Quilt Finish: Cheddar Bow Ties

It’s finished.  It’s FINISHED!!  I’m so happy to have this one done.

I started this one when Bonnie Hunter had her Cheddar Bow Tie Challenge.  Silly me, I made about 350 bow ties and then set them aside thinking that should be a good amount.  Then I waited for her pattern, whatever it might be come out.

Well the pattern was released in her book More Adventures with Leaders and Enders.  Imagine my surprise when I found I needed over 600 of those little bow tie blocks.

This quilt got me through a tough spell in life.  We were living at the farm.  We had bought the house in town and a move was soon pending.  I had packed up my sewing room only to find that there was a delay with the house and we’d be moving almost a month after we expected.

I would come home from working on the house and NEEDED a little “relax” time at the sewing machine but there was nothing to sew.  It was all packed away.  All I could get to was the strip totes and my machine as well as a box of essentials, pins, scissors and the like.  That’s when I realized I could pull out my big tote of 2″ strips and I could start sewing the borders of this quilt.  That’s just what I did.  I was so thankful to have it to sew.  I NEEDED that relax time.  The house remodel was so stressful and making the border of this quilt saved me.

So I showed the finished quilt to Hubby.  I told you before that his typical response is “cool”.  This time I was certain he would say too much yellow.  He’s not a yellow fan.  So I asked “what do you think?”  He went all out and came out with a new response.  He said, “cool quilting”.    I laughed and told him I was sure he was going to tell me “too much yellow”.  He chuckled and said, “you already knew that”.  What a character!!

I do love Baptist Fans as a quilting motif especially on quilts that are dark.

This quilt came right down to the end on the fabric I had.  I was so nervous as this was a UFO and I couldn’t remember if I had cut out the exact amount I needed or if I just cut up what I had.  As Kelli will tell you, I often don’t completely cut out a pattern…this time, I lucked out.  I had just enough fabric and had cut out just the right amount.

The backing fabric came from Whittles.  It was one of their $5 a yard fabrics.  I love getting those for backings.
Close up I can really see that the cheddar color of the bow ties is printed but further away, I don’t notice that it is as much.

So this quilt adds to the stack of quilts I have finished from Bonnie Hunter’s book More Adventures with Leaders and Enders.  Awhile back I listed all the quilts from the book and showed the ones I have finished.  Find that post here.  With the finish of this quilt that leaves me at only 4 of the quilts in the book left to make.  I’ve made the other 8.  So will I try to make all the quilts in this book too….NO!  ….well maybe.  Who knows?  I do almost have quilt number 9 finished.  Oh my.

That Ruby dog of mine, she doesn’t care what quilts I make, what pattern they are or the color scheme.   She just wants to quick sit, pose and get her treat!!

…and with that, another UFO bites the dust!

26 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Cheddar Bow Ties”

  1. Lynne Nicholson UK

    Adorable. Was thinking I wouldn’t be able to make bow tie blocks due to my sightloss unless accuquilt did a dedicated die but think I’ve just figured a work around with my existing dies (I bought all sizes of the qubes to give me as much flexibility as possible). Just may have a play and see if my idea will work.

  2. Your quilt looks very nice and the Baptist Fan quilting is one of my favorite quilting designs too. Do you know when Bonnie’s next books is coming out? Happy stitching!

  3. Love your bow ties quilt!!! I also did that one when Bonnie put out the challenge. Used a solid cheddar for the background and didn’t do a border. Thought I would use up a lot of scraps on this one…….but as usual they seem to multiply!

  4. Wonderful Jo really a beauty. Amazing that we can use quilting as our therapy…I know having something to “mindlessly ” sew has really got me through some tough times.

  5. Its a great finish and I also love the Baptist fan design, it fits the quilt design beautifully. Woohoo another one done!

  6. I think I have 6 bowties done in my UFO pile. . . hmmm, maybe I should be cutting ahead for that. I am cutting for Texas Braid and Carolina Chain as I am working on scraps. LOVE yours!

  7. Leader/Ender quilts can seem to take forever. I’m doing a double bed sized version of your “Ariel’s Wedding Quilt”. I’m not strip piecing it, though. I counted the sets of scrappy bars last weekend. I just need 14 more! So I’ve counted out those pieces and will keep ‘l&e’ on to a finish. Hopefully one as nice as yours!

  8. Love the yellow and all the bow ties. I think my patience might be suited more for a table runner than a full-size quilt. Ruby is sure sitting at attention waiting for that treat. Hope you are not snowed in today – we just got 2-3 inches in La Crosse.

  9. I think this is one of my favorite quilts that you’ve made. What’s not to love?? Bowties, cheddar and Baptist Fans! :)

  10. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Hate yellow, hate cheddar, love your quilt!! I think it is all the other cool colors in your quilt that make it so appealing. Scrappy is awesome!! I may have to rethink my feeling towards using cheddar. Now Ruby, she is such a Beagle…ruled by her stomach!!!

  11. Lorraine bujnowski

    Love the cheddar bow ties! And the Baptist fan quilting is perfect…always one of my favorites.
    Of course, Ruby is always such a cutie!

  12. I love bow ties and cheddar and baptist fan quilting……….winning combination! How do you quilt Baptist fan on your long arm?

  13. I love your cheddar/bow tie quilt.
    I also appreciate that you are making all of the quilts in the book, using one of Bonnie Hunter’s books at a time. I have enjoyed seeing your progress. Thanks for your inspiration.

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