very many people finished this quilt, and yours is beautiful. The sawtooth and borders really set it off. Your quilting is lovely. Thanks for the inspiration.

  50. I have this BOM set in its pristine plastic envelopes. The problem is Month 1 is missing. The subsequent months refer to the directions in that first month. I have repeatedly contacted the maker with no reply. Is there any way I could see, borrow, but the directions to month1?

    1. Sorry. I passed my chart on long ago. I know Olivia at Pumpkin Hollow Quilts on Flosstube (Youtube) is currently making it. Maybe she can copy the instruction for you.

    2. I’m having the same problem. Missing month 1 instructions. If you were able to find them could you please pass on where you found them? Thank you so much.

      1. I passed my pattern to someone as soon as I was finished with it. I know Olivia at Pumpkin Hollow Quilting (on youtube) is making this right now. She might be able to help you with instructions.

  51. Pulled out my Civil War Tribute quilt to finally finish it. All done except for the borders. My pattern doesn’t include instruction for borders. Can any one share. Would love to finish it.

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