Quilt Finish: Charm Square Quilt

Several years ago I went to a garage sale that had fabric.  I bought three projects worth of quilting things.

You can see that I paid, $10, $10, and $8 for the UFOs.

In May when I working so hard on cleaning out the sewing room, I finished this top.  It is the project bag on the bottom left.

You can read about this quilt HERE.

After that one was done I finished the next one…It was the bag for $8 on the right.
Read about the quilt HERE.

Well, now I finished the last one.  It’s been a top for several months.  I sewed it leader and ender fashion during June.   In this round of trying to really clean up the sewing room, I put this on the frame.  I really want to get caught up on all of the finished tops that aren’t quilted yet.

The quilt is an EXPLOSION of color!!

When I bought the pack there were lots of hand-cut 5″ squares.  Some were already sewn together so I decided to just keep sewing them together.  It’s simple but if the colors are good, they spark!

Rosie was tired of being in the quilting room the day I was working on this.  Poor girl, see??

Here is my quilt all finished.

Can you say HELLO COLOR!!  There is a lot punched into this quilt.

In some quilts, the design speaks.  In some quilts, it’s the color!!

Can you see I did the hook and bump motif?  I used a yellow to an orange variegated thread on the top.

Every time I look at this quilt I smile…

All of my childcare kids and grandkids that have been around lately all want this quilt.  I think as quilters we sometimes poo-poo sewing simple squares together but it’s not a bad thing.  Simple squares can still make a nice quilt.

I bought a box of fabric at a garage sale when the girl and I went to Spring Green to Country Sampler.  The orange that I used for the binding was in this box.

I don’t use orange often but for this quilt, it was perfect!!

I have to laugh about this quilt.  It was a true mix-mash.  I paid $10 for the bag of squares and added a few scraps, not many, that came from blog readers.  I don’t typically buy these colors of fabrics so I’m sure they came from some of you.

The orange for the backing was a thrift store fabric for 50 cents.

The peace sign fabric was from the thrift store for $1.  The blue solid was leftover from something.  So the fabric for the top and baking was $11.50.
There are batting and thread cost…but I’m relatively sure this is one of the cheapest quilt tops I’ve ever made!!

I used a variegated thread on the back too.

It is an eclectic quilt that is for sure!!

I put it in my pile of quilts to give away or donate.
This isn’t the typical Rosie but a Rosie photo nonetheless.  I fluffed the quilt open to show it to Kelli and just like that the kids were all over it, as was Rosie.  They rolled around and played on it for 20 minutes.

I don’t know what it is about quilts here but the second they are opened, the kids are all over them.

That’s another quilt off the “to be quilted” pile.  I haven’t shown you all that I’ve quilted.  They will be coming up in future quilts.  I do know I only have THREE more on the pile.  I am so close.  I am not stopping now.  My goal for last year was to be completely caught up.  That plan got derailed, along with my life, when Kramer, my husband, was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away.  This year, in 2020, I tried to make a more realistic goal and that was to keep up with my tops and quilt them right away, and to have fewer quilts on the pile by the end of the year.  I’m starting to think, I just might meet the goal from the previous year and finish them all.  Wouldn’t that be grand??

Please keep cheering me on.  Those of you who have a stack of quilts that need to be machine quilted can completely understand…right??

26 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Charm Square Quilt”

  1. I think you got your money’s worth on those garage sale bags!!! That last quilt is so fun and happy!!! I can see why all the kids want it!!! You are really making progress!!!

  2. It’s really a very “Happy” quilt. Nothing better than meeting our own deadlines. You’ve done wonderful in doing that.

  3. Love the quilts and even saw some familiar fabrics that I have used. Colorful is wonderful! You get so many quilts finished, I’m amazed.

  4. Love this quilt! Know that I’ll be shopping for some great thrift fabric also, but still won’t be able to come up with anything like yours! It’s wonderful and kids love it!

  5. Jo, these three quilts are wonderful! My favorite are quilts made of squares with maybe some rectangles thrown in. Nothing fancy. The colors you bought in these bundles are spectacular. I wish the person who donated this fabric could see it now. I’m so proud of you for finishing so many tops. I know you will complete this task before you know it. I’m so happy for Kelli’s family and all of you that your family will be growing by two! This is the most exciting news!

