Quilt Finish: Charity Fireman Quilt

After I finished up my last quilt that the childcare families helped put together for me, I decided to put a charity quilt on the frame and make sure that my quilting machine wasn’t acting up.  You might remember that the thread was breaking a lot.  I guessed that it was likely because of the needle going through the thick paint but I wanted to make sure before I put a big queen-sized quilt on the frame.

I ended up grabbing a quilt top that came in from Diane.  It was fire-themed and I had decided to keep that one and donate it to the next fireman’s benefit in my town.

Here it is on the frame.

Rather than let the quilt languish until I needed it for the benefit, I decided I’d get it bound and finished.  I feel much better to have it finished.

So binding was next.

The binding fabric was a piece I saved from the mail.  It came and I paired it with the quilt top thinking it might work for a binding.

Here is the finished quilt…

From a distance you don’t notice that it’s fire themed.

Close up you can see the cute little fire trucks.

The quilt is made with a simple block.  It is all 2 1/2″ strip friendly.

I had a polka dot print fabric and used that for the backing.

For a quilting motif, I used a flame.

It was so windy when I was trying to take pictures.

I finally laid it out on the grass for one last picture.

Thanks so much to Diane for sending the quilt top my way.  I’m sure it will be a hit at the next fireman benefit.

14 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Charity Fireman Quilt”

  1. Donna Pheneger

    A great quilt! Hope it raises lots of money for the benefit! Please let us know.
    Do you know by any chance what the pattern is?
    Love and prayers

  2. I really like that quilt. I am sure some fortunate family will end up with. What a great charity it is going to! Your quilting is very nice. I like how you complete the bindings on your sewing machine. I have tried that and am not too good at it.

  3. Judith Fairchild

    Love the colors! Bright and lively. Well done Diane Jo and who ever donated the other materials.

  4. Very cute! Especially love the flame quilting motif. Have you ever done a tutorial on that or are you thinking of doing one? Would love to see it in action.

  5. Margaret in North Texas

    That’s really a very nice quilt–and should do well at an auction! A great quilting pattern for it as well as the fabrics you chose for backing and binding. Looks like the machine is doing quite nicely. Thanks again for your effort Diane and Jo.

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