Quilt Finish: Charm Square Special

I finished another UFO…WHEW!! I’m trying hard this month to get a couple done. This is #1. I have my Oversized Flying Geese quilt close to a finish…I have the 16-patch half-square triangle quilt close and I have the navy nine-patch quilt close. Oh, I love that feeling when things are lining up.

This UFO originated from a blog reader. They had sent a bunch of cut 5″ squares. There were many more neutral ones compared to colored squares. I wanted to use as many squares as I could so I came up with the plan to sew the center blocks together and then put an outer border around the outside of only neutral squares. I ended up loving it.

I’m sure these were cut from a fabric line…and possibly another fabric or two thrown in…but mostly a fabric line. I adore the soft colors…so pretty.

At one point I thought I might make if bigger but was stuck as I didn’t have any soft-colored fabric that would go with it. Doreen to the rescue. She’s a friend and blog reader. She lives in the same town where I work. One day she sent her husband to my work and sent fabric with him to give to me. Wasn’t that the sweetest? She was pretty sure one of the fabrics she sent would work. It did…but I had figured out to add the neutral square by then so the fabric she sent became the backing and binding. It doesn’t show up well in these photos but it matches perfectly.

I had to put a seam in the backing. I always try really to make the backing appear to not have a change-up in the print of the fabric. If you look at the photo on the left, you can see the seam line but from further away, you’d never notice it! My mom would be so proud of me because she would always do the same type of thing.

I didn’t do any fancy quilting. After I was about 1/4 of the way done, I kicked myself. Darn. I wish I had done straight-line quilting but I had already meandered. UGH. I still like it…but might have liked it slightly better with straight line quilting.

I have an extra little guy in my last photo with the dogs this time. It’s my grandson Eli. He doesn’t have pants on because he’s potty training. I was going to put him down for his nap…but I didn’t have a little quilt to cover him up with. He still naps in a crib at my house. Emmett and Anders were in other cribs and they were using my small quilts. I ended up putting this one in Eli’s bed. He was so happy with it.

I had intended to donate it but, I guess it’s going to get used here.

Many thanks to Doreen for the backing and binding fabric. She sent a couple of other pieces that will likely show up here in a different quilt. Thanks as well to the blog reader who sent the original neutral squares. I sent the remaining scraps to the Cresco Ladies. I’m curious about what they will come up with using the remaining scraps. I’m not sure if there is enough for anything but they are so creative so who knows…you might see more scraps in another project.

7 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Charm Square Special”

  1. What a cute picture of Eli and the dogs! I, too, like the soft colours of the quilt. It looks lovely.
    Thinking of you today, Jo.

  2. I love how you take scraps and make them into simple but beautiful quilts. Such a cute picture of Eli! It sounds like we will be seeing several more finished quilts in the near future.

  3. The picture of Eli and the dogs is just adorable! I can see why he fell in love with your latest quilt. It came out so cozy looking. Perfect for grandkids’ naps. Another great finish.

  4. What a cozy, sweet quilt, Jo. And the picture with Eli and the dogs is adorable.
    Sending special thoughts and prayers today.

  5. Eli isn’t alone… I love this “charming” little quilt! It so soft & snuggly looking! And one more UFO down! Great job, Jo!

  6. Hi, random stranger here. While I appreciate that you posted the photo of your grandson out of love, I strongly urge you to do some strategic blurring before posting. Small step now to save the little guy a bunch of humiliation when he’s older.

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