Quilt Finish: Charlotte’s Baskets

Yahoo!!  I finished a quilt.  This is Charlotte’s Baskets (with a few changes from the original pattern).  The quilt is in Bonnie Hunter’s book String Fling.

I’m including a picture of the pattern from the book so you can see the differences.  The blocks are all the same except I made a 5 x 6 layout vs a 4 x 5 layout.  The sashing on mine is 2″ strips with 2″ cornerstones.  I didn’t piece the small cornerstones like the orginal.  I also opted to not add an inner border….so I guess you could say- I followed the block pattern and then made it my own.

Mine is all batik scraps.  The triangles for the baskets came from saving bonus triangles from the quilt Texas Tumbleweeds.  When making this quilt I sewed and saved all the bonus triangles then used them for Charlotte’s Baskets. That made Charlotte’s Baskets go quickly.

Here’s a closer picture of the quilt….This photo is the true color.  The first picture makes it a little more dark looking…it’s not dark in real life.

I was a little hesitant at first about the green sashing but now, really love it.  This border fabric looks so good with the green.  I almost wish I had these fabrics for my Scrap Crystals quilt…alas, there isn’t enough….(yep, I checked!)I had asked for some advice on sashing and border for this quilt and several people told me that they thought I should use the sunflower fabric from the Texas Tumbleweed quilt.  In the end, I’m glad I didn’t.  As much as loved the fabric, I think it might have made this already busy quilt even busier.  Plus Charlotte’s Baskets is a small quilt so the design scale is different.

I really enjoyed making the blocks…but I like anything with tiny pieces.

I was at a quit shop not long ago.  I was looking for fabric for On Ringo Lake boarders.  The gal working and the owner both told me they don’t like scrappy quilts.  Oh my. Scrappy is my happy.  I honestly had no idea anyone would ever be in the “I don’t like scrappy quilts camp”.

I think I started making scrappy quilts because of cost.  I never had money to buy yardage.  I had money to buy fat quarters to add to my collection and that allowed me to make scrappy quilts…so scrappy quilts it was.
Now scrappy is my preference all the time!  I love the feeling of using up the bonus triangles which might have ended up in a garbage.  Finding a project for them makes me feel thrifty too.
Well the quilt not has the stamp of Ruby approval…and with the writing of this blog post this quilt is done.  Now onto it’s destination….

It’s going to be the quilt I donate for the Fireman’s Breakfast Fundraiser.

So…on my String Challenge…I am down to only THREE quilts that I have to make before I’ve made every quilt in Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book.  I’m so happy.  The goal is in sight.  If you’re new to the blog and haven’t heard about my String Challenge, you can check it out here.

30 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Charlotte’s Baskets”

  1. This is such a wow quilt! The sashing/border fabrics make it sing! If it weren’t going to such a worthy cause I’d have a hard time letting it go.
    I remember starting quilting back in the early 80s. We didn’t have much money and a very small apartment so no storage space either. I’d make a quilt and be so happy with my little leftover scraps. Couldn’t wait to have more scraps for scrappy quilts!

  2. Beautiful!!!!! I’m with YOU on scrappy quilts. I LOVE them, and see a lot of negative comments about them on facebook etc……………but quilts using all the same fabric seem so boring to me.

  3. Do you ever sleep??? I can’t believe the amount of work you get done in a day’s time. As always, your quilt is just beautiful. You inspire me to do a better job of keeping and using scraps.

  4. This is really beautiful… well done! I hope it brings a suitable price at the fundraiser.

    My niece doesn’t love scrappy quilts – they are too busy for her and she needs a more restful environment. But, there’s a quilt for every taste, so life is good.

  5. I am so happy you did not use the sunflower fabric in this basket quilt. It is perfectly done. Congratulations, it is a beauty.

  6. Boy Jo, you are going right to town on getting through that book. I admire your perseverance!! Charlotte’s Baskets is beautiful.

  7. The quilt is beautiful. I love seeing what can be done with scraps. I just can’t wrap my brain around actually doing one myself. I buy specifically for a quilt and then I have the scraps left. I am keeping the scraps because I am trying to branch out or maybe feel I have a “stash” big enough to do one. I did use some of my scraps from one project to create baby quilts for my Niece’s twin boys recently. Baby Steps.

  8. A very beautiful finish. I love the colors you used. I too prefer scrappy. Makes me happy to use up scraps and not waste fabric. I took one of my quilts to a quilt shop to purchase border fabric and she sneered that my quilt was “so busy”. Just the way I like it.

  9. Beautiful! I love all your scrappy quilts! It is way easier for me to donate a quilt that is made using a limited number of fabrics, rather than lots of scraps. When I start cutting and sewing on a quilt, I tend to cut one piece of each fabric and get obsessed with not using the same fabric more than once in the whole quilt. By the way, I have read most of Chevy Stevens novels, too. I just finished reading “Never Knowing” and thought it was a good thriller.

  10. Lovely quilt. I think the sashing is perfect.

    I do both ‘planned’ quilts and scrappy ones. But I am finding that I like to do a half dozen “medium blues” instead of just one piece of yardage. So even my planned quilts are edging into more ‘controlled scrappy’.

  11. I love the quilt! Hope it makes lots of money for the firemen!!! There is something not right about a quilter who doesn’t like a scrap quilt!!!!!

  12. You are a girl after my own heart. I love scrappy ~ #1 you never run out of fabric, #2 they can still be color controlled, #3 they are NEVER boring. Your baskets it a really pretty quilt, if it were mine I’d be hard pressed to part with it. I love that you’re donating it to the firemen. Quilters are such a caring and sharing group of people.

  13. Love the quilt. I am working on a Bonnie Hunter Scrap quilt right now as well. Same book, different quilt.
    I remember the first time I used one of Bonnie Hunters pattern. I had pieced the inside and was in a quilt store looking for border fabric. The store owner told me that my fabrics were way too busy, that I had reproduction mixed in with batiks and everything in between, and that she really didn’t like those quilts.
    I hate the thought of spending all that time making a quilt and thinking that someone else could just have bought the same fabric collection and made the same quilt. So, this is my reason for loving scrap quilts.

  14. Love your quilt. It’s beautiful. I’m a big fan of scrappy quilts and hope that one day I’ll make a ‘controlled’ scrappy one. So far, I just toss in everything and anything that I have. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  15. I too love scrappy quilts, but every once in awhile I have the urge to do a less busy one out of just a few fabrics. Don’t know why. Maybe because I get overwhelmed with all the scraps I have!! But I enjoy the process of sewing no matter what the fabric is.

  16. I love this quilt! And I’m a scrappy girl too! What else can you do with the leftover? At today’s prices we can hardly afford to throw them out!

  17. Karin Callander

    OK, so truth be told, I’m not a big fan of scrappy either, but I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your version of Charlotte’s Baskets! I think all the scraps really brighten it up, and I’m so glad you used the green and didn’t do the pieced cornerstones – that toned down all the chaos and riot of the scraps and made the neutrals really pop! All the good things you want in a color scheme, right? Beautiful work!!!

  18. Your basket quilt, especially, is just gorgeous! I do love basket quilts so I might be biased, though. As far as scrap quilts go, they are far more interesting to look at. You are doing great with your pledge.

  19. Most of the scrappy quilts I love. yours are great. But truly most “scrappy” I see are very much a controlled scrappy-kind of the best of both options in my world. I’m working on wrapping my OCD around a “multi colored” quilt…..

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