  6. I’m a color girl so I love all these. You’ve done a great job! I love your hook and bump quilting and it seems to go perfectly with this quilt, too. Congratulations on making such great progress toward your goal!

  7. The kids and Rosie playing on the quilt is one of the best reasons to quilt! I have been trying to get caught up with my quilting this year but I’m not even close to your league. I lost my husband too, and I finished quilting the quilt I had made for him before he passed. I also have a 2nd tshirt quilt to finish, I think I’ll get it done this year!

  8. I have never used Leaders and Enders as I was not taught to use them at first so the habit was not made. Just last night I thought I should pull out my collection of mini charm packs and start using L-E to get better seams at the ends. I see a lot 4 and 9 patches in my future. Happy Creating.

  9. You go, Jo! You can finish your last three and remember the day and the feeling forever. That would deserve a party—maybe one last fall trip to the pizza farm?!

  10. Love this quilt! I don’t use bright colors a lot, but may start after seeing t is. It really does make you smile!

    Great job on your goal work, too! I think you are doing an amazing job!

  11. Wow! I want that charm quilt! That literally is the brashest quilt I have ever seen. And I mean that in a good way. So, so, so many yellows. Yellow is usually a pop color and use sparingly. But this one! Kudos to the primary quilter for the color and kudos to you for a lovely finish job.

  12. This 3rd quilt is FANTASTIC! I am all about bold color and bright prints! I am cheering you on and on to get it all done! You’ll be going into 2021 carefree and ready to explore your stash and continue with some of those kits you’ve been cutting these last few years!

    RAH RAH RAH! Pom Poms are flyin’ :-)

  13. Judith Fairchild

    I think I have fallen in love with that last quilt. It reminds me of spring in the California mountains the colors are all over the place in yellows through the spectrum to reds. Bright bold and fun!!!!.
    The others are nearly as much fun. What a joyful trio.
    Congratulations on getting the end of your goal in sight. You are doing great.

  14. Now I’ve got to search my stash and pick out all the bright colors and start cutting squares. I love the explosion of color of that last quilt. I bought a bag of cut up fabric at a quilt show for $10. and got 3 quilt tops out of it. It wasn’t as colorful as your find, but they were nice quilt tops. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Oh my gosh, so proud of you getting so close to the bottom of the pile. And I absolutely LOVE that quilt of many colors! I made one exactly like it from a swap of “bright” nickels. Bravo! And congrats to Kelly on the impending twins!

  16. Great quilts from the thrift shop finds. Amazing! For some reason, this post and and one from the each of the last few days are not showing up on Facebook. Go figure. Anyway, I tracked you down on your blog. Great job on clearing out your to be quilted pile. You’ve been a busy girl.

  17. I sure wish there were those like\love choices like on Facebook for the quilts on your blog. I love doing 4-patch of 9-patch leader-ender quilts alternating with a background fabric making chain quilts. Maybe you can do something I do for goals. Keeping it realistic. There are basically around 10 weeks left in the year to get your three quilts quilted. One every three weeks. You have seemed at that pace. You should be able to finish your goal!! Good for you, you can do it! With all my Kim Diehl Whatnots projects, I might need a couple of years especially considering I have already signed up for Club next year. You are a good inspiration.

  18. I like the first two quilts, but if I lived closer, you might find the third one missing one morning! What a fun quilt!!! I need to plan some time to cut up some brights and make my own. My goal for 2021 is to quilt my UFOs–two big plastic containers worth. I’m cheering you on to complete the rest of your quilts before the year ends. You can do it!!!

  19. I love the vivid rainbow quilt too! It is gorgeous.
    Have you considered auctioning it on your website to raise postage money? I know it went thru my head to offer to buy it. Maybe others would feel the same way.

  20. Marlene Clausen

    Love the quilt with the orange binding. You are talking my kind of colors here! Laughed at the backing as I do this all the time. I like backs that are interesting and low cost! If the grandkids love it that much, maybe hold a family raffle and let an unbiased hand (neighbor, friend) draw the winner out of the fish bowl. I have only one grandkid (23-year-old guy) who loves Gramma’s quilts, faux fur pillows, and (now) face masks. So, I don’t have to choose. He wants it, he gets it! Sometimes he dos have to fight his mom (my daughter) for something. Her ace in the hole is always, “you’ll get it when I die.” Yeah, she’s also my only, so she always wins THAT “discussion.”

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